Kettlebell Home Conditioning Workout Routine

Hey everyone.

Firstly, thank you to everyone for helping me reach 10,000 subscribers on my Youtube channel!


The other day I was messing about on the computer trying to create more workout slides for posting on Facebook and for me to use in a special collection I want to put together on the site.  After I posted the picture below, I got a few comments asking what some of the exercises look like.  What better way to demo the exercises than by actually doing the workout myself and filming it.  So, here is another killer workout!

The Workout

The handy photo-slide explains the workout today!

Here are my numbers (reps and weight used):

Quad 1

  1. 16kg (18, 17)
  2. Same (18, 16)
  3. 20kg (33, 32)
  4. Didn’t count

Quad 2

  1. 16kg (16, 13)
  2. 16kg (15, 13)
  3. Same (same)
  4. Didn’t count

Quad 3

  1. 12kg (21, 18 )
  2. 20kg (28, 29)
  3. Didn’t count
  4. (11, 11)

That’s it for today everyone. I will leave you with a little challenge I have set myself.  In the video below you will see 2 different sets of me swinging 2x20kg by 8 reps each time. I REALLY want to get 10 or even 15 reps soon, so I will be working on these HEAVY-ASS Swings every day. My goal is to swing the 2x24kg by 10 reps.  We will see!

Next post will be the LONG AWAITED hip mobility “drill”/ advice.


  • October 23, 2012

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