Burn Off a Mince Pie! Christmas Conditioning Workout and Message!

by Marianne  - December 23, 2011

Photo of Marianne posing in workout gear and a santa hat wishing everyone Merry Christmas
Thank You from Myomytv.com

Obviously, most of you know that I am not going to sit and lecture you or guilt-trip you for enjoying Christmas goodies – I think we should enjoy Christmas in whatever way makes us least stressed and most happy! So, if you don’t want to burn off a Mince Pie yet … you don’t have to! I may need to burn off more than one in a few days time ๐Ÿ˜›

Just remember one thing – if you normally feel REALLY guilty about it all afterwards and start stressing in the New Year, then identify that behaviour and this year try a new approach ๐Ÿ™‚

Now a little Christmas talk…

I have a love / hate relationship with Christmas! I love what Christmas means to me; I hate what is seems to do to nearly everybody else!

Regardless of what you believe (in your Religion), Christmas should not be about what people want! Yet that’s all I hear. Work colleagues talking about their children WANTING WANTING WANTING.  What people hope for are things that they do not need.  They think they do though!  It’s all buy buy buy and all about satisfying the greed of others!

Years ago my Granda Jim use to talk about how the Mafia were behind Christmas Greeting Cards and he refused to buy them. In fact, he didn’t buy into consumerism at all because he knew, at the end of the day, it was feeding some fat-cat’s wallet and fueling the greed of humanity. All helping people confuse want with need. I used to think he was paranoid but as I have gotten older, I wish I could hear more of his wisdom.

I realise that the economy needs this growth, but where has the true message of Christmas gone??

For me, Christmas is all about SHARING! Sharing your love, time, company, food and drink with the most important people in your life (Family and friends) while giving what you can to help the people and animals who are struggling more at this time of year.  I like to donate food to the Animal shelter and give what I can to charity.  I do know that the same people and animals don’t just struggle at this time of year, but I think everyone should feel that they are cared about at Christmas; so if what you give makes someone feel this – then THAT is a feeling worth sharing!

Before I share today’s workout I just want to say a big Thank You to everyone for coming back here week after week and following my workouts! I appreciate every last visit and every last comment – because each one enriches the content here and brings a sense of community and such a great buzz.  I always say that Myomytv would be nothing without its faithful readers.

So, I wish each of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! x

The Workout

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 21 cycles of 15 seconds recovery and 45 seconds effort. Aim to complete 3 rounds of the following 7 exercises for conditioning:

  1. Burpees (I did them without Push Ups)
  2. Thruster (right) (12kg then 14kg)
  3. Thruster (left) (same weight)
  4. Two-Handed KB Swing (20kg)
  5. Contralateral Reverse Lunge (Right leg forward, 16kg KB on Left)
  6. Contralateral Reverse Lunge (Left leg forward, 16kg KB on right)
  7. Bench Jump Overs

I realise I said I would post my numbers, but I didn’t write them down at the time and I didn’t have enough time today to go through each video clip and count them – but I’m sure you’ll all survive without them ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was a good wee buzz and I enjoyed using a lighter weight for the Thrusters. I hate Thrusters because they take the breath clean out of you!

Happy Workout All!

Marianne xo


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  2. I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas!

    Ohhh, Eggnog cheesecake sounds like a great idea! (OK, clean up my thoughts! No high caloric pondering this early in the day!)

    This was my Christmas workout — I soo did not want to move and I am so glad I did! I did mess up on the bench jump overs, doing alt bench step ups the first round. And I did full pushup burpees, just because I felt I should.

    Pulse +1/2 sweat + face red — I’ve come to accept that I am less likely to sweat in the winter. SInce my HR was up and my face was red, I knew I had done some work.

    I haven’t been eating all that much, but I did gain a few pounds when I reduced my KB workouts in lieu of cycling. So I want to get back to my lean weight again! That means a loyal following of Marianne’s workouts are the prescription.

    M, I am sure your patients appreciated al of your cheer. Thank you for your inspiration all this year!

    ~ Gillian

    1. You’re very dedicated to have trained on Christmas day. This is my 3rd day off in a row! Tomorrow I will have a Killer Workout for you all as I get back into it ๐Ÿ˜€ It will be EVIL! hehe

      I know that my workouts will be the main reason I don’t gain body fat. Then the odd trip to the gym keeps me feeling strong.

      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! x

  3. Next year, one gift per person, at least 2 hours of charity, and 12 days of christmas will be each day, giving to a different charity…not at all looking for praise, just looking for volunteers. Lets also not forget the rest of the year…the needy still need after christmas.
    This year, i got a 28kg kettlebell…that’ll kick some egg nog cheesecake off my ass..lol…merry christmas, marianne…thanks for the inspiration

  4. Great workout, as always!! I started this day with a sweaty workout. Not this one since Iยดm not at home with my kettlebells but still, great start to the day!

    Agree about christmas. Our christmas is almost over and we are all relaxing in the sofa. The kids get a few gifts each, from grandparents and from one cousin (secret santa). We got our 5-year old one gift – dance school in the spring and work out clothes to dance in (she was really excited because now she can kettlebell with me :-)). The grown ups donate money to a charity of choice and tell the others about it. Tomorrow weยดll go to “julotta”, morning service in church. And then work out :-).

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Dont know how but i submitted that before i was finished! I meant left arm/left leg back etc, confused myself a bit there! Also is meant to say – and was FUN barefoot on the grass! Merry Christmas Marianne, and thankyou so much for your inspirational words and workouts! You are beautiful both inside and out!!

  6. Just finished (an altered version) of this as a christmas-eve-pre-christmas-day-lunch workout! Only bought one 16kg KB with me to my parents so…
    the thrusters became squat/presses,
    contralteral reverse lunges became plain old reverse lunges holding the KB with both hands (attempted one round of contralateral – right arm/left leg back was doable for one round, failed on the second, left arm/right leg back was hopeless, which i expected as i have identified imbalances with both left arm strength and right foot dorsiflexion and possibly right hip ‘tightness’) and the bench jump overs became mountain climbers. Definitely did the job and was barefoot on the grass, followed by a swim in the pool! (Im Australian so its summer here :D)

  7. Marrianne,
    I don’t reply a lot, but I follow you on every workout. I copy your workout and then paste it on Microsoft work so I can make the font bigger. Then I do the workout.
    I just want to thank you for all your workouts over the last 2 years I followed you. You and the GGS are motivating and inspirational. So thank you and have a Merry Christmas.

  8. I did this workout tonight. It was short and sweet and helped me loosen up from my workout 2 days ago. Thank you, Marianne, for another fun workout. Enjoy your holidays ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Aww….thanx for sharing that marianne! Your grandpa sounds like he was a really wise man….”feeding some fat cats wallet”…I lov it. That’s my mentality all year round!!! I agree 100% as to what the true meaning of christmas means…after all the meaning is right in the name…christ & mas (mas means more in latin) Sorry….I had to share that. I’m looking forward to this yr’s holiday….starting a new tradition. We are having a family play w/ all my nieces & nephews in it lol…theirs like 30 something of them…..telling the story of Jesus when he was born. Cant wait. But back to what your grandpa was saying….I have a large family so we pick names & we decided to put a price limit on the gifts this yr so we have more to give in other places people really need it, you know. I actually want to give some of my time to someone who is lonely on christmas this yr. Our family gets together on x mas eve anyway so it wouldnt take time away from them. I just feel theirs soo many people who feel lonely in the world ๐Ÿ™

    Cant wait to try out this workout! And I’m actually the type that I watch what I eat..even on holidays lol…I’m a nerd…I know lol
    But I actually enjoy taking care of myself.

    I want to wish you a very happy christmas & a blessed 2012. Thanx again for all that you do

  10. Mmmm all this for a mince pie….
    My family is going to have chocolate pandoro and gelato with baileys, shall we do this workout 3 times before lunch and 3 times after??LOL
    Totally guilty about the manic overspending but I have my reason, who can control themselves while xmas shopping for a cutiful 10 months old nephew???Any idea how cute baby clothes are nowadays???I even got him a little spiderman and a little batman top!!!!How adorable is that?????Though I am sure the little devil will have more fun in ripping up the wrapping paper in millions of pieces than looking at his pressies ๐Ÿ™
    Anyway thank you for all the sharing you did with us and absolutely free! Wow woman this week you have been on fire!!!Planned that big of a feast??I know I do!
    So Merry Christmas, Buon Natale and Nadolig Llawen!

  11. I try to avoid going to any stores near Christmas. It’s too crazy and people are too unfriendly. Giving is a joyful thing, but it seems that Christmas is more about the receiving now, and people -expect- to receive grand things, instead of being content with what they have.

    While my husband and I share a large meal for Thanksgiving, we have started a tradition of eating leek and potato soup for Christmas to remind us to be humble. We don’t really exchange gifts; there might be one if any. Last year, he gave me the best present I have ever received: a dictionary. In it, he had highlighted all the words that reminded him of me, so that when he deploys I can flip through it and be reminded of how much he loves me. I would rather have that dictionary than ten diamonds. He also tends to work on Christmas, but it means that someone who has children will get to spend that time with family, so it’s fine with us.

    Thank YOU, Marianne, for continuing to provide everyone with these wonderful workouts and simply being who you are. Without your efforts, this community wouldn’t even exist. My poor kettlebells have finally been put away until spring. It’s too darn cold outside and we now have roommates and two of the people in the house work nights, so hopping around the living room with a timer going off isn’t an option. I’ll just have to master the barbell for now. =)

    Merry Christmas!!!


  12. Totally agree on your view of Christmas. Me and my husband don’t have any presents for each other except the most important one – spending a great time with each other, enjoy food (my turn) and egg nog (his turn). Funny how confusing this seems to friends and workmates ๐Ÿ˜‰ but we don’t care.

    Thank you very, very much for all that you put in this site.
    I wish you and oll of your followers a merry, merry Christmas! Let’s enjoy the food and sweat it out with new workouts ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I just did my morning workout, so this will be a treat for the weekend… maybe even Christmas Day! How fun is that?

    Anyway, me Mum, who was the most generous and self-less person I have ever met… was a medical doctor. She was always appalled at how her patients in America would talk about buying toys for their children, when they didn’t have money for food! She thought that toys were superficial. So, I had few toys when I was young.

    When I was younger, we lived in Malaysia, and there were very poor people there. They sure knew the value of a coin and cherished anything they were given. Its sad to think that people who have almost nothing seem to have more joy in life’s little pleasures, than those how have a house-load of stuff. Living simpler is better.

    And of course, you have helped give us the gift of health and a community to share it with!

    Happy Christmas everyone!

    ~ Gillian

  14. Marianne,

    I agree with your Christmas rant 100%. My wife and I will be spending our Christmas Day feeding the homeless and spending time time with those that are less fortunate than us.

    Thanks for all you do and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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