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Hi All,

Do you ever have times in your life were normal (and minor) things really start to stress you out?? It’s never when they are singular events, because those you can deal with. The stress begins when there are a string of little annoyances that keep chipping away at you, like you are juggling one too many balls. Before you know it, they’re all on the floor.

The past week or so has been such a time for me :/

The irony is that I wrote that “Finding Inner Strength” article the other day.  Following my own advice is starting to prove a challenge. Maybe THAT is why I wrote it?? Anyway, it struck me today just how much I love this site. I know this is my site (so of course I love it) but, what I love most is the great bunch of amazing people who visit and participate in the conversations, debates and challenges. No-one is left out. Even though I know there are plenty of people who don’t comment, you are here in “spirit”.

So, this morning I was feeling pretty sorry for myself as I found myself off on leave (holiday leave), WITH a cold, no central heating, the crappiest weather and a million things to do!!

When you’re sick or in pain, your mind plays tricks on you and you feel your strength and/or fat loss gains are slipping away.  While this may be true to an extent it is important to put things in perspective and realise that it is only a short-term set-back.  As I always like to say – In the grand scheme of things, although it may feel this way, you are hardly back to square one. In times like these, it is about finding the drive to pick ourselves back up and carry on! From time to time we may even need a little help from our friends, which is what I got when I read through all of your amazing workout ideas from the “Challenge me to Workout – Your Way” post (now deleted).

De-motivation turned 180 into *SUPER* motivation and a real sense of pride in all your efforts to come up with GREAT workout designs for me and each other 🙂

Originally I intended to pick 5 of my favorite workouts from the list and then narrow it down to one by lifting a name out of a hat. Because all of the workouts are so good (plus I don’t have a hat), I simply cannot justify leaving out anyone’s workout. They have all, in some way, injected inspiration and life into me, for which I thank you! Although I may change a few things about each workout, I want you all to know that I was totally blown away by your designs!

Today I decided to do Gina’s workout, simply because I was draw to the pull ups and TGUs in it 😀

Admittedly, I did change something and decided to spread 3 sets of the pull ups over the entire workout, adding an alternative exercise into their original spot.  The reason why I changed this was because I don’t think that pull ups are a suitable exercise for a Tabata, unless you are very good at continuous, fast-paced pull ups (Cross-Fit style).  For me, pull ups work best in sets. Tabata should be Cardio/Conditioning-based, very fast paced and very intense!  Clearly this can be a preference thing, so don’t think I am knocking Gina’s design. I just want you all to know why I changed this as my rational may be useful 🙂

Workout Breakdown

This workout is great if you are short for time or want to supplement a strength session (say squats and deadlifts), by adding a great conditioning session to the end.  You can also easily extend the duration by adding more rounds.  For those looking to burn fat or maintain general Cardiovascular fitness, this is a great way to do it. Ensuring of course that your nutrition is up to scratch for achieving your goal.

After my warm up I did the following:

  • TGUs (set 1) x 3 reps (each side) using 16kg
  • TGUs (set 2) x 3 reps (each side) using 20kg
  • Pull Ups x 3 reps

Interval Training Conditioning section

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 10 cycles of 20 seconds rest and 1 minute effort. Chose a moderate weight for the KB exercises. Complete 2 rounds of the following 5 exercises:

  1. Alternating KB Swing (16kg) (35, 33)
  2. Burpees (with and without push ups) (21, 19)
  3. Side to Side Step Ups (65, 59)
  4. KB Bent Over Alternating Row (16kg) (24, 20)
  5. Jump Rope (high knees/ feet together) (170, 164) (I think)
  • Pull Ups x 3 reps


Reset Interval Timer for 8 cycles of 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds MAX effort. Complete 2 rounds of the following 4 exercises:

  1. Dynamic Squats
  2. Plank Climbers
  3. Two-Handed KB Swing
  4. Half Burpee (Push Up to Squat-Thrust
  • Pull Ups x 3 reps

I really enjoyed this workout Gina, so thank you for the inspiration and motivation. I had a lot of fun and was smiling by the end, as I was so pleased to be challenged this way 😀

For everyone else, please leave some feedback for Gina and myself about this workout.  I think it is good to see other people trying new things. You may even think of another way to increase the challenge by following Gina’s template.

Talk to you soon everyone.


  • May 25, 2011

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