15 Minute Fat Buster

by Marianne  - March 4, 2010

Hi everyone,

Today’s workout consists of 10 exercises per round and the aim is to complete 3 rounds.  Using my nifty Gymboss Interval Timer I can easily flow from one exercise to another without having to keep time.  Each exercise consists of 20 seconds maximum effort followed by 10 seconds rest.  When the 3 rounds have been completed, you’ll have done a very intense 15 minute workout.  I am using a 12kg Kettlebell (blue) and an 8kg (purple) which I got from Wolverson Fitness. You don’t need to use the same weight as me, use a weight you’re comfortable with, but at the same time will challenge you.

I designed this workout to emphasise on legs and cardio. The reason for this focus is by exerting more effort on large muscle groups the calorie expenditure will be far greater and thus the potential fat loss.  By using Kettlebells, I increase this expenditure even more.  And cardio, as we know, is great for burning fat.  All in all I think this is a great workout.  If I was to change anything, I don’t think it is vital that you record your reps in this workout as it may take away from your rest period.  Focus is needed all the way through.  Alternatively you may wish to record the reps to try and maintain the intensity better by aiming to better your score each round. It’s up to you.

The Workout

The exercises and record of my reps are:

  1. Two-handed Kettlebell Swing  (14-13-14)
  2. Kettlebell Front Squat (8-8-9)
  3. Kettlebell Dynamic Squat (10-9-9)
  4. Kettlebell Stiff-Leg Deadlift (8-7-7)
  5. Kettlebell Alternating Swing (12-12-12)
  6. Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift (8-8-10)
  7. Single-Handed Kettlebell Swing (Right) (12-12-12)
  8. Single-Handed Kettlebell Swing (Left) (12-11-12)
  9. Kettlebell Snatch-Lunge (Right) (6-7-7)
  10. Kettlebell Snatch-Lunge (Left) (6-6-7)

Let me know what you think of this workout and I’ll see you next time.



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  1. Hi Marianne,

    I enjoyed this workout today!
    I’m still feeling around to figure out what I will need to buy in kettlebells to add to my workouts. I used my sandball which has about 20lbs in it right now for all the exercises. I think I’m going to put in more weight because it wasn’t quite hard enough in most of those exercises. The most challenging was the snatch lunge but the deadlifts and the two handed swings are getting light.
    here’s my scores (I did 4 rounds)
    swing – 11, 10, 11, 11
    front squat – 6, 7, 5, 6
    dynamic squat – 5, 5, 5, 5
    stiff leg deadlift – 7, 8, 8, 8
    alternating swing – 11,11,11,11
    sumo deadlift – 6,6,7,8
    single swing L – 10,10,8,10
    single swing R – 10,11,9,11
    snatch lunge L – 5,5,5,5
    snatch lunge R – 5,5,6,5

    1. Hey! Wow, this is a golden oldie – thank you for tracking back through the archives and finding this! You did great 🙂 I would say, if you have been training with 20lbs for more than 4-6 weeks (with solid form), you will definitely need an upgrade. It’s exciting though – progressing!

      Great work.

  2. Hi Marianne,

    great routines, i am a 47 year old male, quite fit, i need some ideas for my new found KB’s. Happy to contribute.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Hi Marianne! I found your website last week and look forward to more workouts from you. I did this workout on Monday after my Turbo Fire workout and really liked it. My reps were the same as yours. Thank you for making these free workouts.

  4. Just gave this one a try. Great workout!

    I used a 12 kg bell for everything except the Sumo Deadlift, which I used two 16 kgs for. I need to work on my snatch-lunges to get more reps, but I’m keeping my reps of dynamic squats low as a courtesy to the next door neighbours.

    Two-handed Kettlebell Swing (12-12-10)
    Kettlebell Front Squat (8-7-7)
    Kettlebell Dynamic Squat (7-7-8)
    Kettlebell Stiff-Leg Deadlift (7-7-6)
    Kettlebell Alternating Swing (12-13-12)
    Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift (6-8-6)
    Single-Handed Kettlebell Swing (Right) (10-12-12)
    Single-Handed Kettlebell Swing (Left) (12-11-10)
    Kettlebell Snatch-Lunge (Right) (4-4-4)
    Kettlebell Snatch-Lunge (Left) (4-5-6)

    1. Hi Kevin, It’s a tough enough workout, especially because the timer keeps you going pretty much non-stop. Glad you enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.


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