Hot Summer Body Workout

by Marianne  - May 31, 2010

Hi everyone,

Finally I have finished my weekend of nights, so I’m able to do a well needed workout. And boy did today’s workout make up for lost time!

The focus today is MAXIMUM calorie burning and fat loss.

The reason I focus on full body workouts is because the more muscles you use, the more energy you need therefore, the more calories burned.

I devised the workout to consist of 2 sections. The first, a resistance section focusing on strength, toning and sculpting the muscles – which also helps to deplete glycogen stored in the muscles (stored carbohydrates). Once these are depleted, your body then turns to fat for energy. If you keep each interval as intensive as possible, you will achieve maximum results.

The next section is made up of cardio exercises, using both body weight and Kettlebells. Once both sections are completed, go back and repeat one more time.

The Workout

I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 12 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 MAX effort. After these 12 minutes, have a little rest for about 1 minute, then repeat the workout again. Including your minutes rest in between the rounds, this whole workout lasts 25 minutes.

The exercises and my scores are as follows:

Resistance Section

  1. Double KB Front Squats into Shoulder Press (11, 9)
  2. KB Renegade Rows (16, 13) – 1 rep is one row
  3. KB Curtsy (right) (14, 13)
  4. KB Curtsy (left) (15, 13)
  5. KB Push Ups (12, 9)
  6. Double KB Sumo Deadlift (16, 17)

Cardio Section

  1. 2-Handed KB Swings (35, 32)
  2. Burpees with Push Up (8, 10)
  3. Alternating KB Swings (28, 24)
  4. Dynamic Squats (31, 28)
  5. KB Snatches (right) (18, 16)
  6. KB Snatches (left) (16, 15)

Rest for 1 minute and repeat.  For this workout I used a mixture of 12 kg and 16 kg Pro Grade Kettlebells

I found this workout REALLY tough today, I had so little energy.  I hope to be revived for tomorrows workout after a good nights sleep.  Try and beat me and let me know how you do, so I can up my game the next time 🙂



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  1. The snatches were fine, i just did them with the 8 pound KB, i just bought a 12K, not sure how the snatches will be with that heavy of a KB for me, but will try a few today for fun. I did a tabata workout of melissa’s today. short but good.

    1. Hey Tempest, glad your snatches were grand. It’s a hell of a jump from 8lbs to 12 KG!!! Be careful. I would use the 12kg initially for swings, cleans and rows until you get the feel of it. Good luck 🙂

  2. ok one more ? Was your count with alternating a total of left and right sides together, or was it 28 and 24 each side. Also i’m looking at your reps and then mine, most moves you do alot more, it must be because you are using a heavier kb. i noticed you used two different one. Which moves did you use the heaver KB for?

    1. Tempest, on the alternating swings I count each swing as one rep regardless of the arm I’m using. I used the 12kg for most of the workout (blue) and the 16kg (yellow) for the swings.

      The rep deifference is likely to be because I use heavier KBs, and I don’t sacrifice technique for speed, especially when using 2 KBs 🙂

  3. my reps are as follows

    KB RENEGADE ROW 13, 13
    kB CURTSEY LEFT 21 , 21
    KB CURSEY RIGHT 21, 21
    KB PUSHUP 16 , 16

    2 HANDED SWINGS, 30 30
    SNATCH LEFT, 20 20
    SNATCH RIGHT 20 20

    i had to improvise in the KB pushup. on knees instead of toes
    burpees with pushups i did 12 the first round with the pushups , and the second round i only did 11 but did not do the pushups.

    i love this workout, will be doing it again soon.
    love the tabata now that i have tried it.:/

  4. Well i did the workout, all i can say is i’m dying , i had to do the pushups and the renegade rows on my knees, but i did it, i will post my reps later, i’m spent, and have errands to do. thanks again, i think this might be my favorite by far. btw, i bought a 12 K today. yea
    i won’t use it till wednesday though.. ha ha

  5. Wow, i am pumped to do this workout tomorrow, i was wanting something that didn’t have so many swings tomorrow, and this will work out just fine. However i don’t perform burpees real well, let alone with pushups, but i will do my best.

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