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by Marianne  - August 27, 2012

Hi everyone!

After a long weekend working, I finally have a new workout for you! ย I ordered a Jungle Gym XT to add a little variation to some of my exercises, and was so excited when it arrived, I just had to do a quick workout to try it out ๐Ÿ˜€

I was toying with the idea of the TRX, but the price of the Jungle Gym XT Persuaded me!

The Workout

I filmed this very quickly on Friday, right before my Client arrived, and I didn’t have the time to rap things up at the end, so I apologise for the abrupt ending.

I said at the start of the video that I planned to do rounds of these exercises, but I actually changed my mind and decided to do 3 sets of each exercise. ย There are 5 exercises in total, and I set the reps for a rough range.

  1. Supported Single Leg Squat (right and left) x 5 – 8 reps (this variation doesn’t seem to annoy my SI Joint so much)
  2. Clean and Jerk (right and left) x 5 – 8 reps (form needs work, but this was fun)
  3. Jungle Gym Inverted Row x 8 – 12 reps (these are tough)
  4. Jungle Gym Dips x 3 – 5 reps (these were mainly to amuse Nia Shanks!)
  5. Roundabout Swing x 45 seconds

And that’s all I had time for. It was actually very challenging … especially the rows and dips. ย Hope you will give it a try.

I have another workout on the way, so stay tuned! ๐Ÿ™‚




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Quick Conditioning Kettlebell Workout | Home Fitness Workout

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  2. Hi where did you get yours from, i am having issues find stockist in the UK. I was shopping for a TRX today but this looks like a good alternative

  3. I enjoyed this workout a lot, it was short and tough. I was sore from sailing in heavy wind all weekend.
    For some reason this work out helped settle my soreness. This is how I modified it to fit my own level of insanity
    10×3 hanging leg raises
    single leg squats assisted with yoga sling thing 5×3
    inverted row 5×3 on sling thing
    dips on sling 3×2 then i switched to the couch and did 6 regular ones. these are tough
    then I did 3×1 minute of the long cycle using a 12 kg KB
    1 set of the swings with 20kg

    I was dripping sweat. cooled down with 10 min yoga

    I liked this and I hope you incorporate more of the jungle gym thing. I think yours is more stable than my yoga sling.

    Cheers and thank you for motivating me.

  4. Oh my goodness. Before we started working together, as I was researching methods of exercise and the right fit approach, I had my eye on the Jungle Gym! I think this may be a great piece of apartment living equipment, I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

  5. cool I can do your jungle gym exercises on my yoga sling thing that I haven’t used in a while. great I will try this tonight. I just signed up for a 10k run at night so I need to jump back on the horse.

  6. Mariane, I just ordered & started using the Trainer in a Bag Military Strap Suspension System from Amazon– see link below:
    It was only 19.99 & is pretty much just like the TRX. I’ve been loving the core workout it gives you. How neat that you have discovered it, too. Where are you anchoring yours? Mine has been terrific when traveling, since kettlebells are hard to pack! Thanks for another terrific workout!


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