Kiss MY Butt – Another Evil Workout!

Hi everyone,

Today’s workout was designed to focus on the lower body, especially the glutes, but turned out there was plenty of upper body torture too 😛

Mixing it up with strength, plyometrics, some cardio, and 2 killer new exercises for your butt, I don’t know whether you will love me or hate me for this one.

There are 3 sections to the workout. Each section has a couplet and a bridging or “filler” triplet. It sounds confusing I know, but after you complete 3 sets of a couplet, you then have a 3 exercise sequence to complete before moving on to the next couplet. I have got a cool new plug-in so I can do tables to illustrate the workout breakdown better. I love tables 😀

Advanced Workout Breakdown – Starts @ 01:08

When possible try and use a heavy enough weight, that you can lower the reps to the suggested numbers, but I know it is not always possible at home. If you don’t have a band, there is an alternative exercise in the beginner and intermediate breakdown. Also if you don’t have 2 benches, you can check out the link for the hip thrusts (2 mins 46 seconds), which shows how to use home furniture for the same effect. You can also use one chair for the Bulgarian squats – you can always improvise!

In the table below, both the weights I used and my reps are in brackets. Because the first exercise of each section is strength-based, I have set the reps.  If you don’t have heavy enough reps, then you can do the advanced exercises, but with the set reps from the beginner’s workout breakdown. In this case your workout will be focusing on muscular endurance.

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 1 interval of 30 seconds. If you feel like adding more time, be my guest – 30 seconds was enough burn for me LOL!

[table id=1 /]

Now move directly on to the “bridging combo” before continuing with the main workout:

[table id=2 /]

For those who don’t have a pull up bar, I suggest some sort of pulling exercise, whether it be a row, or a horizontal pull up using 2 chairs and a broom stick (see Steve Cotter demonstrate it here at 1 min 28 seconds).

[table id=3 /] [table id=2 /] [table id=4 /] [table id=2 /]

Evaluating the workout, I have decided that hip thrusts are amazing – My butt was on FIRE!! Also, in the video I thought that I was doing the X-Band Walk wrong, but turns out it’s ok to have the band at waist height. They were very challenging and I could really feel the burn in the right place (the glute medius which is the upper outer part of your butt).

The Bulgarian Squats could have gone better – was annoyed that I couldn’t achieve full range of movement with the Kettlebells – maybe dumbbells would be best for this, like I do them in the gym. I would worry about falling over with the KBs racked – as I nearly did :/  Overall a great workout!

Intermediate Workout Breakdown – Starts @ 04:46 – Bridging Combo Modifications start @ 06:24

Now that I have my wee table plug-in, I will be able to show the workout better, so I return to the old format of writing them up:

There is only one appearance of the “bridging combo” for the intermediate breakdown, but it follows the same format as the Advanced workout – I was just saving space 🙂 So, in each section there is also a “bridging combo”.

[table id=5 /] [table id=8 /] [table id=6 /] [table id=7 /]

Beginner Workout Breakdown – Starts @ 05:30 – Bridging Combo Modifications start @ 06:24

I have adapted the workout to be based on mostly body weight variations and includes less jumping to save your knees. If you are jumping, don’t worry about jumping high – just concentrate on landing lightly and bend at the hips and knees to absorb the shock.  The reps are higher, but the times may be shorter, depending on your individual fitness level. Read over the workout breakdowns first and decide on the exercise level, rep level and time level you think you are at. It’s important to know your abilities and your limitations, but only you can decide this.

Again the “bridging combo is only included once in the write-up, but remember to add it on to every section:

[table id=9 /] [table id=8 /] [table id=10 /] [table id=11 /]

Now cool down, stretch and relax 🙂

That’s it for today, I hope you all enjoy this workout and can understand the tables alright, hopefully I haven’t made any mistakes.

Chat soon

  • March 3, 2011

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