Good Day at the Gym | Front Squats, RDLs, Hip Thrusts and Military Press

My cats joined me for sunbathing 😉 lol

Hi everyone,

The weather here this week is unreal! Sun is out, bikini has been aired and time to soak up some rays! But, of course I still find time to train 🙂

From time to time I like to show a little example of my gym training. It generally never varies too much, as I am always just trying to get better at the moves, lift more weight, or spice things up with higher rep work. Yesterday I had a great session training, after a few weeks of the “SI issue” annoying me and affecting the level at which I normally train. It was a little sore during this workout but it was sore all night at work – I knew it wasn’t the workout that was hurting it – so I just got on with it. I feel 10 times better today and have NO pain (thank God)!

After a few warm up sets of the exercises I kept the reps fairly low in everything and focused on maintaining good form.

The Workout

After warm-up sets:

  • Front Squat:  Set 1 – 3: 45kg x 5 reps, Set 4: 50kg x 5 reps, Set 5: 50kg x 3 reps – these were tough!
  • RDL: Sets 1-3: 55kg x 5 – 8 reps, Set 4: 70kg x 5 reps, Set 5: 80kg x 4 reps (still working on my technique here)
  • Glute Bridges: Set 1&2: 90kg x 12 reps (then thought Hip Thrusts would be better)
  • Hip Thrusts: Set 3&4: 60kg x 10 reps, Set 5: 80kg x 8 reps – evil!
  • Military Press (between sets of Hip Thrusts): Set 1: 25kg x 10 reps, Set 2, 27.5kg x 7 reps, Set 3: 30kg x 5 reps (got really tired on these).

Then I slept nearly the whole day … outside in the sun! I was so tired.

Anyway, this was just a quick gym update because I haven’t done one in a while.

Hope you are all having a great week.

I’ll be back soon with more *hint – New Workout* 😉



  • May 24, 2012

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