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by Marianne  - September 15, 2010

Hi everyone,

Over the last while I have been experimenting with new and old equipment and trying to utilise all of the tools I have available to me to get the best workout I can. As a way to further my trails, I thought I would mix together a bit of everything today and try and get the best of all the worlds 🙂 So today’s workout includes Kettlebells, Body Weight, Resistance Bands and Stability Ball exercises.

When choosing exercises to include in a workout I always like to have at least 2 cardio-based ones in order to ramp up the heart rate in between those exercises that are resistance based. With kettlebells, a lot of exercises are a bit of both anyway. I have marked the cardio exercises with a “C”, resistance with a “R” and strength with an “S” – You will see that each exercise is often a combination of more than one of these, which only adds to its benefits.

The Workout

There are 8 exercises and I did 4 rounds in the end. I used my Gymboss Interval Timer to keep track of the time and judge how many rounds to do. You can do the same of course. The 8 exercises are:

  1. Kettlebell Front Squats (R,S) X 10 Reps
  2. Evil Burpees (C,S) X 10 Reps
  3. Assisted Chin/Pull Ups (S,R) X 5 Reps
  4. Hanging Knee/Leg Raises (R,S) X 10 Reps
  5. Kettlebell Vertical Swings (C,R,S) X 10 Reps
  6. Dive-bombers (S, R – and also flexibility) X 10 Reps
  7. Single-Leg Stability Ball Curl (right) (R) X 10 Reps
  8. Single-Leg SB Curl (left) (R) X 10 Reps

I completed my 4 rounds in 23 minutes and 47 seconds. I said in the video about stopping the clock a few time to adjust the camera, so my time was probably more like 25 minutes, but it’s hard to say.

Notice how I have kept the reps quite low for this workout. I did this on purpose. Because there are not intervals for rest periods, I thought that by keeping the reps low I would be able to move through the exercises quicker and it would keep me motivated. I really enjoyed the change of pace for this workout as it’s not all-out intense, but it still gets you sweating. Also try, if you can, to use a challenging KB weight.

I hope you enjoy this workout as much as me and that you will post your times if you completed it.




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  1. Hello Marianne,

    I just discovered your website through moptopmaven, and I love it! I have an Extreme beginners questions. What is the best routine on your blog to start with? I am 5’4″, 185.5 lbs, limted equipment (dusty treadmill, stability ball, 3 lb weights, and light resistance band), and horrible stamina. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Kristian, Welcome to my site, great to hear from you. I would recommend my Beginner’s BodyWeight Workout and then you can start choosing some of my eariler body weight workouts, or my stability ball workouts. Also I found this one which would be suitable for beginners.

      When you are just starting out, try to adapt exercises to suit you strength and ability. then progress. My earlier body weight workouts aren’t quite as advanced, but you can still look thought my recent ones to find one you like 🙂

      You might enjoy some of these too :

      Sexy Sweat Fest Body Weight Interval Workout
      Sweet 16 Body Burn
      BodyWeight Bonanza
      Bodyweight Booty Burn (good one)

      I hope these give you some ideas and ,remember you can adapt the workout to suit you 🙂

      Let me know how you get on. We can maybe add in some extra resistance later, once you feel more confident.

      Good luck

  2. Hi Marianne, I would like to give you a little suggestion for this wonderful website. How about including a section with “tutorials” for each body area? Like: a video with all the most interesting exercises for abs, then one for the legs, glutes, arms, shoulders, back (or abs + lower body + upper body), perhaps using different workout tools (kettlebells, of course, plus resistance bands/loops, stability ball, etc).
    It would be useful because if someone needs to target a specific body area he/she can integrate the normal workouts with some extra specific “help”.


    1. Hi Bianca, thanks for your suggestion. This seem like something Andrew and I may work together on in the future. His site is more about individual exercises, wereas mine is about workouts. Like the stability ball workout where he did a post on his top 10 stability ball exercises, and I turned them into a workout.

      Thanks again.

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