Kettlebells 2010

by Marianne  - January 18, 2010

Hi everyone,
Lately, my (now ex) partner Andrew and myself have been involved in a lot of new beginnings.  I have been spending time planning this blog and its content.  Andrew has started a Kettlebell class in our local community centre here in Belfast.


Andrew is a personal trainer, but has a passion for kettlebell training and taking classes.  Kettlebells 2010 has become very popular and we made this video as part of our advertisement for the class.  And again it features me demonstrating the moves 🙂

This also marks the beginning of quite the fitness journey for me.


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Shoulder and Quad Punisher

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  1. Blimey, your form has really changed (drastically improved) since these early days! The cleans made me cringe a little lol. Love, love, LOVE your website and kettlebell are the best thing since sliced bread! (Whole wheat of course :-D.

  2. Hello! Just wondering, what is so great about the kettlebells compared to dumbbells or any other kind of weights?

    1. Hey, Dumbells only really work your body in one plane of movement, were as KBs (due to the weight being offset) works the muscles in many different ways. Including more stabilisation and challenge. Also, because of the explosive nature of many KB exercises, you build a lot of strength and conditioning, without needing VERY heavy weights. Plus they look cool 😉

  3. Hey!

    It’s good watching some of the really old videos. You can really see the change in you and your technique. I am thinking of filming myself doing some exercises so I can check my form. It’s so much easier to spot things that need to be improved when you are watching someone than while you are doing it yourself. I will probably get a shock lol.

    Oh I have ordered a pair of 16s, 20s and 24s from Wolverson. So I am really excited about getting those tomorow or thursday!

    I am thinking maybe later on on the year that I might do an EKI course. I don’t have any Kettlebell classes in the area, so am wondering what kind of prerequisite level I would need to be at before attending?


    1. I’m mortified to watch my swings in this :/

      As for the EKI, I would check with OLF to see if you need to be a fitness instructor to take the course. I know that for me to be insured I needed to do my Level 2 Fitness instructors Cert first. I do think they may let you do the course as long as you have a reasonable level of fitness. But given them a ring or pop on to their site – it maybe has FAQs.

      It’s a great course! I really enjoyed it and the drills are so intense!


  4. Hi

    I have recently just started with Kettlebells myself and have found them to be an excellent workout, so i have picked up a few new exercises from your video.

    please can you post more so that i can learn new exercises.

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for your comment. Kettlebells are a great way to build strength, sculpt your body and burn fat. We are currently editing the new workout video, so it should be up in the next 12-24 hours all being well. In addition to this we are going to post a new recipe and another new workout later in the week which Andrew will be performing. I’m apparently “hogging” the lime light lol

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