Happy Day, Summer Workout

by Marianne  - July 12, 2013

Oh what a long time it has been since I posted a workout!  I figured there was plenty here to keep you going, which is why I was putting some other material out recently. However, today I am back with a different style of workout for fun.  But first, a little question about what YOU would like to see from me in the future.

Well, actually, I wanted to run an idea by you and get your feedback.  Over the years, I have been asked [a lot] about releasing a dvd or having some sort of “train with me” system.  Last year I toyed with Live Webcam Classes and this was problematic because of time-zones and my work shifts.  So, I was thinking about taking about 5 of my most popular workouts and/or 5 new ones and re-filming them as if I was taking a class. I would give pointers and cues and then redo my tutorial section to include all my most common exercises so that you would have guidance and instruction AND motivation throughout the workout.  There would be a small charge per “class” (like $7), but the tutorials and ALL existing workouts would be free. Actually, I would still provide free workouts (as promised), but they would not be full versions (they would be the usual cuts), but then I would offer the full class-style as an additional service.

Basically I am wanting to ask your opinion on this idea: is it something you would like? Or do you have anything you would like to see from me?  I still need to work out the details, but I never want to just assume this is something that would be popular.  I want to deliver something that YOU want to see.  If you don’t feel comfortable leaving feedback or a suggestion in public, then send me a private email to myomytv@gmail.com and I will gladly listen to your opinion.

I have another idea in the pipeline, but I have already decided to do it and I really think it will be SO helpful for a lot of people and I am putting my heart and soul into it – it is a subject/area close to my heart and it will be free to a good home 🙂


It’s moments like these when it hits me that I am now blessed with the time and chance to really do what I love 🙂 I am so happy to be here doing this.

Before I turn into a sentimental mess, let’s get on with the new workout …

The Workout

Simply: 5 exercises; 5 reps per exercise and complete 5 rounds…. easy, right? 😐  Oh, and followed by L-Sit Practice! Double 😐

  1. Deficit Reverse Lunge (right and left) x 5
  2. Military Press (regressing to Push Press +/- negatives) (right and left) x 5 reps
  3. Single-Leg RDL (Right and Left) x 5 reps
  4. One-sided Renegade Row (one side at a time) x 5 reps
  5. Double Swing (or single arm swing, or heavy 2H Swing) x 5 reps (for more challenging weights) –> I switched to a single KB for the final 2 rounds and did 25 reps instead.

After all the cat stuff at the start, I totally forgot to time this. I admit, it took me longer than it should have … I dilly dally a lot during workouts and need constant motivation haha!

Hope you enjoy the workout.

Oh, here’s a mini tutorial on the L-sit to help you understand what I am *trying* to achieve. It’s about combining good shoulder positioning (encouraging stability) along with core engagement.  Often, through my training I had the bad habit of letting my core disengage (unknowingly) and over extending my lumbar during any exercises that require hip flexion.  Training the L-Sit (along with other exercises and retraining of my awareness) is helping my core do more stabilising of my spine.  Having good shoulder positioning will help in this too.

In the VERY near future I will have a guest blog/V-Blog interview with Dr Jonathan Fass, who is a Physical Therapist and Strength Coach (and *much* more …. including being my wonderful [LOML] boyfriend *grin* ) and he will explain all this much better than I can 🙂  So stay tuned AND in the meantime, find him on Facebook HERE.

Hope you enjoy the workout and I look forward to reading your feedback on the workout classes 😀





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  1. I REALLY liked the little programme you set a few months ago, where you gave 4 of your workouts which were complimentary to be done for 4 days for a couple of weeks. I stuck to this for 4 weeks and really noticed the progression I made. I find it hard to decide which workout to do and tend to chop and change, so to have someone make the decision is awesome!

  2. MA, it would be great to able to down load some work outs. I travel a lot so if I could have some on my i pad, especially some just using body weight it would be a nice compliment to my home lifting and using your KB workouts. Thanks for all you do!!

  3. Did this workout this morning felt like I was cheating to begin with only doing 5 reps but then after 3 rounds I was feeling it. In fact I stopped after 3 rounds cos I was pushed for time, that was my excuse anyway. LOL!

  4. Hi Marianne,
    This is a great idea as I am a member of Get Glutes and love the format. The videos produced by all three of you are very informative and detailed in instruction. I have become a fan of paper workouts as the video provided is a great reference to guide me. I have many instructional DVDs and do not need another. So where is the “Death by Swings” workout that was mentioned?

    1. Thank you Maria! I’m very happy that you are enjoying the set-up on Get Glutes 🙂 Now, if I could just find that Death By Swings workout. It shouldn’t be too many pages back from the home page … Oh, HERE it is 😉

  5. MA: I love what you have provided already: nothing overproduced or pretentious, just good solid workouts and guidance. I would purchase more of the same to support you. I have balked at “Got Glutes” because I am commitment phobic, and like just paying as I go. I don’t like subscribing to things because I inevitably forget to make the most of my purchase. So a download that can be paid for via PayPal/CC or even a DVD (although I like this less) would be my product of choice.

  6. Hey Marianne,
    I wanted to ask you if there is some kind of service in wich you can chek the
    form for the exercises?( if they are done correctly)
    Is it possible only by getting a personal program from you?
    Or maybe it is a pay service that can be done through the site?


    1. You can send me videos via Dropbox (share with my email mvk_82@hotmail.com) and use the embedded link so I don’t end up having to download all the videos to my computer… or upload to Youtube and send me the link. Make sure the video is about 30seconds long and you show the front and side view.

      If you want live feedback you can book a skype session with me (there is a charge for this), but I am happy to review one or two exercises. You understand that I cannot review every exercise for free because it does take time to watch, then review and type out all the pointers.

      Email me about which exercise you are needing the most help with. If you have a lot of exercises needing reviewed, then I advise to find a Trainer near you, or book a Skype online with me 🙂

  7. Nice idea. In terms of a downloadable type file I think maybe something like the cloud or ftp site where users are required a password would work fine.
    glad to see the new workout, I fell off my wagon and ended up in cardio land, my poor kettle bells have been neglected.

  8. Marianne, Check out Steve Cotters DVD’s I have some of his. I use it once in a while. Also look into some of AOS(Art of Strength) dvd’s he also has some great ones. But what I like the most is Skogg’s system, his dvd shows a group class (showing for women and stronger men) and the set includes a 3 month schedule for us to follow(I really like it when I have a schedule to follow). and it’s broken down to beginners to more advanced. Meaning every month either move up in weight or increase time for each routine. He shows swings, cleans, clean and press, high pulls, squats, and snatch. Ladders, Intervals using these routines. It’s a great program and I’ve been using it for a while. When I feel I want to switch it around I’ll throw in some of your routines Death by swings my favorite. lol I use that often. Although I only do one handed swings as compared to two handed swings which you use in that routine. I would really love to see you put out a dvd like this. Groups setting of 3 or more people. Two or three month schedule each month increasing time or weight in bells. This would create your basic or intro to kettlebell routine. After that then do one for more advanced stuff. I really believe that a scheduled routine that people can follow every day or every other day is very effective. In between workouts dvd of stretching exercises again in group setting. With the dvd include a nutrition guide with recipes a shopping list. I know it may seem like a lot of work, but hey I would gladly pay you $69-$89 for it since I already know your work and dedication.

  9. Marianne,

    First all you give an excellent presentation, which is even harder than what media to use. I’ve had numerous people ask me about my workout while working with my kettles, and I point right to your website. I think maybe a book with a DVD would work with a website link. Your “hook” will be: one, yourself and your success story and two, the price point of buying some kettles say $100 ( with your DVD etc) vs the gym membership. I think all us that “worship at the church of Marianne” owe you any assistance we can provide since you were so kind to do all this work for free.


  10. Hi Marianne,

    I’d be interested if the videos and workouts could be downloaded. Then people could use them for reference at a later date.


    1. Thanks, Frances. I’ll look into that. The problem with that is security. I can have a secure URL, but if someone downloads a video, it can be easily shared. It’s not fair to me or others who buy the product. But I think there are ways of doing this … I just need to research it more 🙂 It would be great for mobile devices that don’t have internet outside of wi-fi

  11. Marianne,
    First, your stuff is always great. You’re in my top 10 kettlebell youtube “go to” people. Great instruction and great workout combinations. You can’t go wrong in any product you produce. My suggestions: highest quality video and audio production, good pacing (not too fast, not too slow), keep it clean and professional like you always do. You’re on the right path! Steve

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