Strap it On! Upper Body Push / Pull Strength Challenge.

Hi all,

At Christmas it is difficult to find time to do our usual training and it’s easy to get distracted and maybe forgo that workout you’d planned. While I actually think that’s is quite alright to do this at Christmas, as a few days off never did anyone any harm, I do like to add in the odd spot of training when I can.

So, yesterday I thought to set myself a little challenge to beat by Pull Up and Push Up scores from one of my last workouts. The I thought of a handy way to add weight to these exercises.

My numbers again:


  • Pull Ups – BW x 7 reps (+ 2 on my last attempt)
  • Close Grip Push Ups – BW x 24 reps (+ 5 on my last attempt)


  • Pull Ups – BW+3kg x 3 reps
  • Close Grip Push Ups – BW+3kg x 10 reps (I think I had one more rep in me)


  • Pull Ups – BW+6kg x 2 reps (very hard)
  • Close Grip Push Ups – BW+6kg x 9 reps (total max out)

I was very pleased with the results today. As you can see my numbers significantly drop even with 3 kg. In the gym I have been doing more weighted chin ups and I can manage more reps on the thinner bar there.  I have also been doing weighted Dips, which feels totally badass 😀 This has really helped me increase my BW reps in my upper body push / pull routines!

After I did this I performed a short 21 min Conditioning Workout that I will post tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy the video 😀

And feel free to let me know if you do the challenge yourself or try the progression.


Don’t quite know why I did an Austin Power’s pose! :-/

  • December 22, 2011

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