Let’s Shape Up – Ultimate Conditioning Home Workout

by Marianne  - January 25, 2011

Hi everyone,

Today I have to make this post short and sweet. I had the most horrendous night in work – so need to chill!

This workout is conditioning, cardio and core. This means the heart rate is elevated, the muscles are doing a variety of movements including some strength, endurance, plyometric, core, stability etc a bit of everything really 😀 It’s great for shaping up and burning calories!

I have included my version (advanced), an intermediate and beginner version below with suggestions for reps, intervals and exercise modifications and substitutes when necessary. Again I have indicated in each version where in the video each exercise is shown. The time (in brackets) is shown in Red (advanced), Orange (intermediate), and Green (beginners).

Advanced Workout Breakdown

Section 1 – Kettlebells Conditioning

This section is interval training. Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 18 cycles of 15 seconds rest, 45 seconds effort and complete 3 rounds of the following 6 exercises (my reps per exercise are in brackets too):

  1. Kettlebell Front Squat (right) (17, 13, 12) (1:02)
  2. Kettlebell Front Squat (left) (15, 12, 10) (1:17)
  3. Double Kettlebell Bent Over Row (14, 12, 12) (1:30)
  4. Kettlebell Vertical Swing Burpee (9, 8, 8 ) (1:40)
  5. Alternating Kettlebell Curtsy (17, 15, 12) (1:54)
  6. Kettlebell Close Push Up (13, 11, 11) (2:10)

Section 2 – Cardio and Core

Now re-set your timer for 12 cycles of 10/50 and complete 3 rounds of the following 4 exercises:

  1. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing (32, 30, 28) (4:32)
  2. Kettlebell Russian Twist (feet up) (22, 19, 16) (4:43)
  3. Burpee (21, 19, 17) (4:55)
  4. Diagonal Knee Tuck (36, 32, 30) (5:08)

For this workout I used my 16kg Kettlebells (yellow) and my 20kg (grey).

Beginner’s Workout Breakdown

Section 1 – Kettlebells/Body weight Conditioning

For beginners to have time to complete quality reps, I am suggesting a choice between set reps and interval training. Setting reps is good to control the work load you place on yourself and have something to aim for without the time pressure, were as intervals may make you work harder and they increase the intensity by setting the recovery time.

I have provided both options for the first section, but the second section works best for intervals.  If you choose to do interval training for this section, set your timer for either 6 cycles (for separate rounds) or 18 cycles (for continuous rounds) of 30 seconds rest and 30 seconds effort. If you choose set reps, these are in Bold below and you should not find the set reps easy to complete. If this is the case, your Kettlebell is most likely too light. Likewise if you cannot manage 10 reps, then it’s too heavy.

Complete 3 rounds of the following 6 exercises:

  1. Kettlebell Goblet Squat x 12 – 15 reps (1:24)
  2. Kettlebell Single Arm Row (right) x 12 – 15 reps (1:41)
  3. Kettlebell Single Arm Row (left) x 12 – 15 reps (1:54)
  4. Kettlebell Vertical Swing x 12 – 15 reps (2:06)
  5. Kettlebell Goblet Alternating Reverse Lunge x 16 – 18 reps (total) (2:30)
  6. Close Bodyweight Push Up (from knees) x 12 – 15 reps (2:47)

Section 2 – Cardio and Core

Set your timer or use a stopwatch to time each exercise. Use 30 seconds rest, 30 seconds effort for either 12 continuous cycles, or 3 rounds x 4 cycles. This equates to 3 rounds of the 4 exercises below:

  1. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing (3:08)
  2. Static Plank Hold (3:16)
  3. Burpee (no jump, no push up) (3:24)
  4. Bicycle Abs (opposite elbow/opposite knee) (3:37)

Intermediate Workout Breakdown

Section 1

For intermediates, you may be at a level were you can complete the exercises in intervals, however for those who are beginners/intermediates, I have written some suggestions for Set Reps too. Some exercises you will need your timer or stop watch to time a 30 second count though.

Try setting your timer for 6 or 18 cycles of 20 seconds rest, 40 effort. If you need a longer break between rounds, then set the timer for one round only and just restart it once you have recovered. Complete 3 rounds of the 6 exercises:

  1. Kettlebell Front Squat (right) x 12 – 15 reps (0:48)
  2. Kettlebell Front Squat (left) x 12 – 15 reps (1:00)
  3. Kettlebell Alternating Bent Over Row x 12 – 16 reps (1:07)
  4. Kettlebell Vertical Swing Step IN x 6 – 10 reps (stepping in on alternate legs) (1:19)
  5. Body Weight Alternating Curtsy x 16 – 18 reps total (1:42)
  6. Either Kettlebell Close Push Up (from knees) or Body Weight Close Push Up from Feet x 12 – 15 reps (1:59)

Section 2

Timer either 12 cycles of 20/40 again or 4 cycles separately (depending on fitness level). 3 rounds of 4 exercises. These exercises are best done to time, not set reps:

  1. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing (2:39)
  2. Kettlebell Russian Twist (feet down) (2:51)
  3. Burpees (no push up) (3:05)
  4. Diagonal Knee Tuck (3:17)

This is a very hard workout and I found it a killer on the legs again, but it was great to get that heart rate elevated.

I am sorry I have little time to type, but my mind is failing, and I just really hope these videos actually upload today (Tuesday)! If not, sorry for the lateness 🙁

Please let me know how you get on. I am interested to hear feedback from all levels?

Enjoy, and I’ll be back soon – once I get tonight over with – I just know it’s going to be another rough one.

Bye for now 🙂 zzzzzzz



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  1. Hi,

    How often do you recommend doing this workout each week?
    Great site, love it. Keep up the good work 🙂

    Regards from Norway

  2. Just wanted to say I loved this workout! Another tough one but in great way! I really think doing rounds of 3 makes it that much tougher. Thanks Marianne! I hope you recover quickly from the Lifting course, don’t worry about us this week we have plenty to keep us busy!!

  3. I did it, at last. It really was something! I just checked your numbers and my jaw dropped, myomy, 21 burpees!? You good, I can do 6-7 in 20 seconds but in longer work period my numbers are not so great. Wow!
    Here are mine, so many people are sharing, so why not. I used 16 kg kettlebell and for bent over row 2×16 KB

    -front squat 15,12,12
    -front squat 15,13,12
    -double bent over row 17,16,14
    -vertical swing squat thrust 8,8,8
    -curtsy 18,18,18
    -push up 20,20,18 (did diamond pushup from the floor, my sweaty hands didn’t want to stay on the bell)
    -2 handed swing 34,30,27
    -russian twist (with 12 kg) 30,34,28
    -burpee 10,12,11
    -plank knee tuck 34,34, 34 .

    The last exercise was suprasingly hard, even though you are in one position entire time barely moving it has a potential to really get you, especially at the end.

    Kick some butt in London!

    1. WOW! Nice work!

      Get this, I had some “know-it-all” on YouTube try to tell me that women should not lift heavy KBs as I was clearly only showing off! According to him, for my “average” size, it was too much and I could only manage a few reps LOL! Guess he didn’t work out that the video was edited to only show a few reps LOL!?? He said he would never go above 16kg and he’s a man! BIG WOOP for a start! Comments like these make me see red!!

      The point of me telling you this, is that you, and everyone here, are living proof that heavy weights are beneficial for anyone regardless of their gender! Think of the challenge, the strength and how you’re get in amazing condition by uping the weight! You go girl 😀

      You did a really good job with this one!

      1. Thank you, Marianne. I will be doing tri tri try again workout later, so wish me luck.

        As for ‘know-it-all’ YouTube guy, maybe 16kg was all he is able to manage? I’m with you when you say to lift heavy, are there any real benefits of constantly useing weight you know is too light for you? I don’t think so. It is as if you recomend to someone who can do handstand or even regular push ups to do them from the knees because it is better. In my opinion it doesn’t really matter what weight you are useing as long as it is challeging for you.

  4. Very Impressive numbers everyone! I too found this workout extremly difficult. I completed this on Friday and had sore glutes the entire weekend. I loved it because its been a while since I have been that sore so I knew that I had worked extra hard.

    1. Kettlebell Reverse Lunge (right) 25lb-19 30lb-15 30lb-15
    2. Kettlebell Reverse Lunge (left) 25lb-22 30lb-16 30lb-14
    3. Double Kettlebell Bent Over Row 2X20lb-18 25lb&20lb-16,14
    4. Kettlebell Vertical Swing Burpee 25lb-9 30lb-8 25lb-8
    5. Alternating Kettlebell Curtsy 25lb- 18,17,16
    6. Close push up (no KB) 13,12,11

    Felt a huge difference using my 30lb KB in the Vertical Burpee, the 25lb is too light but I could only manage 1 round with the 30lbs….baby steps:)

    Section 2 – 1 rounds of 50s effort / 10s rest
    ** I only had time to complete 1 round as I was off to see a movie but I am going to redo this section tonight with all 3 rounds.
    1. 2 Handed KB Swing (30lbs) – 30
    2. KB Russian Twist (20lb) – 24
    3. Burpee – 8 **I find these soo hard at the end of a workout!
    4. Diagonal Knee Tucks – 33

    What a great workout! It was the perfect start to my weekend. Thanks for everything you do Marianne. You put so much time, thought and heart into all your workouts & we appreciate it very much.

    1. Cheers Rashelle. Glad you like this, and your up grade 🙂 I will be posting a weekly workout on Fitnorama too, which I hope to have up tomorrow of Wed. But now, I’m off to work – again 🙁

      Talk tomorrow

  5. I did notice that when I was doing the ladders workout that I found on Melissa’s site after counting down to 6 reps and down and using the 20kg it seemed less intimidating, so I get what you are talking about.
    I wasn’t able to clean the 2 12kg and now I can, which for me it’s a big big deal. I also didn’t bruise my fore arms the last time I worked out with the kettlebells so things are getting better and my confidence is improving little by little


  6. I am over my cold/flu, and my injuries are gone except for my left hand is still sore, but not too bad. I noticed that my 12kilo KB is now too easy to swing, and the 20kilo is still quite a challenge.

    I thought I was over my cold, but I felt it during this workout, I struggled through the advanced version, but didn’t quit.
    here are my numbers:
    1. Kettlebell Front Squat (right) 12k 6,3, 8k 7
    2. Kettlebell Front Squat (left) 12k 5,8k 6,5
    3. Double Kettlebell Bent Over Row 2 12K 12,8,7
    4. Kettlebell Vertical Swing Burpee 1 12k 7,5,4
    5. Alternating Kettlebell Curtsy 12k 12,11,15
    6. Kettlebell Close Push Up kettlebells wasn’t stable so I did close up with handss on floor 4,10,9

    I think the next section is pretty tough and raises the heart beat,but for me it wouldn’t be considered cardio

    1. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing ) 12K 33,14,33
    2. Kettlebell Russian Twist ( no feet up)12k 30,25,20
    3. Burpee )7,6,3
    4. Diagonal Knee Tuck 20,24,27
    The places where the numbers are low is where I started to really feel my lungs, this bug is really evil, at times it was really really tough to regain strength, but I plowed through, and I feel good. Nice way to start my Sunday.

    Thanks for the challenge Marianne.

    1. Hey, Glad to hear you’re feeling better 🙂

      Like how you stuck with it too! Keep it up, good numbers in the Russian twists and the 2H Swing!!

      Enjoy the rest of your day.


  7. I just did this this morning: Marianne, I think this is the toughest workout yet!

    Some weights I went up, and some I had to go down, otherwise I would have collapsed in a heap on the floor. Its a good thing it ended when it did!

    !. KB Front Squat Rt 14 Kg 15, 14, 14 (I was having a hard time even holding the bell near the end!)
    2. KB Front Squat Left 14 Kg 13, 12, 12
    3. Double bent over row: (16kg + 14 Kg) 12, 13 (12 Kg & 14 Kg) 13 (I only have one of each size)
    4. Vertical Swing Burpee 12 Kg 9, 9.5, 9.5
    5. Alt Curtsy 10 Kg 15, 12Kg 16, 16
    6 KB close pushup 13, 13, 15 (very very tough!)

    1. 2 handed swing 16 Kg 31, 14 Kg 30, 30 (Had to go down in weight to make it through)
    2. Russ Twist 12 Kg. 25, 10 Kg 27, 30 (I wanted higher numbers on these, as I want strength but not size in this area)
    3. Burpee 11, 10, 9.5 (I am so pooped doing these!)
    4. Diagonal knee tuck 40, 35, 32 (Great placement of these — they got really hard near the end; kept good form, going for touching knee to elbow, which meant I had to keep a tight plank.)

    The burpees always take it out of me, and that isn’t getting any better. This was by far the toughest workout I have done in a while… I am not sure why, maybe because it is just relentless! I would have been happy to quit after the first superset, but I had to go on since my workbook said so. Not much time in the second SS to write down numbers.. the really short rest made it extra hard. Another keeper!

    Thanks again Marianne!

    ~ Gillian

    1. I found that too Gillian, not much time to record numbers. Glad you liked it. I found the front squats soo hard, especially when you finish the right side, then boom LEFT! EEK, hard work and a lot of squats!

      You did produce some impressive figures yourself, even if you feel the burpees are hard, you still kept going and you stayed consistant each round, which is good going.


    2. I agree, very impressive indeed Gillian! I can’t believe you’re in your 50’s – that’s double my age (I’m only 23) and you still kick my ass! Amazing!

      1. I am paying for it — I was sore all yesterday afternoon and last night! I haven’t been sore in a long time, but between trying to learn rings and the double rows, and close-grip pushups, I really got my Lats and triceps! Today is yoga day, so its stretching mostly.

        Ruth, I work out hard now, because I don’t want to be immobile in another 20 years, like my parents became. It was a BIG wakeup call! (and its EARLY 50’s LOL!)

        ~ Gillian

  8. (continued from above, it posted before I was ready)…. done those in some time so thought I’d need more practice. 🙂

    Looking forward to new challenges next week!


    1. It nice to surprise yourself sometimes 😀 Your numbers are getting pretty impressive Ruth, it’s great to see. I like how you always post them – it’s like a badge of honour 🙂

      I did a challenge today, which I will post tomorrow or monday, as I have quite a bit of editing work to do, as per Gillian’s suggestions – yes, I revisited an old workout… but did I beat my old time?? mmm, wait and see ….


  9. This was tough but as always, very enjoyable so thank you once again 🙂 To echo the words of others, I’m always astounded by your committment – to the site, to fitness, and helping others reach their goals while keeping real life in mind. You are truly an inspiration, Marianne!
    Back to the workout, I completed the advanced version today but left more time for recovery between rounds. I felt this was wise as I did another workout last night – from briefly reading about it during the day, I tried to devise my own “3×3 metabolic conditioning workout”. I did mess it up however by misinterpreting how “non stop” the exercises should be! Hah!
    Today’s numbers:
    Section 1 – 3 rounds of 45s effort / 15s rest
    1. KB Front Squat (12kg) – 20, 17, 12
    2. KB Front Squat (12kg) – 18, 14, 11
    3. Double KB Bent Over Row (2 x 12kg) – 18, 16, 17
    4. KB Vertical Swing Burpee (12kg) – 10, 7, 7
    5. KB Alternating Curtsy (12kg) – 23, 18, 19
    6. KB Close Push-up – 13, 11, 13

    Section 2 – 3 rounds of 50s effort / 10s rest
    1. 2 Handed KB Swing (16kg first 2 rounds then 12kg) – 31, 30, 33
    2. KB Russian Twist (Feet up – 12kg) – 28, 22, 27
    3. Burpee – 17, 19, 18 (final round with no push up)
    4. Diagonal Knee Tucks – 25, 31, 31

    Good stuff! I’m especially pleased with my numbers for Russian Twists! Haven’t

  10. Hi Marianne!
    I am following your videos since about 2 months. I would really want to start working out with you, but I don’t have these kettlebells. I am a student and because of my final exams I had to stop working…so I can not afford buying this great equipment.I have dumbbells at home and I know it is not the same effect. I am doing some of the workouts of Zuzana, because some of them are good and help me a lot…anyway in my opinion not everything what she does is good or wright. I wanted to ask you, if you may be can show some alternatives for people with dumbbells or also some more bodyweight exercises? I know in the archive there are some of them, but also some new one won’t be bad. I think your bodyweight workouts will be more brutal than Zuzana’s 🙂
    So ..waiting for your answer and it’s great what you do!!! Hope after my final exams and when I start again working I can afford finally these kettlebells 🙂

    1. Hi Zoe, Thanks for commenting and welcome to my site 🙂

      I totally understand the problem with KB price 🙁 It sucks. But, the good thing is, you can do Dumbbell versions of the exercises. The only exercises I would maybe change is the kb swing to another cardio exercise, the vertical swing to DB upright rows. Generally you can follow the same pointers for the likes of the presses, rows, deadlifts. With squats, you can either hold the Dumbbells down between your legs, or hold them up by your shoulders. As long as it’s comfortable and it doesn’t get in the way of your range of movement, I think that you can safely use DBs instead of KBs. I know of several people who used Dumbbells for my workouts for months before they got their own KBs. Although I would love to do workout versions for DBs, I am afraid I do not have enough time to cover everything. I did do a Stability Ball and DB “workout” a while ago, which may give you some ideas though.

      As a gesture of good will, I will begin compiling a few Bodyweight sections in my workouts, like the 50/50 Full Body Workout from a while back. I hope they are more brutal than Zuzana’s 😀

      I just wish Kettlebells were cheaper !


      1. Zoe,
        Just a thought – have you checked if any gyms local to you have kettlebells? I do all of Marianne’s workouts at my local gym as it is very well equipt on the kettlebell front. In addition to the expense of purchasing my own set, my other half is not keen on the idea of me swinging heavy kettlebells around our living room with our glass tables and often free-ranging guinea pigs! 😀

        1. Hi Ruth.:)Hi Marianne. 🙂
          Thanks both of you for the answers. I already checked in here, how does it look in some local gyms. Well well well, I live in Germany, Berlin and have to admit the Germans have some strange rules… You are not allowed to use kettlebells without a personal trainer and you can not get some certificate, that you had visited some course and you know how to use them wright, without hurting yourself. That means, you pay one time the taxes for the gym and every time when you want to do sport with a personal trainer… I am gonna do some of the exercises here with dumbbells till I get my own kettlebells..or let’s see…may be for my birthday somebody will surprise me 🙂


          1. That’s a pity Zoe, but I guess they are either being very safe, or want to make sure they earn a buck or two from the KBs. I hope you can manage with the DBs until the day you get your first Kettlebell. But you should manage fine.


          2. Hi Zoe,
            Marianne’s workouts are much more brutal then Zuzana’s 🙂 but in a good way. What is also good they are totally doable with dumbbells, tested myself. Some of the exercises might require a bit of creativity but basics are the same. I know Marianne didn’t recomend doing swings with db but I was able to do them. I have adjustable ones and for that reason if you have them to and choose to do swings, stay away from 2 handed swings if you need to use more than one plate on each side, alterating swings were ok. I’m not an expert, and don’t reccomend doing it, just saying it worked for me and I managed to do it safely but if Marianne says substitute swings for something else there must be a good reason I didn’t know.
            Don’t get discouraged and work with what you have at the moment.

          3. Jussa and Zoe, I reckon the dumbbell swing is ok, but you wouldn’t get the same posterior chain activation or hip thrust from it, as it’s more awkward. I think the single arm swing is probably fine to do, but Zoe I would take real care for your back. Here is a video for the Single Arm Dumbbell Swing which might help.


  11. Blimey O’Reilly I am drenched in sweat!!!!

    That was such a tough workout! I did go for reps though, as I was increasing the weight on most of the exercises, up to 20kg on some and 24kg on the swing and squats. Oh I recieved my Kettlebell Backpack last week and did the push-ups with a 16kg on my back. I could only do 8 reps each set and it was really intense. The weight rested on the small of my back so I had to really tense my core to stop my back from sagging.

    Now for a good chill out session 🙂


  12. I take my hat off to you. I’m always surfing the web looking for workouts and the like. There is no one that can compare to you , no one! Your image is one that is attainable. I know there has been much talk about  . There is no comparison ! NONE !!! One can see your transformation . You exude strength and health. You may not notice it because you see yourself everyday. But…. You have changed tremendously.
    Thank you Marianne 

    1. Minnie, Thank you 🙂 Yesterday was the worst day ever, energy-wise. Just out of work, headache and sooo tired and grumpy LOL Couldn’t even turn on my computer :/ But today I feel a good bit better.

      I do notice the changes in me from time to time, but like you say, it’s hard to really appreciate them because I see myself every day 🙂 I know I can take a break, but I do feel bad if I don’t post a workout or tutorial – especially how I keep saying there’s more to come. It’s all in my head, I just need time and more time to do it LOL. This week I’m taking a step back and taking the pressure off, so I hope it shows in the posts I do make.

      Comments like yours really keep me going, because I do want other ordinary men and women to look at my site and me, I guess, as something achievable and something they can maintain – so I am really glad of your comment, thank you so much 😀


      1. When I look back over the past year, I can see a substantial change in you Marianne: you have a lot more muscle definition everywhere, but especially in the arms and back and abs! The most notable difference is that your form is much improved and you are way, way stronger: impressively so. You seem to be able and willing to really push yourself to the limit — I am blown away by the weight and rep combinations that you repeatedly do. None of that is obvious unless we look back a the older videos. (You also seem a little more self-assured — but you had to be pretty good in that department to start this website!)

        Not like you need another idea for a project, but it might be cool to compare yourself now to an old routine: show how your form and strength have improved and let us see the changes all in one place.

        What I find truly amazing is that you are managing to give all of us something: careful introductions for beginners, more challenges for intermediates, and diehard challenges to those who are more seasoned. I especially appreciate your careful attention to safety — which is a subject that most other exercise sites give lip service to at best.

        I know this takes a substantial amount of time and energy to do and it is mostly a labor of love — I feel obliged to say thank you at every opportunity, because you really don’t have to do this… I am sure I am one of many who check your site out almost every day to see what is new. Its strange that the internet can be used this way, but you do seem to have built a support system for your viewers.

        Its really nice to see all the positive comments and the new names,,, so your presence is definitely growing, and in a positive way.

        Thank you so much for everything!

        ~ Gillian

        1. Thanks Gillian, you know that is a great idea! To compare a really old workout performance and re-do it. I better beat myself, that’s all I can say – I wouldn’t be too impressed if I didn’t LOL!

          Have you noticed changes in yourself since doing more strength-based training?

          Just on the safety thing, I think it helps to have actually been around beginners and observed their problem areas. I don’t know about other online fitness sites, but when you see that one of the main issues for beginners is co-ordination, then it’s clear that just doing an easier version of the same exercise is not always appropriate. And high-impact exercises are a no no. Sometimes you need an alternative exercise all together to reduce the risk, AND make the workout beneficial! This knowledge comes from experience, listening to Andrew, and observing real people. An online certificate would not get me any of these things 🙁

          Thanks for your comment – I will put my old verses new workout together over the weekend 😀


          1. Changes have been coming, but with subtlety: I have noticed my weaker right shoulder catching up to my left, and am using my heavier bells a bit more, but every extra 2 Kgs is intimidating!

            As for comparing your old routines — I was thinking yo could take snips of them and weave them into you doing the same thing now… so you can show how you have changed in that time.

            ~ Gillian

          2. Even if you do one repw with the heavier KB every so often, it will help even with the intimidation. I remember trying to military press a 16kg, and struggling even to get it to move – now I can press a 20kg, ok only a few times, but it moves – which is the main thing. So keep trying, say to yourself, 2kg is nothing – it may not be true, but mind over matter and all 😉

            Right, I did an older routine today 🙂 I am going to try and edit it like that, BUT i don’t know if I still have the raw files to take the clips from. I will need to search, but hopefully I will find them and it should be up tomorrow or monday. No clues about which workout though LOL! If I don’t get the old clips, you’ll have to watch the old one first. It should be pretty good to see anyway. If anyone is lacking in faith – this video will cure that 😀


  13. Hi Marianne,
    It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ll go on the site but haven’t jotted anything . I love the new format. I want to thank you for taking the time to do it this way. I did the workout recently where you added halos , I used 8kg and felt it the next two days. I’m so in love with kettle bells. I read where you said your tired from work and feel unmotivated with the workouts at times. Take a much needed break then. One has to sometimes. There are so many workouts posted that we can just pick and choose. You’ll come back rejuvenated and raring to go!! Just a thought. Also you’ve changed soooo much. STRONG

  14. I did this workout today and loved it.
    I’ve been very tired also. Well I found a reason for that and it was anemia. And after things got better I had an influenza…But I hope that finally things will be alright and I can continue working out regularly, and go skiing which I love but haven’t been able to because I was out of breath before I got to the forest. :p

    It’s been so hard watching your uploads cause the new workouts you’ve come up with look so much fun and I can’t wait to try them. I have however been working on my form with the help of your tutorials,(luckily had strength for that) which are very very helpful so thank you very much for making them, and I must say that I’ve been surprised that after all these years I didn’t know how to squat properly…if I only knew all these things before…need to make some corrections in almost everything 🙁

    I have lost a lot of strength, but that only makes me want to do my workouts even more to get back to where I was.

    Heh, didn’t mean to write a novel about myself, but just wanted to say that I’m really impressed what you’ve been doing lately in your blog, and that I’m back to your workouts and just to say hi. 😀


    1. Thanks Annika, it’s nice to hear from you. Glad you’re on the mend after being ill. You will gain back your strength faster than you think, so keep your chin up. Take things steady and you’ll get there.

      I appreciate you sharing, it’s nice to hear people’s stories, as we all have our own hurdles to over-come. Hopefully our stories will reach out to others and help them over-come theirs 🙂


  15. Hi,Marianne….Just found ur site late last night while surfing youtube for unique ab w.o.’s and I love your format. I “was” doing Zuzana,but got turned off by the constant “boobs in ur face” shots and her very skimpy attire. I commented on this to her reminding that many teenage girls are watching her and they are very impressionable at that age; and I didn’t think it was appropriate. I apologized to her if I offended her at the end of my comments stating I wished to continue to watch as well as inputing my comments. I guess she was very insulted because my comment never showed up on her site. Oh well. But, now I’ve found you and I totally appreciate your wholesomeness and because of your nursing background,your professionalism. (I am a retired LVN,EMT,SURGICAL TECH) I am 57, vegetarian with an occassional turkey sandwich loaded with veggies; I had a TAHO in 2005 after many years of severe ab pain and unexplained gradual weight gain (that my Dr. said was due to the tumors growth and shut down of my adrenal glands.) I was normally 135 pounds till my problems started and went gradually up to 170 within 1 year (eating even less,because I felt so sick all the time)and 3 months after surgery I jumped up to 211 pounds!!! I felt soooo miserable. It took me 2 years to heal internally and not have any pain. I returned to my routine of working out,which I did every day even before the TAHO. It’s been difficult since then with hardly any results regarding the scales,but, I can feel the difference in how my clothes fit me. Oh, a year after the TAHO I was diagnosed with asthma and am now on symbicort. Unfortunately, it is a setback for me and causes weight gain. (I’m sure your aware of this.) I had asked my Dr. what was an adverse effect I had to be aware of and he immediately said, “weight gain”. I was like, “are you kidding me?” Then I laughed,it would have hurt too much to cry. But,it is a challenge I am fighting everyday now and gradually I “feel” the results that Zuzana’s workouts have done for me. I will continue my workouts with you,now. So happy to be a part of your gang. Oh, I am down to 195 pounds,yippee!!! So often I feel that I get to the top of the mountain with just one small success only to get thrown back down to the bottom. I WILL NOT LET THIS BEAT ME!! I tell myself,”I AM A WINNER FOR TRYING”. I want to be healthy again. With your help I will be. THANKS SO MUCH for listening and sorry this was so long…TEXAS CINDY

    1. Hi Texas Cindy,

      Thanks for sharing your inspirational story. It is nice to hear your journey so far. As I am not familiar with some abbreviations, can I ask what TAHO stands for? It does sound like a major set-back, but you seem determined not to let anything stand in your way, which is a great asset to have.

      You really have come so far and it’s great that you have shared your story here 😀

      Thank you

  16. I did this workout yesterday and (mostly) did it at the advanced level. For some reason I just didn’t have good energy–does this ever happen to you? I felt like a beginner and almost gave up mid way!! I forced myself to keep going and modified the core section (I did kettle bell crunches instead of twists and planks instead of burpees) because I was wiped out! I would like to give this a go again when I am more energized. I am glad I stuck it out, even with the modifications, because it’s a great workout. Thanks for posting it!


    1. Don’t worry Sarah, you’re not the only one to feel this way. I have been feeling very tired and unmotivated for a while. Not the site, just my own training – I ave been really tired. So it’s ok to feel like this, it does pass 🙂 Glad you stuck with it though!


  17. Hi Marianne,

    I just wanted to tell you that I really love this format (advanced, intermediate, beginner). Such a great added value to the already high quality of your site: personally, it’s really helping me a lot.


      1. Definetely working!I just love it!!!
        And i can’t wait to build up strenght and get to intermediate!!!it’s nice to work towards something!
        Thank you for taking the time and putting the effort!
        p.s. my bum has been hurting all day, i kept whispering under my breath “oh marianne”!!!:)

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