Insane Fat Burning Kettlebell Drill

by Marianne  - July 8, 2010

Hi everyone,

A new workout at last!!  Since last week both Andrew and I have been so busy with work (bills gotta get paid) and the weather has been really bad, so a workout video has been out of the question. But, I am back today with a cracker!!

Unfortunately I can’t take credit for this awesome challenge. Gwen is responsible for this torture LOL.  The factor that makes this workout so challenging is using a 16kg throughout.  If you have several Kettlebells, use the heaviest for this workout to feel the challenge.

The exercises are straight forward, but the focus is on endurance and strength.

I would describe this as more cardio than resistance, but when using a heavier bell, it does combine both, which BURNS BURNS BURNS.

The Workout

In order to push myself that bit harder, I used my Gymboss Interval Timer as a stopwatch, to create a time challenge for this workout.  Gwen suggested 3 rounds, but she added a body weight circuit after it. I added a fourth round instead. Once you’re warmed up, complete the following sequence:

  1. Single  Arm KB Swings (right) x 10 reps
  2. KB Thrusters (right) x 5 reps
  3. Single Arm KB Swings (left) x 10 reps
  4. KB Thrusters (left) x 5 reps
  5. 2-Handed KB Swings x 25 reps x 2 sets or 50 consecutive swings 😀

I took a short breather between rounds of approximately 20 seconds. So with the rest periods included, this workout took me 16 minutes and 1 second.

What a great rountine!  Thrusters – hard!  My workouts usually contain loads of exercises (as I’m easily bored), but this one was simple, uncluttered and very effective.  I would say this is not only a great functional workout, but it is excellent for fat burning.  This routine could be performed first thing in the morning to ramp up the metabolism before your day begins.

Thanks Gwen 😉

If anyone else has any challenges or great ideas for workouts, I am always open to ideas. Feel free to comment on this workout or any others as I like to hear from the other side of cyberspace lol

Making up for lost time, I will be back tomorrow with another workout challenge.



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  1. I’m pretty excited because I bought myself an early xmas present. I got a 25lb bell for presses and cleans. I also have another 35lb one on the way for when I rebuild my strength. Sadly I can’t safely lift the 35lber over my head. I did this one last night before bed but after having a couple burgers @ a cookout. Shame on me but I couldn’t help myself. My time was 13:16 I did 3 rounds using the 25lb for the presses and a 20 for the one handed swings. I used my 35 for the 2 handed swings but I only did 25 each round instead of 50. Mostly because my lower back was hurting a bit and my boyfriend had his first day off in 2 wks and was playing a video game and getting a little testy at listening to me huff and puff and moan:)Love this workout though, I’ve got it bookmarked for when I’m in a hurry or just really busy and don’t have a lot of time to workout:)

  2. Hi Marianne,

    Tried this for the first time today using my 5KG (will be getting heavier KB in near future). Did 3 rounds, and by the 3rd set of 2-Handed swings, I was starting to feel it! :o)

    Really loved this workout, and the site! Keep up the great work!


  3. Hey I got my first kettlebell yesterday!

    Didn’t really do a proper workout, just went through the moves one by one on a Pavel Tsatsouline video. Doing a few sets each to learn them. But I felt as though I had done more work and that my body had been worked in ways that traditional weights have never done!

    Love it, I am a convert!!!!


  4. Turbo Fire is a new video fitness program by Chalene Johnson and is a Beachbody program. It is cardio kickboxing mixed with HIIT workouts. (Just want to say I am not affiliated with Beachbody or Chalene in anyway.) Here is the link to the beachbody’s site Click on Turbo Fire on the right.

  5. Thank you for another great workout Marianne! I only was able to do 3 rounds of this and only did 25 reps on the 2 handed swing each round with my 8kg because I added this to my Turbo Fire workout.

  6. Hey just thought I’d let you now that as a guy I think these workouts are great!

    I have only really just found kettlebell training and decided to start with a 12kg bell to learn all the moves.

    I love the other workouts you do to, they fit in really well with my martial arts training and give me something quick and intense to do when there is only limited time.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks Steve, Kettlebells are a great way to supplement and compliment Martial Arts because they are such a functional training tool. You will probably have better flexibility to enable you to perfect a lot of the moves more quickly than me.

      Thanks for following.

  7. Great Workout Marianne

    I have started the Rite of Passage so I don’t think that I’ll be fitting it in too soon as it’s alot like the RoP… Anyways, I have been following along and doing modified versions of your workouts. So I don’t really feel that I can post my results as a comparison!
    Liking the nutritional articles too!

  8. Have you tried two bell get-ups with either 8kgs or 12kgs? Instead of a squat setup style you would come up to a z-sit. I think you would love them….great for your core! I might have a video. Are you on Facebook?

    1. Hi Gwen, I’ve never tried them, but I’m curious 🙂 Sounds tough.

      I have both a personal facebook page “Marianne Kane” and a group page “myomytv”. I’m also on Twitter now too.

  9. Looks like a awesome workout , will try it tomorrow, as tonight i’m going to do zumba. However i only see KB single arm swings on the left arm, i’m assuming we do the right as well. i like the new “sharing” tool on the page.

      1. I was just curious as to where you bought that kettle ball. It looks like good quality.
        Great workout by the way.

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