Fat Loss Frenzy – Full Body Workout

by Marianne  - October 4, 2010

Hey everyone,

After 3 nights shifts, I was strangely full of energy – very very odd indeed! So not wanting to waste this energy I decided to do this killer workout. Mixing resistance, cardio and a core blaster at the end, I worked up a real sweat with this interval training session.

As I mentioned last time, Andrew and I have recently received a new order of Kettlebells from Wolverson Fitness here in the UK, and today I have shown you their cool pink 8kg Pro-grade KB (how cute is it)! Also, in the first round of the main section, you see me using the white (14kg) Kettlebell too. I now have an array of colours and weights to brighten up my workout studio 🙂 In the background (in green) you will notice my nemesis – aka “evil” 24kg :S which I will conquer soon LOL! I will probably include it for some compound lifts, but for now, it can decorate the horizon of my room 😉

FYI the yellow KBs are 16kg and the grey is 20kg… but I digress.

The Workout

The first section is 16 minutes long. It’s made up of resistance and cardio. Set up your Gymboss Interval Timer if you have one for 16 cycles of the usual 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort. Then complete 2 rounds of the following exercises (my scores are in brackets as usual):

  1. KB Thrusters (right) (18,13)
  2. KB Thrusters (left) (19,12)
  3. Step Squat Jumps (14,16)
  4. KB Burpees to Vertical Swings (14,10)
  5. DiveBombers (16,15)
  6. Two-handed KB Swings (32,27)
  7. KB Renegade Rows (19,16)
  8. KB Tricep Dips (20,17)

Now reset your timer for 8 cycles of the same intervals (15/45 seconds), and complete 2 rounds of the next 4 exercises:

  1. Stability Ball Crunch with KB (16,15)
  2. KB Leg Raises (10,12)
  3. KB Side Bridge Raises (right) (10,6)
  4. KB Side Bridge Raises (left) (11,7)

That’s a rap!

I encourage everyone to give this one a go as it covers everything really – LOVED IT!! Let me know if you loved it too 😀

Talk to ya all soon


PS Maybe it was the two strong black coffees I had ??? 😉


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  1. Thanks so much for all your suggestions I did not expect such a detailed response. : )

    I was thinking of getting 2 kettle bells and thought of getting 12KG. I have been putting dumbells total of (about 14Kg) in a heavy canvas sack that I can swing and it works well although the weight is not distributed well.

    your idea of getting 8Kg I think will work for me to start with and I can use dumbells until I can afford the others.

    I actually do competitive sailing and body strength and flexibility are really essential, I have seen too many people get seriously hurt and a lot had to do with lack of strength.

    I will keep you posted with my progress.

    Cheers and I really appreciate your advice

  2. Hi Marianne
    I have been thinking in the last few months about getting some kettle bells, need to bump up my program, I have already reached a point where I am lean and now need to get stronger.

    I was using bodyrock.tv work outs but reached a wall and then I found your site, which isn’t as sexually distracting. I also agree with you that Zuzana looked a lot better 1 year ago, not sure what her real goals are now but they certainly are not my idea of being healthy.

    I hope to get some kettlebells soon. so far I am just using a few dumbells I have laying around and trying to keep my workouts (body weight) no less than 20 mins. I also run about 6K every few days and I try to mix things up so as to not get bored which tends to happen to me quite often.

    Thanks again for the blog and the killer workouts.

    1. Thanks Mickela, good to hear you are looking to increasing strength, as that is definitly my “thing”.

      It is great thta you are still having fun with my workouts and improvising with dumbbells, quite a few people have been doing this, while planning their KB purchase. I know Kettlebells can be quite expensive, but getting maybe an 8kg and a 12kg to start with would be a smart choice. You will find you will progress quickly if you are practicing often (and especially if your goal is strength). Initially I would advise the 8kg for everything until you perfect your technique, then you will probably progress to the 12kg for swings, deadlifts, rows etc. I have been saying lately, for people who don’t want to spend money on buying a 2nd KB of the same weight (as I have many double KB exercises), that using 2 KB’s of different weights for deadlifts and front squats is fine to do, as long as you swap them over to balance things out (this will also provide added core activation). So, if you start off with an 8kg, you shouldn’t buy another 8kg (unless of course you can afford it), then likewise, when you think you can swing or lift a heavier weight, get a 16kg instead of a second 12 etc.

      I know what you mean about Zuzana’s goals :/ I think she just looks smaller than before (which is honestly down to calories), other than that she doesn’t look that much leaner to me. Her vanity, I think, has got the better of her unfortunately.

      I hope you will let me know how your training progresses now you have changed things up. If you need any additional advice, I will do my best to help 😀


  3. I really liked this workout, but I did find it a bit complicated… I guess because some of the moves were new to me. I am amazed I could do the step squat jumps — those are a real workout, but my knees held out! Having only one KB each size, I had to do half the rows on one side and then change over, and I wimped on the dips and did them with the ball and a bench (no KBs). I never did get the hang of the KB side bridges… you are right, the weight really pulls you over. Not bad for a 51 year old!

    I like using your warm-up routine… are you going to post your cool down some time?

    Thanks so much for a great website!


    1. Thanks Gillian, I just like to play about with some ideas. I was going to do normal dips, but then I thought I’d “spice” it up a bit with the KBs LOL

      I keep meaning to post a cool down, but i need to get a day when I have time to film my workout and cool down after. Maybe I’ll get a chance in the next few wee while. But it really isn’t anything special 🙂

      Thanks for leaving a comment, I’m glad you still enjoyed this workout.


  4. Hey that was tough one! Really liked it though!

    I think I’ve found a better adaption for renegade row for single KB owners. I held an elevated one hand front plank on a chair then rowed with the other hand, then swapped sides. Could really feel it in my core which I hadn’t before with other ways I’d adapted.

    Oh yeah have you tried those Steve Maxwell 1 and 1/2 hold goblet squats yet? I thought I’d throw in a set at the end and they are proper killers!!!!

    Oh and I am ordering my 20kg on payday this week. But I noticed you had to show off with your 24kg LOL!

    Hey you probably don’t realise how much you have positively affected the lives of the people who follow your blog. I know it has made a big difference to me. The variety has kept it fun, I was never so enthusiastic about going to the gym, but now I can’t wait to get home from work and throw my Kb about 🙂

    So thanks for all your hard work!!!!


    1. Hey Steve, yes that is a good way to adapt the renegade row 🙂 Must try that goblet squat too, sound interesting. Do you have a link for it?

      Thanks for your kind encouragement, I’m glad I can, in some small way help others to challenge themselves and take that boredom, that gym training can somtimes give you, away 😀 It really helps me too!


    1. Hi Raffaele, thanks, my abs are better than they used to be, but I doubt they’ll ever be like Zuzana/Susanna/whatever her real name is. The reason? I actually eat food LOL!! I have no desire to look like that girl. I think she looked a million times better last year – she’s way too skinny now, and those ridiculous “boulders” – NOT attractive 🙁 She certainly won in the genetics department because very few females can naturally be that lean all year round.

      Although appearances do play a role in how people react to you, I don’t want how I look to be the focus here. I could easily market myself in a more provocative way, but I chose not to. Anyway this has nothing to do with my abs, but I can’t help going off on one about appearances of me verses Zuzana, I don’t want to be compared to her in any way.

      Sorry for the rant Raffaele, I hope you are having good progress in your training since we last spoke 🙂


      1. Hi Marianne, first of all great workout and you have a very pretty “rainbow” of kettlebells.

        You know I adore to interfere in other people’s conversations (lol): could you please let me know what “boulders” mean?

        I agree with what you said, by the way.

        Have a very nice day (sunshine in Milan and I hope in Belfast too).


        1. Thanks Bianca LOL, boulders are big round-shaped rocks, which a certain piece of Zuzana’s anatomy have a striking resemblance to 😉 LOL

          Not so sunny here, but I hope I have a nice day anyway. You too 😀


  5. Hi Marianne.
    This looks intense can’t wait to try it. I’ll have to make a few modifications as I don’t have a bench like yours. I’ll just use a chair. Those planks I know will be a challenge, the tricep dips I’ll have to use the chair as well. I recieved my kettlebells today and am so excited. They are a bit heavier than the dumbells as I expected but the handle fits my hands comfortably.
    So I made a good choice thanks to your advice. I love ,love,love your new colored kettlebells. They look so cool so do you. Your abdominals are showing . Keep up the good work,I truly admire you. Thanks again.Enjoy the day and the week!
    Minnie V.

    1. YAY, you’re now a true kettlebella 😀 😀 😀 Will be looking forward to hearing how you find the KBs !

      Love the pink KB, just wish it was a heavier one. Maybe I can do some Turkish Get Ups with it to get some use out of it lol

      Talk to ya soon Minnie


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