16kg Kettlebell Combo Workout

by Marianne  - August 4, 2010

Hi everyone,

I don’t have much time to write a lot as I am about to go to work.

The Workout

Today’s workout is a Kettlebell Combo of 4 exercises. 5 reps of each exercise is performed on one side then the other side, and that is one round. The aim is to complete 5 rounds as fast as possible. As always I used my stopwatch on my Gymboss Interval Timer .

The exercises are:

1. Single arm KB Swings x 5 reps

2. KB Thrusters x 5 reps

3. KB Clean into Reverse Lunges x 5 reps

4. KB Snatches x 5 reps

Now complete the same on the other side and you will have done ONE round. Complete 4 more rounds.

I completed this workout in 16 minutes 52 seconds. I really enjoyed this today, it’s just a shame I have to rush.

Leave me a comment and let me know your times and feedback. I used my 16kg pro grade Kettlebell throughout as I am trying to challenge myself more these days.

Until next time. Take care



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  1. Hi there Marianne. My name is Mohamed from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Just found your video on YouTube. Wow, great workout there madam :} your body composition improve from your January 2010 until present. That’s the power of russian irons.
    If I am not mistaken this is Kettlebell Complexes by Master RKC, Geoff Neupert. 3-4 kb exercises with same weight & reps back to back without letting the iron down. I love this workout because it tooks less than 15 minutes if I am on the run. I work at a Power Plate centre in Kuala Lumpur and most of the time I’ll do it on the vibration platform(haven’t invest on the timer yet,LOL)to time myself. The result are tremendous,I lost 5kg & got 27 inch waistline that most of my female personal training clients envy…ha ha ha. I used 16kg @ the centre,but go with 24kg when training without the vibrations @ home. Power to you & Andrew :]

  2. God this one nearly killed me to with my 16kg!

    I found another website that may interest you,


    They have a really good exercise on there called the ‘Ballistic Row’, I added sets of 40, 30, 20, 10 at the end and they reallt finished me off, my arms are really burning now 🙂


    1. I had high hopes to do this with my 12kg kb and I did manage one round. I have osteo-arthritis in my right clavicle and the 12 kg was too much. I dropped down to my 8kg for the remaining 4 rounds. I believe I finished in 14 minutes.

      ?: How can I move up to my 12kg kb safely?

      1. Hi Tammy, I take it your arthritis also affects your right shoulder? With Osteoarthritis, it is important to exercise the muscles without stressing the joints. Moving up the weights too quickly will, as I am sure you know, cause pain and possibly “flare up” the inflammation. My advice, is stick with the 8kg, if it is comfortable, and begin to increase the difficulty of the exercise rather than increasing the weight. You can do this by simply performing reps more slowly during shoulder presses etc. Then after a while try a few shorter sets with the 12kg. Try other exercises for the shoulder stabilising muscles. Do some halos, windmills and Turkish Get Ups, but keep the weight light (especially with TGUs).

        Try using exercise resistance bands for some exercises, and most importantly – don’t work through pain. My type of arthritis often improved pain the more I warmed up, but osteo-arthritis is different.

        I am sorry you are having difficulty and I totally understand the drive you feel to increase the weight, but you likely have some weakness there from over-worked muscles trying to protect you from pain etc, so you need to be careful not to fatigue them further.


        PS – GREAT TIME BTW 😀
        Hope this helps you, I am sure you will reach the 12kg, but just pace yourself 🙂

          1. No worries Tammy, I like to think of myself as a tortoise too 🙂 Its been a hell of a journey to get where I am now. If I ccan do it, anyone can 😀

  3. Well that was a little bit more challenging than I thought it would be!

    And I was so eager to get started that I forgot to set the timer but think it was somewhere between 15 and 20 mins anyway.

    Oh and marmalade is very cute! Another one to walk into the shot and maybe stop to watch for a bit ha ha. They are the nosiest creatures aren’t they? Cesar, our house cat has to get involved all the time 🙂


    1. Hey, well done, it was a tough one alright, looked ok on paper, but was so much harder LOL!

      Yes cats are VERY nosy!! They are always “casually” walking past when I’m filming 😉 Cute though

        1. Hi Joe, currently I am 128 lbs, which is about 60kg or 9 stones 2 lbs (depending on where you come from lol). I am a lot stronger than I used to be, but I still think there’s room for improvement! But thanks 🙂

          1. Man, you make me feel embarrassed…:-P

            I’m around 65kg and I doubt I could do what you do with the 16kg bell…(I’m using a 12kg)

          2. Hi Joe, thanks, but I should say that workout nearly killed me lol! It was pretty non-stop, and the fact that the one side is tortured so much before changing too! You’ll be at a 16kg in no time 🙂

  4. Hi Marianne………did this excellent…………my forearms were in bits.Keep them coming.Also can you recommend an excercise whether it be kettlebell or otherwise that would replace or be the same as running.I know you cannot replace running but i have too limit my running due too bad knees,but i am after something which would be the same as……….if you know what i mean.
    Again excellent workout.Many thanks.

    1. Hi Jon, an alternative to running that would save your knees and be easy to do (as in little technical skill) would be cycling (either static or otherwise). I don’t think doing one exercise repetitively would be as good, except maybe skipping. Get a jump rope and practice different moves and you’ll soon burn up a sweat. Having a circuit-based workout (similar to mine), with body-weight, kettlebells or both, and picking the cardio type exercises would be just as good as running, if not better. Because you’re still improving your cardiovascular fitness, endurance (without the impact) and you’re also building functional strength in many muscle groups (which is value for money – or more like time).

      What is it you use running for?


      1. Hi Marianne……….thanks for replying so quickly.I do quite alot of cycling(mountain biking)but have found it shortens my calf muscles and but have found when i run my calves rip and get injured.I have just felt over the years you cannot get away from running to gain that type of fitness.As far as running is concerned i use it too pass the beep test i have to do every year(level 10.5)but am finding it difficult due to restriction on my knees.Sorry to gone on, but wanted new ideas.Many thanks.

        1. Jon, maybe rather than focusing on a “like for like” alternative to running, you could find exercises to strengthen your knees and lengthen your hamstrings and calves. It could very well be one affecting the other anyway. Have you seen a physio about these issues. It could be a gait thing. Not my expertise, but I know there will be a solution to help maximise your bleep test and minimise your injuries. I’m not a fan of running, but that’s down to my arthritis and Sacral Iliac joint, doesn’t agree with either 🙁 Still, my fitness is fine without it 😀

  5. Hi Marianne,
    Just discovered your website. I love it. I must say I’m very impressed and giddy. I’m always looking for something different and inspirational. I’ve followed another girl named Zuzana who’s also very good.It’s nice to switch off for awhile. I like that you use alot of kettlebells,I’m going to incorporate that In my future workouts. I’m so thankful for these workouts and recipes. I haven’t completely looked at the entire website yet but am looking forward to doing so.
    Thanks again,
    Your new fan in NYS.
    Minnie V.

    1. Hi Minnie V,

      Thanks for visiting and your lovely comment. It’s great to hear from people all over the world 🙂 I’m glad you like my approach. I am familar with Zuzana and BodyRock but after being an avid fan for a while, I became sickened by some of her marketing methods and silly fashion hauls 🙁 I do still like her workouts and admire her discipline (even if it’s a wee bit extreme for my tastes).

      Variety in fitness is good and will only serve to benefit you and your goals in the long term.

      Thanks again for stopping by 😀


  6. Greetings from the States. I have been watching your site and following on youtube for about a month. I figured I’d break my silence. LOL I was wondering if you were wearing Vibram Five Fingers in this video. I’ve heard alot about them have been thinking about investing in a pair. I haven’t tried the workout today but will 2moro. I think it’s gonna kick my butt but then again it should and I love it when it does. LOL Hope all is well. Keep up the good work, you look amazing and are a true inspiration.

    1. Hi Kera, glad you broke your silence 🙂

      The five fingers are a recent purchase, and so far I like them. I would only use them for lifting weights and doing KB workouts as I find my balance and grip on flat surfaces far better. This is good news for my knees as I have flat feet. I have heard many good reports about them.

      Hope you enjoy the workout

  7. Another great workout Marianne! I did this one today with my 8kg for the first 3 exercises and my 15lb for the snatches in 19 min and 16 sec.

  8. Looks like a great workout! That’s awesome you’re using the 16kg. What are the vibram five fingers like to wear? Do you run in them?

    1. Hey Sarajane, The five fingers are good, I’ve only worn them twice, but I loke them for KB stuff because I can balance better. Don’t know if i’d run in them, the impact would probably flare up my back pain.

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