Kiss MY Butt – Another Evil Workout!

by Marianne  - March 3, 2011

Hi everyone,

Today’s workout was designed to focus on the lower body, especially the glutes, but turned out there was plenty of upper body torture too 😛

Mixing it up with strength, plyometrics, some cardio, and 2 killer new exercises for your butt, I don’t know whether you will love me or hate me for this one.

There are 3 sections to the workout. Each section has a couplet and a bridging or “filler” triplet. It sounds confusing I know, but after you complete 3 sets of a couplet, you then have a 3 exercise sequence to complete before moving on to the next couplet. I have got a cool new plug-in so I can do tables to illustrate the workout breakdown better. I love tables 😀

Advanced Workout Breakdown – Starts @ 01:08

When possible try and use a heavy enough weight, that you can lower the reps to the suggested numbers, but I know it is not always possible at home. If you don’t have a band, there is an alternative exercise in the beginner and intermediate breakdown. Also if you don’t have 2 benches, you can check out the link for the hip thrusts (2 mins 46 seconds), which shows how to use home furniture for the same effect. You can also use one chair for the Bulgarian squats – you can always improvise!

In the table below, both the weights I used and my reps are in brackets. Because the first exercise of each section is strength-based, I have set the reps.  If you don’t have heavy enough reps, then you can do the advanced exercises, but with the set reps from the beginner’s workout breakdown. In this case your workout will be focusing on muscular endurance.

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 1 interval of 30 seconds. If you feel like adding more time, be my guest – 30 seconds was enough burn for me LOL!

[table id=1 /]

Now move directly on to the “bridging combo” before continuing with the main workout:

[table id=2 /]

For those who don’t have a pull up bar, I suggest some sort of pulling exercise, whether it be a row, or a horizontal pull up using 2 chairs and a broom stick (see Steve Cotter demonstrate it here at 1 min 28 seconds).

[table id=3 /]

[table id=2 /]

[table id=4 /]

[table id=2 /]

Evaluating the workout, I have decided that hip thrusts are amazing – My butt was on FIRE!! Also, in the video I thought that I was doing the X-Band Walk wrong, but turns out it’s ok to have the band at waist height. They were very challenging and I could really feel the burn in the right place (the glute medius which is the upper outer part of your butt).

The Bulgarian Squats could have gone better – was annoyed that I couldn’t achieve full range of movement with the Kettlebells – maybe dumbbells would be best for this, like I do them in the gym. I would worry about falling over with the KBs racked – as I nearly did :/  Overall a great workout!

Intermediate Workout Breakdown – Starts @ 04:46 – Bridging Combo Modifications start @ 06:24

Now that I have my wee table plug-in, I will be able to show the workout better, so I return to the old format of writing them up:

There is only one appearance of the “bridging combo” for the intermediate breakdown, but it follows the same format as the Advanced workout – I was just saving space 🙂 So, in each section there is also a “bridging combo”.

[table id=5 /]

[table id=8 /]

[table id=6 /]

[table id=7 /]

Beginner Workout Breakdown – Starts @ 05:30 – Bridging Combo Modifications start @ 06:24

I have adapted the workout to be based on mostly body weight variations and includes less jumping to save your knees. If you are jumping, don’t worry about jumping high – just concentrate on landing lightly and bend at the hips and knees to absorb the shock.  The reps are higher, but the times may be shorter, depending on your individual fitness level. Read over the workout breakdowns first and decide on the exercise level, rep level and time level you think you are at. It’s important to know your abilities and your limitations, but only you can decide this.

Again the “bridging combo is only included once in the write-up, but remember to add it on to every section:

[table id=9 /]

[table id=8 /]

[table id=10 /]

[table id=11 /]

Now cool down, stretch and relax 🙂

That’s it for today, I hope you all enjoy this workout and can understand the tables alright, hopefully I haven’t made any mistakes.

Chat soon


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    1. Good for you Marianne!
      Keep up the great work with these brilliant workouts! Also thank you for making your hard work accessible for us all!

  1. Someone of us want to do this at the gym, because i prefer to to my workout there.

    But it is booring to write down this workout, so what i would prefer was to just copy the column of the exercises and reps. Cant you fix so we just can drag the item over on a word document and so can i just use the printer. Soo easy. (as you drag a picture) Do u understand 🙂

    I love your exercises and you are reallly good. But it would be soo much easier if i didnt need to write them down by hand. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 U look amazing!

    1. Will look into it Connie. I can’t remember off hand how to do it, but I think it was Cindy who had got the tables to print in MS Word.

      Marianne. 🙂

      1. It was me…I just copy and paste into a word doc. Works great and I can store them on my computer or print them out and tape them to the wall.

        PS: for us old folk we cam even increase the font size lol

  2. Marianne,
    Love this work out it combines all the pieces I love and gives some good focus on the gluts. Thank you also for breaking it down in the tables for both beginner and intermediate, before my surgery I would say I was somewhere in between so it helps me integrate it a bit. The tables I know are a lot of work but extremely helpful. Looking forward to starting this some time in the next two weeks as soon as my doctor says ok.
    Thanks again,

    1. So Marianne, I saw some people dont like the tables because they dont print out nice from the website. What I do is copy them put them in a microsoft word doc, print one copy out for my training binder and save it to my computer drive for future refernece. They print out very nicely this way and are esy to follow when I tape them to the wall when I work out. Not sure how much workit is on your end but its nice the way you broke it out by level…easy to follow and integrate.

  3. This was an experience to say the least lol. It was a great mix of strength, evil cardio and balance!! I had planned to go to the gym to use their kettlebells but it seemed really windy today. Yesterday wasn’t as bad and all the crosswinds were very scary! There are a couple of steep hills on the way home that are not fun going down when your bike is being blown onto the other side of the road eeeek!!

    Double Squats – 8reps(16kg,12kg) 10reps(16kg,12kg) 7reps(16kg,12kg)- these were weird because it felt like my achilles was popping, obviously NOT GOOD! From experience I’m pretty sure it is because of tight calves so I stretched in between sets. Will have to do more stretching.
    Squat Jumps – (25) (27) (26)

    Xband – (15) – Mine just says strong, I don’t think its that strong to be honest. 30sec didn’t do much with my band.
    Pullups – 4 – just lowered myself down as slowly as possible
    Burpees – 6 – useless!!

    Bulgarian – 12(BW) 12(12kg,8kg) 8(16kg,12kg) – just used one chair sooo very tough!
    Lunge Jumps – (20) (18) (19) – Why Marianne?! lol my legs wouldn’t move the way I expected by the end of these.

    Xband – (15)
    Double Row – 10(16kg,12kg) L&R – had to take down the pullup bar
    Burpees – 9 – I found the pushups easier this time, I think I might have had my hands too far out.

    SL Hip Thrusters – (12) (10) (8) – eeeeek! I definitely wasn’t getting the same range of motion as you and I still found it sooo tough!! They are mad.
    Swings 21(16,12kg) 20(16,12kg) 21(16,12kg) 20(16,12kg) – Did doubles to add more weight, certainly does get the heart going!! Alternated between left and right.

    Xband – (15)
    Double Row – 10(16kg,12kg) L&R – had to take down the pullup bar
    Burpees – 9 – I found the pushups easier this time, I think I might have had my hands too far out.

    Just have one question for you, if you have a min…. I have crappy posture, that coupled with completely misaligned shoulder blades (due to an AC injury and I think maybe a lazy surgeon), I’ve been feeling like there is a knot or something is a little more out of place just between my shoulder blades, do you think this might because I’m not keeping my shoulders back during exercises?

    Thanks again for a great workout. Ohh I love tables too, they are lovely!! So easy to read and pretty! I keep forgetting to say I love your pink vibrams, they’re lovely!!


    1. Hey Sarajane, I laughed at your comment about the Lunge Jumps 😀 Sorry about those LOL!! Good idea, doing double swings too!

      As for the shoulder issue. It could be due to the previous surgery, maybe scar tissue, you may also be compensating for misalignment. You could also be compensation for imbalances elsewhere, there’s no way for me to know. Try rolling it out with a tennis ball – I used to get bad knots around there (due to my arthritis pain in my lower back!) but the tennis ball really helps. Hurts like hell though! To get to the route cause, you would need to see a physio who specialised in biomechanics to work out where the imbalances lie. Also think about a sports message (also hurts like hell, but worth it). It could just be a build up of tension from inflammation from training. Many many “could be’s” :/ Sorry I couldn’t help you more.


      1. Thanks for a lot for the advice, I couldn’t find a tennis ball last night but used my roller and it REALLY helped. I hate and love that roller. Yeah I found out a good bit about how lop sided I am when I went and got my gait analysed properly a couple of months back lol.

        Wow my bum hurts today after this workout!!!

          1. Haha yeah I’ll be the one with a tilt and walking funny because of your workout 😛 Ah I can’t wait to meet you 🙂

            I hope the drive down is okay!

  4. Hi Marianne,

    ready for one of my technical questions? I was discussing with my trainer this morning and told him that I wanted to do single-leg hip thrusts the way you demonstrate them in this video (elevated shoulder and elevated foot, on the bench).

    He was telling me that by doing the single-leg hip thrusts on the floor I could obtain exactly the same results.

    Do you agree? (I don’t, but I would like to hear your opinion).


    1. Hi Bianca,

      I had a fair idea of how to answer this but, to be sure, I asked Bret Contreras for his expert opinion, as I know he is the go-to guy for this exercise in general and, he has conducted tests on the muscle activiation for this too. Below, is his response:

      “1. Proficiency in the single leg glute bridge should be reached before progressing onto the single leg hip thrust.

      2. Range of motion increases by 250% when you elevate both the shoulders and the feet. Many fit individuals could probably perform do 200 quarter squats, quarter push ups, and glute bridges. But when they use a full range of motion, suddenly the exercises become much more challenging, which allows them to stay in a suitable rep range for hypertrophy.

      3. Muscle activation is far higher for the glutes and hamstrings in a single leg hip thrust compared to a single leg glute bridge, due to the increased ROM and increased stability demands. For example, a foot elevated single leg glute bridge and single leg glute bridge may get one’s glute activation up to 30% of MVC, whereas a shoulder elevated single leg glute bridge might bring glute activation up to 35% of MVC. But when you elevate both the shoulders and feet, now activation levels of 40% of MVC might be reached. Elevating the feet can increase hamstring activity, while elevating the shoulders can increase quad activity. Elevating both the shoulder and the feet is definitely the most difficult variation, especially if you perform the “bottoms up” method.

      3. The increased functional demands of the single leg hip thrust lead to excellent rotary stability and full range glute strength, which carries over to other lower body activities.

      4. My guess is that he has never performed the movements himself and he’s too ignorant to realize that the increased ROM makes the exercise much more challenging. In my experience, fit individuals can often perform 30 repetitions of single leg glute bridges and only 15 repetitions of single leg hip thrusts (done properly where the body is controlled through a complete ROM and no lateral or rotational energy is leaked. ”

      This pretty much clears it up – this was really helpful for me too. Bret asked me if her can use your question for his next ABC post. I said that was grand, as it’s a great question.

      Marianne 😀

      1. Hi Marianne,

        it’s great to have Bret’s opinion on this subject and I really appreciated his reply and explanation. And also the fact that you turned to him for advice on this (as he is the most knowledgeable expert on the hip-thurst).

        Can I ask a dumb question? Do I understand correctly that what I called “the single-leg hip thrust on the floor” is actually a “single-leg glute bridge”?

        In other words: when shoulder and feet are elevated then it’s a single-leg hip thrust and when the shoulders and one leg are on the floor then it’s a glute bridge?


        1. Okay, I re-read Bret’s answer more carefully and I think it would be great to see in a video the difference between:

          1) single-leg glute bridge

          2) foot elevated single-leg glute bridge

          3) single-leg hip thrust (in this case I guess the shoulder is anyway elevated and then, to make it more difficult, you can also elevate the feet. Right?)

          Sorry Marianne, too many requests. When and only if you have time.

          Thanks again

          1. Hi Biance, I will be doing my own tutorial on the glute bridge and progressions, but I found this handy video where Bret explains your queries:


            I believe the “Bottom Up” method refers to starting with your shoulder and foot elevated, but your butt is on the floor. So, you have to start by working against gravity in a dead position.

            Hope this helps for now. Will give me time to do my own video 😉


        2. Bianca,

          You’re correct on your understanding 🙂 The floor version is a glute bridge.

          I had an idea of why it was better, but my answer wouldn’t have been as comprehensive or as evidence-based. That’s why Bret is great to ask, because he’s done the research and is a very smart guy 😀 Plus I am sharing your great questions with the world – They will soon be changing it to the “Italian Inquisition” 😉 😛 But in a good way of course!

          You’re very like me, as in a “yes” or “no” answer is not enough – I need to know “why” 😀


          1. Thanks for everything.

            And I like the “Italian Inquisition”…!
            (after all, I am a nosey journalist: asking questions is part of my job. Lol).

            I look forward to your tutorial, with lots of variations, and thanks for Bret’s link.

            Your site is becoming such a wonderful source for workouts, information, advice, etc.

            You are indeed doing an excellent job.

            Can’t we be next-door neighbours? I’d love to have you as my neighbour. But I guess Belfast-Milan is not helping us being neighbours.


          2. Indeed it is difficult to be neighbours, but the internet makes the world such a small place, we are cyber-neighbours LOL!

            Thanks for your compliment on the site, I really do feel it is taking a turn in a new direction, beyond even my expectations 😀 It helps to have such a great community on board!


  5. This is a really intense workout, it also requires a lot of concentration and determination. I finished it though.
    my warm was a really nice stretch and dance for about 8 minutes.
    the squats
    round 1 1 8kg
    round 2 2 8kg
    round 3 2 12kg racked

    jump squats ( I was cursing in spanish, english and German) 23,21,21
    for the x band thing I did side plank leg raises first in full plank position then laying down managed 11 on each side for all rounds.

    1 regular pull up then the rest assisted all times
    11 burpees for all round sorry Marianne but I cursed at you with love of course, you are the torture Goddess
    bulgarian squats
    round 1 1 8kg
    round 2 2 8kg
    round 3 2 12kg
    the hip thrusts S^&* is right my chair was slipping so I had to improvise evil!
    20 Kg swings aveeraged about 18 each round
    then I finished off the torture with clean and press interval 10 rest 30 effort.
    I was a sweatbox and I cursed quite a bit. My arse hates me

    I am posting another yummy recipe in the forum soon.

  6. Evil , pure evil. I was completely out of breath. But….. I loved this workout.
    Thought it was amazing. I didn’t do the pull ups, did rows instead w/ 12kg. Kettlebells, didn’t have straps for side to side steps so I did side lunges with 8kg. kettlebells. All in all challenging, interesting, fun, evil, and different . I take my hat off to you. Thank you. Minnie 

    Thank you,

  7. So I managed to do this today and I enjoyed a lot this torture.

    front squats (24kg(goblet))x10, (20kg+16kg)x8,6 My double rack needs work, it was hard on my hands.
    squat jumps 20,21,22

    For all bridging combos I did 14 side steps, 4 pull ups and 13 burpees. Burpees felt hard today. :/

    bulgarian squats bwX12, 10kgx8, 24kgx6
    lunge jumps 24,22,26 (tried to jump as high as I could)

    single leg hip thrusts bw 13,12,10 (last few reps on the right side I started to feel it in my lower back. 🙁 I need to practice this more so that I won’t use my back.Or I should have had stopped at 8 reps on the last round. My glutes were so tired. What a lovely feeling.)
    swings 24kgx20,20,20

    Just loved it! 😀


    1. NICE work! 24kg swings!!! 😀 😀 😀 I got some competition on my hands here 😉 You know, it’s a real pleasure reading how everyone is so focused and improving. Next time you’ll know to stop when you feel it in your back or your hammies cramp, but good on ya, they’re tough aren’t they !

      Just noticed, your went from 10kg to 24kg in one set for the Bulgarians!!! Bet that burned.


  8. I just finished this workout a few hours ago. Marianne, I had to wait to comment since most of the things I had to say to you immediately after this would probably have gotten me banned from ever commenting again, you taskmistress!!! LOL! Gillian, did you at least rest before doing snatches??? My legs were so wobbly I was hobbling around like an arthritic 90 year old man in a snowstorm after this!

    My Reps:

    Double Kb Front Squat (2X12kg) X10, (2X16kg) X 8, (2X16kg) X5
    Squat Jumps 31, 32, 30

    X-band side steps (25 lb resistance band)- X 30 seconds (7,9,9)
    Pull-ups (assisted w/ 50 lb band) X 4 (all rounds)
    Burpees X 60 seconds (12.5, 12.5, 15)

    Bulgarian Squats (one bench) (BW) X 12, (2X12kg) X 8, (2 X 12kg) X 6
    Lunge Jumps X 30 seconds (20, 18, 20)

    Single Leg Hip Thrusts (two benches) (BW) X 15, 13, 12
    Two handed KB Swing (12kg) X 18, 18, 18

    I decided after the second section that if I ever have to do Bulgarian squats again I’m throwing my kettlebells in the trash, LOL! I’m making a lot of progress with my pull-ups (yay!) I just moved to this band 3 days ago and when I started I could barely do 2 in a set! Also, I think maybe I need to move to the 16kg for swings but I’m going to see an RKC trainer soon so I’m waiting to make sure my form is spiffy.

    Thank you tons Marianne,

    Sable. =)

    1. Hey Sable – wow 2 x16kg front squats!! Go girl 😀 How hard are those hip thrusts?! I really under-estimated them. With the weight that you’re lifting, I’d say give the 16kg a go with the swings. But by all means wait and be assessed by the RCK 🙂

      I’m well impressed with everyone’s weight and numbers ! 😀

      1. The hip thrusts? I didn’t mention them because I was trying to block them out, if that tells you anything. I don’t think I’ve ever felt my glutes BURNNNNNNNN like that before. *Shudder* Haha!

  9. Hi Marianne,

    such a tough workout. I love hip-thrusts and I also love this format with tables.

    And your butt is amazing! Nice glutes. 🙂


  10. for everyone who hasn’t done this workout so far… you must be crazy to put yourself through something like this 😉 … I was cursing all the time.. HATE double KB front squats by the way 🙂
    I don’t have an X-band so I had to change this exercise but instead of doing the abductor raises laying I did side plank abductor raises… they seemed more challenging to me..

    1. Hey Becci, Great alternative exercise! Should’ve put that in the intermediate section! Will use that one again 🙂 Sorry about the Db Front Squats – but just think of the strength you will get 😛 Just warning ya, my new one has more of them :/

  11. A butt killer workout! Sounds/looks good. That is just what I need. Hopefully I can make this tiredness go away and give this one a try today.
    I’ve really enjoyed your latest workouts. Not that I don’t like the older ones but these newer ones with more strength elements seem to be something that I’ve been lacking in my training and I’ve enjoyed doing them. It’s so much easier and more fun to follow your workouts than to do my own. And what a motivator you are when I see you doing all that stuff; pressing a 20kg, now how cool is that!! Makes me push harder.

    Have a lovely day!


  12. This workout was waiting for me when I got up this morning, so I HAD to do it!

    I don’t know how you can move the weights you do… you are just so impressive to watch, and you give us all incentive to do better!

    Part I. KB front Squat (10+12Kg) x 10, (12+14) x 8, 5 (can’t rack much more than that!)
    Squat Jumps 19, 16, 16

    X band Steps 30 sec
    pullups x 5
    burpees X 13

    Part 2. Adv Bulg Squats (held goblet style) 10 Kg x 12, 12 Kg x 8, 14 Kg x 6
    Lunge Jumps 16, 17, 19

    X band Steps 30 sec
    pullups x 5
    burpees X 14

    Part 3. Single Leg Hips Thrusts x 12 x 3 each side (hurts my left knee)
    2 handed swing 16Kg 18 x 3

    X band Steps 30 sec
    pullups x 5
    burpees X 14

    Total Time 29:06

    Followed that with my 15:15 VO2Max snatches 7 reps x 60 rounds. I got a blister on my left hand! Ouoooo!

    Well, that limits me for the next few days!

    Good, tough workout!

    ~ Gillian

    1. Aw no, blisters suck! They are so sore and, on your hand too 🙁 At least you got a good workout in before it 😉 Glad you enjoyed – though I still don’t know where you get the energy to do your Snatches too – as Bianca would say, Brava!

      1. Gillian and Marianne you 2 are tough ladies.
        Marianne these strength combination workouts are great. I am glad you are heading in that direction and challenging us ladies to work heavier. My body is really liking these types of workouts so much.
        I took a rest last night. but this one is tonight’s Friday fun.
        I have a personal morning ritual I do TGU right out of bed did 4 on each side this morning with 12KG. (big deal for little me) 🙂

        1. Good work!!! 😀 😀 😀 Still need to do my crazy cardio, but today’s workout has a similar style to this one – strength, strength and then some evil cardio :S

  13. OH my oh my I like how you make torture look so fancy. yikes! I can’t weasel away from this workout though. I am glad that you are showing the hip thrusts I was unsure if I was doing those right or wrong.

  14. Marianne,
    this one looks good (I catch myself saying that every time you post a new workout, weird). I like that there is plenty of everything here, lower body, core work, heart rate spiker, upper body. Can’t wait to do it later.

    I will have to get used to the new format, the ‘old’ one was good and clear too and I liked all those colors 🙂 , well i’m a girl

  15. Haha! You look great – and I love the cursing during the hip thrusts! I need a full-on censor when I do those, which is why I usually do them at home and not the gym… My cats always come and see what the fuss is. :oP

    Also, BEAUTIFUL tables.

    Thanks for another great workout!

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