Another Day, Another HIIT | Full Body Workout Routine

by Marianne  - February 7, 2013

Hi everyone,

Remind me never to accumulate so much stuff every again! Minimalist life from now on … honest!

Moving sucks the life out of me and this workout was way more difficult than it ought to be. Perhaps it was all the distractions or just a build up of fatigue from not getting much rest over the past week.

The new place is coming together and I am adjusting slowly to life back at my mum’s house. The hardest part is travelling back and forth to the City – for the last 6 years, I have lived in the city and I hardly used my car. However, I am happy to have a place to live where the cats are safe and a place to film my workouts and train my clients.

Anyway, it’s great to be back with a new workout!

I hope you will forgive me for choosing the wrong outfit and blending in 100% with the carpet LOL!

The Workout

Section 1

Complete 3 sets:

Bulgarian Split Squat: 3×8-12 reps

Section 2

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer  for 15 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort. Complete 3 rounds of the following 5 exercises:

  1. Two-Handed Swing
  2. Burpees
  3. Renegade Row
  4. Stand-Kneel-Stand (right) –> for badness 😉
  5. Stand-Kneel-Stand (left)

Section 3

Complete 2 sets:

  • RKC Plank x 40 seconds
  • Bent-Knee X-Band Steps x 40 seconds

Death by S-K-S!

Enjoy the workout and I’ll be back as soon as I can with more 🙂




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  1. Hi Marianne,
    I ‘m back after brief rest running the Austin Texas marathon. I love all your new workouts! Spring is here in Philadelphia PA USA so it’s early morning kettle time on the patio and bike commuting Question? I have the hardest time with kettle squats, keeping my back straight no matter how deep I go I’m always leaning forward . I’m a PT too and I hate that my form is so bad when I’m training someone. I understand at 59 I’m not as flexible as I was but I really don’t have any major medical issues . Any tips?

    PS I have gas heat so how would the bag of coal workout LOL!

  2. Oy! I did this workout two days ago and I’m STILL hurting! Damn Bulgarians and your evil split squats! 😉 And then Marianne unleashes more evil upon us by prescribing stand-kneel-stand! Your site should be renamed “whyowhy” instead of “myomy”, ‘cos that’s what I was thinking as I was doing this! 🙂
    Thanks and I still love you! <3

    Surrey BC, Canada

  3. thanks for the weight info. I will start with my 12kgs and see how I make out. I am feeling seriously motivated this week. Killed my run record 4 miles 39 minutes. will post my scores when I recover.


  4. short and tough. I am hoping to try this tonight was going to run but the weather here has been brutal. icy rain and 25 inches of snow.
    The new place looks like a great workout space with a lot of potential. On the split squat, what were the weights?

  5. Love the additional accessory exercises!
    BTW: I miss it when you don’t add what weight you use for each exercise, I find that really helpful!

  6. Yay! You’re back. Hope you are getting settled in at your Mom’s house 😉 Great new workout. I think I’ll try this today but substitute the Stand-Kneel-Stand since ive been to the knee Dr. lately. Maybe do not-so-deep goblet squats instead. Gotta get my knee better 😉 You look great, by the way! Blessings, Chanin

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