Fat Loss Frenzy – Full Body Workout

Hey everyone,

After 3 nights shifts, I was strangely full of energy – very very odd indeed! So not wanting to waste this energy I decided to do this killer workout. Mixing resistance, cardio and a core blaster at the end, I worked up a real sweat with this interval training session.

As I mentioned last time, Andrew and I have recently received a new order of Kettlebells from Wolverson Fitness here in the UK, and today I have shown you their cool pink 8kg Pro-grade KB (how cute is it)! Also, in the first round of the main section, you see me using the white (14kg) Kettlebell too. I now have an array of colours and weights to brighten up my workout studio 🙂 In the background (in green) you will notice my nemesis – aka “evil” 24kg :S which I will conquer soon LOL! I will probably include it for some compound lifts, but for now, it can decorate the horizon of my room 😉

FYI the yellow KBs are 16kg and the grey is 20kg… but I digress.

The Workout

The first section is 16 minutes long. It’s made up of resistance and cardio. Set up your Gymboss Interval Timer if you have one for 16 cycles of the usual 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort. Then complete 2 rounds of the following exercises (my scores are in brackets as usual):

  1. KB Thrusters (right) (18,13)
  2. KB Thrusters (left) (19,12)
  3. Step Squat Jumps (14,16)
  4. KB Burpees to Vertical Swings (14,10)
  5. DiveBombers (16,15)
  6. Two-handed KB Swings (32,27)
  7. KB Renegade Rows (19,16)
  8. KB Tricep Dips (20,17)

Now reset your timer for 8 cycles of the same intervals (15/45 seconds), and complete 2 rounds of the next 4 exercises:

  1. Stability Ball Crunch with KB (16,15)
  2. KB Leg Raises (10,12)
  3. KB Side Bridge Raises (right) (10,6)
  4. KB Side Bridge Raises (left) (11,7)

That’s a rap!

I encourage everyone to give this one a go as it covers everything really – LOVED IT!! Let me know if you loved it too 😀

Talk to ya all soon


PS Maybe it was the two strong black coffees I had ??? 😉

  • October 4, 2010

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