Get Strong, Sexy Curves | Guest Workout by Kellie Davis

Hi all,

I am excited to introduce my friend and colleague, Kellie Davis from MotherFitness and Get Glutes, who has kindly designed and filmed a new workout for you all.  This is actually a very exciting time for Kellie too, as she ventures into doing fitness videos and workouts. I think the more variety and more GOOD quality, exercises, advice and workout designs we are exposed to the better.  And I also think Kellie’s style will compliment my workouts very well for those of you who are looking to spice things up with more Barbell / Dumbbell Strength work – even just to get some fresh ideas. Subscribe to Kellie’s blog, YouTube Channel etc and get all her latest updates.

Welcome Kellie!

It’s an honor to fill in for Marianne, and I have a great workout in store for you.  It requires a barbell with plates, bench or box, kettlebell, and band. If you don’t have a barbell, you can substitute a kettlebell or even bands for the glute bridges. For the landmines: if you don’t have a barbell, kettlebell halos are a good substitute.

MotherFitness Workout

3 x 6-8 American Deadlift

2 x 15-20 Barbell Constant Tension Glute Bridge (meaning your butt doesn’t touch the floor between reps)

3 x 6-8 Single-Arm Kettlebell Split Jerk (I am new to these and it took me about 5 sets to get a filmable one)

2 x 7-10 Crossover Step-Up (1 rep is back and forth. Find a suitable bench height. My bench is a little high)

2 x 15-20 X-Band Walk (15-20 steps right then left)

Landmine 2 x 6-8


·      Perform each exercise alone (no supersets or circuits).

·      Rest 30-90 seconds between each set.

I’m anxious to read your feedback and hope that you enjoy your workout.



Additional Notes from Marianne 🙂

For those of you who are confused about the difference between the Romanian Deadlift and the American Deadlift here is Bret’s instructional video to explain:

The single arm KB Split Jerk is a technically advanced exercise.  You want to drop under the weight rather than push the weight up.  Concentrating on that AND the split catch stance will be a challenge, so for safety reasons pick a light weight that you know you can press with ease (not that you will be pressing it, but a weight that you are confident your shoulder is strong and stable enough to handle).  For an alternative: you can do the standard Single Arm Jerk (normal stance), you could also do Push Presses.

Cross Over Step – Take your time with these and ensure you have warmed up and focused a lot of mobility through the ankle, calves, hip and glutes.  If you experience any knee niggles (or if you have any to begin with), then swap this for a Side to Side Step Up (that I normally do), or Normal Step Up.

If there is anything else you wish to ask, then leave a comment below.  I think Kellie did a great job and I am excited to read your feedback 🙂



  • July 28, 2012

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