Get It ON! Kettlebell and Body Weight Home Workout

by Marianne  - May 4, 2012

Hi everyone!

Finally I have a workout for you.  This is a very straight-forward one, because as I keep saying, I have to take things easier for a while (booo), but there are plenty of ways you can ramp up the intensity for yourself!

Over the weekend I will post the video from my new routine to TRY and improve my SI Joint issues. It’s just an experiment that in theory should help, but sometimes these things don’t work the way we expect. Anyway, all I can do is try it.  But I’ll post this asap. I have 3 nights to work … so I’ll put it on my priority list.

Finally, I will be launching my services page next week, so keep a wee eye out for that. I’ll announce it anyway, but just thought I’d try and create some “suspense” 😉

The Workout

I performed 3 rounds of the following 5 exercises with set reps. But if you like you can turn the Goblet Squat and Swings in to an interval section using your Gymboss Interval Timer. Say 6 cycles of 15/45 and then rest and use the Push Ups and Pull-Ups as a Bridging Combo, before repeating. That’s 6 hellish minutes of intervals and then strength exercises to boot 🙂

  1. Goblet Squats x 12 – 15 reps
  2. KB Push-Ups x 12 – 15 reps
  3. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swings x 20 reps
  4. Pull-Ups x 5/6 reps
  5. 2H KB Swings x 20 reps

I felt good after this workout and my SI Joint felt a little better afterwards 🙂

That’s all for today, hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave your feedback.




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Intervals Rock! Home Kettlebell Interval Training Workout

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  3. First time accomplishing one of your workouts (this one!!!) Fantastic (and exhausting).

    Had to sub dumbbells for KBs and inverted rows in lieu of pull ups.

    Thanks for all you do!

  4. So what’s the deal? I must have missed the original post about the SI Joint. Is it due to working out, travel or Arthritis?

    Would hate to hear it was from working out since that’s always been an advantage of using kettlebells, strengthening the posterior chain. I sit all day (web developer), so I have tight hamstrings, but kettlebell training has really helped keep the back pains away.

    Hope you get back to 100% soon!

    1. I think it flared up because of a combination of fluke events, dehydration, sitting and maybe wearing heels the saturday night before I left LOL, who knows. Anyway, it’s feeling much better now! Thankfully!

      Even when it’s sore, complete rest is the worst thing I can do, as that makes matters worse. So some form of exercise is good 🙂

  5. This was my monday morning workout, and it was a great challenge! I am so used to everything timed and rushing to push out one more rep, that this was a nice change and still surprisingly tough. I didn’t get my HR up as much, but I was going for strength anyway.

    I was glad it was only 3 rounds!

    ~ Gillian

  6. Marianne – my SI joint always bothers me after travel – long plane rides, carrying luggage, not sleeping in my own bed, often dehydrated, only to do it all over again to get home.
    Last time I went to the airport I did yoga poses including handstands while waiting to board. LOL.
    It always takes my back a couple of weeks to recover after traveling and then it gets better. Lots of water and lots of sleep help.
    Hope you are feeling better soon. 🙂

    1. Dehydration could be the key here! There are many days I spend hours sitting at my computer, and that never bothers it. But maybe the cabin pressure and dehydration along with the sitting make it flare. Thankfully, it is starting to feel good again (fingers crossed). I’m sure you know just how painful and frustrating it is! Not sure I’d have the balls to do yoga poses in the gate area before boarding LOL!

      I love travelling, so it’s a crappy predicament 🙁

  7. Nice workout. I’ll try this one when I get home from work this evening. I have the same workout pants as you except mine are black.

    glad to see you working out again.

  8. Thanks for another great workout, your 2 hand swing performance is just so awesome, one of the best I have seen, gives us some motivation to improve 🙂


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