Teach the Underdog New Tricks!

by Marianne  - July 24, 2012

Hearing the feet stomping and the crowds chanting, the reality of what was happening started to hit home.  Heart racing, mouth as dry as the Sahara, a microphone shoved into my trembling, sweaty hand.  Then, a push from behind sent me sliding across into the middle of the stage! I stand there meekly and glance up to see an audience of school kids, ones I have known (and avoided) most of my time at school – at that moment, all I want to do is RUN!

When my peers see that it’s me, all the chanting and stomping STOPS! The silence lingers for just a second before the place erupts with laughter.  Goading me with insults and booing me to get “off off off”, I take a deep diaphragmatic breath in and belt out the first note of my song! As the sound fills the hall, the crowd fades away and all that matters are the beautiful words I am singing.

Realising my gift, the mood of the crowd changes and at the end of my performance they JUMP from their seats and cheer me loudly, in aw of my hidden, unexpected talent!

Suddenly I wake up and the dream fades away; where am I? What time is it?

Yet another dream about being the underdog!  Whether it’s getting up to sing, winning a race, out-doing my nemesis in an Art assignment, I am ALWAYS the underdog … the underdog that always wins in the end!

According to Wikipedia an “Underdog” is: “a participant in a fight, conflict, or game who is not expected to win”

For most of my life, this is who I thought I was … someone who was not expected to achieve very much or do very well.  I won’t get into the reasons why I probably thought this way, but I want to use it as a way to illustrate how we can let expectations (either from others, or from ourselves) cause us great heartache and dictate our everyday actions.  And not only that, but keep us in that mentality of never feeling good enough.

It’s not that I didn’t see value in myself; after all my dreams were often about my hidden talents – talents only hidden to everyone else, but well known to me.

Why I am writing this then?

I guess I want to show you all that what really matters is what’s in YOUR heart. I believe God puts gifts and talents in each of us.  You know deep down who you are and there is no reason to NEED to gain approval from or try and impress anyone else.

I am writing this, not just as a reminder to you, but as one to myself too.  I catch myself still acting the underdog – as if no-one else sees my worth and I must prove it.  Of course I have been seeking this from the wrong places … people!  My worth and my gifts are God-given, as are yours – so let’s use them to that end and be a blessing to those people whom we think don’t believe in us. Help them, lead by good example: in Training methods, body-image, relationships, common decency or what ever is in you to do.

I am finding it is a much fuller life when you stop expecting things, and start giving.

Be a ray of light, regardless of expectation.

Here is an article I read the other night and posted on the Girls Gone Strong Facebook page.  It’s talking about women, but I know men need to learn many of these lessons too.  We must stop trying to place our worth in external things and remain rooted in ourselves first.

I also really like this picture caption that my was posted between two good friends of mine on Facebook. I think this is what we should all strive for – simply by existing and letting your light shine, you are a blessing onto others.

Before I go, I want to say that even though I may be out of action with regard to my training, I have recruited the help of some friends and family in creating new workout videos and informational posts over the coming weeks. I am hoping that the variety of content and sources will further enrich your knowledge and understanding of fitness and strength training.  And provide a little entertainment … considering there have been a few male friends VERY keen (a little too keen) to break out in SPANDEX!

We will see who has the balls for it 😉 haha!

For the next few days I will be in London seeking some treatment for my back pain.

Have a great day everyone 🙂

~ Marianne


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  1. Enjoy it a great deal when my seemingly unrelated interests cross on social media. What you put out on social media is so generous, thank you.

    You must follow Anne Lamott on FB if you have not already. Her posts are funny, inspirational, well written, and very generous. Y’all have a lot in common.

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