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by Marianne  - May 4, 2010

Hi everyone,
Found this video on another blog ( and it moved me to tears. It made me realise how caught up I can get with things that are petty and vain. This video (from spiritual-short-stories) highlights what life is, plainly and simply.

What a motivational piece, so simply put. It just makes me smile.  I really wish it was easier to tap into these feelings of contentment more often. Negativity seems to build up over time and every so often it needs to be cleansed away to reveal a more positive version of yourself.

Of course we all naturally seek what is best for us, but it is not necessarily the most obvious or the most materialistic things that are best.  This video brings it home.  My goal in life and with this blog is to help people reach their goals.  If I can reach mine, with your help, then I hope I can return the favor.  It is the people you meet along the way, that makes life so exciting.

I hope this post isn’t too OTT, but sometimes it’s nice to open up and let some more of my personality show. Instead of the awkward person talking on camera 🙂

I am recovering today from my run yesterday in the Belfast Marathon Relay, so I will be back tomorrow with a new workout.



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