A Kick Up My Own Butt! Reluctant Home Workout

As I was getting a drink of water between rounds of my workout, I realised how reluctantly I had got changed and stepped into the cold garage ( in a semi huff with a matching face) and begun lifting the FREEZING steel.  Can I really be a fitness professional? LOL 

When I got back from the USA after getting engaged, i was feeling great! I was motivated to start lifting heavier again and try to be super fit for the wedding.  Even last week I was talking about “making the most” of my garage gym before I move away.  But very cold weather has crept in, my hamstring pain has returned and I am beginning to see a frustrating trend in my mood about training which ends up a self-made trap.  The day always starts with great intentions and ends in a great compromise.  

After grumbling to myself all morning and afternoon, I decided to give myself a kick up the butt and to do a short workout.  I think a plan to do short workouts every day *might* be a great way to adapt things to help me stay consistent and maintain my fitness over the next 6 weeks.   

Honestly, I feel far more motivated when I train *with* people, but I have no longer got a gym membership and that means I must break through my daily attack of excuses.  Usually i go into the garage and start with some KB Snatches which gets me to then do some Goblet Squats and Hip Thrusts… which then turns into a workout.  Today, I thought I would film my short 15-20min strength workout to show you what I mean.

While I could easily throw together a HIIT workout, I am just not in the mood for them right now and I like choosing 4 exercises for the main workout and keeping the reps low(ish).  My goal is just to maintain a decent level of strength and move well. I don’t have any desire to be breaking strength records – just as well 😉

The thing that always seems to get me off my butt is the fact that my job requires me to help others and I recognise that familiar echo in my head… “I can’t be bothered”. Knowing what that lead to in the past, I have the chance to maintain a health lifestyle NOW. 

What do I imagine is going to happen to me?  Why would I rather sit in a chair than walk 10 metres into my fully equipped garage?  Perhaps I am overwhelmed by the amount of filming I have to do for the new site and feel I am just biting off more than I can chew. 

Regardless of the excuses, the reasoning and the decision to put something off another day, I *will* do what I set out to do: staying strong, healthy and productive.

After a weekend in Munich, spending time with my Family and my good friend Annika, I realise that laziness is very much a culture here in Northern Ireland.  Annika and I spent several hours hiking through the snow in the German Alps and then having bite to eat in a mountain restaurant. Loved it!  An active and productive life 🙂

Me and Annika 🙂


At the bottom of the hike


Getting snowy on the climb


The kitteh’s like the heat, too!

The Workout

1a) Double KB Front Squats: 3×5
1b) Double KB Single-Leg RDL: 3×5
1c) Burpees (just coz): 3×10
1d) BB Hip Thrust: 3×12

2a) RKC Plank: 2×30 sec
2b) X-Band Walk (side to side): 2×30 sec


That’s it for today. 


Hope I helped to motivate you!

  • November 20, 2013

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