Strip the Fat – 16kg Kettlebell!

by Marianne  - March 11, 2010

Hi everyone,

I’m back to challenge myself yet again.  Today I thought about doing pistols, but I can’t do enough to warrant putting them into an interval based workout. I will include them in my next leg workout.

Anyway, today’s workout was more challenging because I increased the weight of the Kettlebell to 16kg.  I want to include heavier sessions along with my “lighter” workouts as I want to maintain my strength.  I found certain exercises really tough though! For example the single-leg deadlifts were so so hard! I haven’t done them in a while and, to go from that to performing them with 16kg was very adventurous and possibly mad (I will know more about the latter tomorrow lol). Also because I was using my Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer I had only 15 seconds rest before another 45 seconds of maximum effort.

My theory behind the exercises was to include a bit of everything.  My workouts don’t always consist of just kettlebells or just bodyweight (although certain days I will focus on these methods individually). But I like to vary my exercises so my body doesn’t get used to one thing.

I wanted this workout to provide a full body session because this is the best type of exercise for burning fat.  The addition of some resistance to the workout will increase energy requirements and thus the calories and, hopefully fat, burned.  You can also achieve great results with bodyweight only workouts, but I feel you’d need to control your diet even more.

For me personally I like being strong and I know I’ll have to sacrifice some of that strength if I want to achieve my 15% bodyfat goal. The reason for this is simply the fact that I’d need to cut my calorie intake even more to force my body to burn the remaining fat stores.  If I’m providing my body with less energy, I’ll have less energy for my workouts.  I am going to try to cut my intake more, but it is proving very difficult because I work nightduty. I am more tired and when I’m tired I feel like eating ALL THE TIME lol.

I will get there…eventually 🙂

I’d like to hear what you guys think about trying to reach a goal?  What your main vices are and how do you overcome them?

The Workout

So, the workout today was 20 minutes long, there are 10 exercises and you perform each exercise twice.  You’ll need to set your timer for 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort, then set it to complete 20 cycles.

The exercises and my reps are as follows :

  1. Skipping (various styles) 65 – 63
  2. Kettlebell Sumo Deadlifts 19 – 18
  3. Lizard Push-ups 20-16
  4. Alternating Kettlebell Swings 28 -30
  5. Kettlebell Single-leg Deadlift (right) 16 -11
  6. Kettlebell Single-leg Deadlift (left) 14-11
  7. Skipping 60 – 58
  8. Plank Climber (alternate leading arm per round) 20 – 21
  9. Lunge Jumps 24 – 19
  10. Kettlebell Front Raise and Rotation 10 – 8

Hope you enjoy this workout, see you soon.


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  1. Nice form! I need to work on my 1L DLs..

    Not a fan of the Turkish Get-up? Haven’t seen it in your vids just yet–I guess you focus mainly on fat burning but still =)

    1. Hi Leslie, I’m also not a fan of Turkish Get-ups, but it is something I’ll be including soon. They take longer to complete which would make the workout video too long. May only be able to include 1 rep for each side. Only recently started to do ab training again (got a bit lazy with it), so I’ll def include some TGUs.

      Thanks for the comment – keep up the KB training 😉

  2. I am aware 1,000 is low, I have a sleep disorder that means the maximum amount of time I am awake daily is in and around 10 hours, so with work etc. there doesn’t seem to be enough time to physically eat enough! I was thinking of using a protein shake or something but I don’t really know how effective they are… and how best to take them!

    1. Hi again,

      Do you mind me asking what your sleep disorder is called?

      With your time issue I think a protein supplement might be a good idea. I take protein from time to time, especially when I’m just off night duty and I need something quick before I go to bed. I am working on an article about a whey protein that I LOVE! It’s called Myofusion (not related to my site name lol), but it’s not only delicious, but it contains both fast and slow releasing protein, this would be perfect for you. The last thing you want is your body to burn your hard earned muscle for energy. So if you know you’re going to miss a meal, ALWAYS try and get your protein as your muscles “govern” your existing metabolism. If this is a shake, so be it.

      Also try taking 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil, as this fat is brilliant for providing energy and may actually help your sleep disorder. Don’t worry, this fat cannot be stored, you liver just uses it up because of its chemical structure (Medium Chain Triglyceride). Check out my article Advocate for Fat for more information. I hope this helps. Stay tuned for that protein article and please keep in touch regarding your progress. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask – I’ll do my best to answer them 🙂

  3. 1st of all I love the tips on this site!
    And you look fantastic
    But I have a few questions:
    1. What warm-ups and cool-downs would you generally do?
    2. What is your weekly workout schedule, how many rest days are necessary?
    3. What do you use to measure your body fat?
    4. Handcare tips for kettlebelling?
    And finally
    5. How to increase calorific intake, currently I am eating in and around 1,000 cals a day- clearly not enough- any tips?

    1. Hi “Me”, Thanks for your comment. I’ll try and answer your questions as best as I can:
      1. Warm up is basic, I do some shoulder rolls, neck movements, squats and generally some fast-paced cardio like jumping jacks to get the heart rate going. Cool downs are basically just stretching out all the muscles I have used in a particular workout.

      2. I workout when I can fit it in around work, and I try to have 2 rest days. They may be together or apart, it doesn’t matter.

      3. For Bodyfat measurement I use the skin fold technique.

      4. Handcare for kettlebelling? Well I use little gloves during the workouts which help reduce any problems.

      5. 1000 calories per day? This is a dangerously low calorie intake. One that will slow your metabolism into “starvation mode”. The only tip I have is obvious really – just eat more! If you find your appetite is a problem, consult your doctor. Look at what is stopping you eating more. Are you too busy, or are you simply not hungry? Also ensure the calories you do get are from good food sources and, even try to include more calories from essential fats such as from Nuts, oily fish and coconut oil.

      I hope this helps

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