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by Marianne  - March 18, 2010

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great St Patrick’s Day! Here in Belfast the celebrations where full of atmosphere as usual in the city and throughout the province. Andrew and I travelled all the way to Slemish Mountain
with the intent to film our climb to the top as a special St Paddy’s workout, but when we got there the place was so busy, we couldn’t even get parked, so it didn’t happen 🙁 Maybe next year! Still, we got a wee run out in the car and enjoyed the beautiful scenery anyway. Here’s a picture from the car as we approached Slemish Mountain (where St Patrick looked after his sheep).

So I’m back today with a brand new workout and it was pretty intense! I haven’t been slacking the last few days, I just took my two rest days together after 4 night duties over the weekend.

Yesterday I went into the gym and did some weights, pull ups, dips and a bit of running. The only reason I am running is because I’ve somehow got roped into doing a leg of the Belfast Marathon in May. As I never run, I thought it was about time I started building up my endurance. It’s hard work, but enjoyable!

The Workout

Anyway, back to today’s workout.  I decided to do something a little different, so I put together a Kettlebell Combo that would provide a good cardio burn, and this one certainly did.  Between each round of exercises I had a short breather and then continued. I completed 8 rounds (a round being when the exercise combo has been completed on both sides), in approximately 15 mins.  Don’t break until all 20 reps have been completed! Then start again and again and again lol

The exercise combo is as follows:

  • 5 single handed kettlebell swings (right then left)
  • 5 kettlebell cleans (right then left)
  • 5 kettlebell push-presses (right then left)
  • 5 kettlebell snatches (right then left)

This workout is very demanding in the upper body especially the shoulders, so make sure you’re well warmed up before hand.  I didn’t want to exhaust my legs too much as I went to the treadmill after for a run (prep for the marathon again).

I hope to be back soon with another workout.  I might even take you with me to the gym when I do my heavy leg session at the weekend.

Until next time.



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  1. I stumbled upon your workouts when looking for something to go with my kettlebell weight I just got, because the DVD that came with it didn’t work.. I have browsed your videos and it looks like just what I was looking for 🙂 Bookmarking your site for sure!!

    1. Thanks Courtney, appreciate the bookmark 🙂 The other advantage is, all my workouts are, and always will be free. Hope to hear from you again.


  2. Nice!

    Here are some single & double KB complexes I taped:

    In retrospect I went too heavy on the double KB complexes–I didn’t bring any pairs besides the 12kg and that was my first time trying the Advanced Dbl complex from Coach Dos’s book, just wanted to get it on film!

    ~Leslie, HKC

    1. Love the complexes, they’re really good for killing many birds with one stone so to speak. I’m hoping to try the some double snatches and complexes, but they’re tough enough with a 12kg!

  3. you do a fantastic job Marianne! I am a RKC kettlebell instructor who is now a stay at home mommy doing workouts solo like yourself! Keep up the good work. You’re very inspiring!

    1. Hi Gwen, thanks for your support. Feel free to leave me ideas for my future workouts, I appreciate inspiration for others too 🙂 Well done for keeping your workouts going at home. KBs are such a great tool for home exercise.


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