Mickela Challenged ME – Crazy Cardio Workout!

Hi everyone,

Today I am revisiting the wish-list of workouts designed to challenge me and everyone else here! Mickela’s insane cardio workout was right at the top of the list for me as I fancied something to get the heart and lungs goin.

Seeing as Mickela guessed I might add a little somethin to the workout, I thought there was no way I could disappoint, so EVIL JUMPS sneaked their way into the exercise list 😉

This workout focuses all the effort on the lower body and the Cardiovascular system and is great for overall fitness, conditioning and, fat loss.  Additionally this would be a great way to finish an upper body strength session or an “in between” training day. I think Mickela dedicated a day a week to her Crazy Cardio.

Workout Breakdown

First, set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 27 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort. Complete 3 rounds of the following 9 exercises. My reps per exercise are in brackets:

  1. Jump Rope (High Knees) (110, 117, 121)
  2. Prisoner Squats (28, 25, 24)
  3. Jump Rope (Feet Together) (84, 80, 85)
  4. High Deficit Reverse Lunge (right) (31, 25, 23)
  5. High Deficit Reverse Lunge (left) (29,, 26, 22)
  6. Jump Rope (High Knees) (98, 95, 101)
  7. Single-Leg Hip Thrust (right) (14, 15, 12)
  8. Single-Leg Hip Thrust (left) (15, 13, 11)
  9. Evil Jumps (15, 13, 13)

Now, I did change a few little things about the workout, but it was only to fit in with my own preferences and had nothing to do with Mickela’s design.  Either way would be fine 🙂

I hope you all enjoy this workout and have a great weekend 😀



  • May 29, 2011

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