Triple Power Kettlebell Conditioning Routine and Announcements

by Marianne  - September 20, 2012

Hi there everyone!

We are just over half way through the September Pledge to get our training and eating back on track and things for me are going quite well. As expected I have rebelled a few times, but nothing too serious. After losing 2lbs the first week, I lost nothing the this last week, but I still have a few weeks to go before I have some photos to get taken.  It’s funny, I thought my training pledge would stick easier than it has; I actually only made it to one measly strength session, and I really need to do better!  I think I am just feeling a bit de-motivated this week in general – I have been spreading myself too thin on things and I need to tighten up my attitude and just get on with it.  I sometimes catch my self writing list after list and getting nothing done, except actually writing the list – aka I am too busy letting myself become overwhelmed by my to-do’s, that they never become “done” 🙁

So what am I going to do about this (and will I add this to my list haha!)?? First of all I will stop writing so many lists and only think about the task I am doing at that time before moving on to the next thing.  It’s so difficult to take my own advice sometimes! I feel terrible even admitting this, but I reckon we all have this issue sometimes? One of my biggest stumbling blocks is putting way too much pressure on myself by feeling that everything needs to be done RIGHT NOW, often to the point where I just stall completely.  To use this week as an example: I posted on Facebook on Tuesday that I was filming a workout that day and to “stay tuned” (implying it would be up that day).  Instead, I had 2 days of being distracted, totally drained (not sure why) and unproductive (which at first seems to make me mad inside, followed by another dose of  being unproductive! Grrr).  Then, Wednesday was much the same.  Anyway, I have my act together a bit better today, so here we have the workout … “Yay!”

After all this, I hope you like it – it wasn’t a deliberate attempt to build excitement btw haha!

Anyone else dealing with similar feelings?  I guess the trick is to just acknowledge the feelings and just get on with the tasks, right?  Feelings can trip us up, so watch out – don’t let them control you like I have for the past 3 days!  If you feel too tired to train, ask yourself a few testing questions to find out if you are being truthful! Sometimes “tiredness” is actually laziness! *guilty as charged*.

Anywho, the bright side is that I am really enjoying my walks (I have found a nice 40 min circuit with a hill) and the short conditioning workouts from home. I even downloaded a pedometer app for my iphone 😀 What a NERD!

Other News!!!

*Drum Roll* (for anyone who doesn’t already know) – The official Girls Gone Strong website is now up!

Final piece if news – don’t be mad, but I am seriously considering closing down the *forum* 🙁  I am going to think about it some more over the next 2 weeks (thinking will end on Oct 1st), and then I will act on my decision.  In the meantime, you are free to leave your opinion on this here, or on the thread I put up in the Forum. Also, I would advise you to copy and save any information from the forum that you may want to keep (diaries etc) . As I said, I am still thinking over this as I weigh up all my other commitments and see if I can truly make the forum worth while and be a bigger part of it.  I really do ask you to be honest with your feedback and just tell me what you would like to see from the forum.

**Please note, I am NOT talking about closing the main site!  Just the forum “next-door” LOL. I actually have BIG plans to improve the main site and continue with workouts, new tutorials and more 🙂 **

Now on to the workout …

The Workout

Below are 3 Triplets (super-sets) of great exercises. This is a full body balanced routine that will cover just about everything, with a focus on conditioning (which happens to be excellent for burning a lot of calories and working on performance – a win win combination if you ask me).

What I did was set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 6 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort. I completed 2 rounds of each Triplet (but I recommend 3 rounds, if you have the time and fitness to do it).  You will notice that I am going lighter in some of the exercises – this is mostly in the single leg exercises to avoid any irritation of my SI Joint (not that it’s been too bad lately), and I also want to work on my vertical press by doing more volume at lighter weights before going heavy (this is a personal experiment because it’s one of my weaker lifts right now).

Remember, you don’t have to copy exactly what I do. I recommend you choose interval times that allow you to work for the entire interval without your form breaking down, and enough recovery time to let you resume when the beeper goes. 15 seconds is nothing btw, especially in the second and third Triplets!! eeek!

Below is a list of the exercises, my reps and the weights I used.  Some of the exercises are more advanced, so I have suggested a regression in case you need it 🙂 I have also suggested some ideas for “Bridging” exercises.

Triplet 1

  1. Double KB Suitcase Deadlift Burpee (2x20kg) (11.5, 13) – Regress to just doing the Suitcase Deadlift with out the “burpee” part.
  2. KB Clean and Press (right) (First round 12kg, next 14kg) (10, 9) – Regress to just the clean, or just a press/push press
  3. Same on left (same results for me)

**Suggested Bridging exercises: Side Bends x 12 reps each side / Diagonal Knee Tucks x 45 seconds / Side Bridge Raises x 30 – 45 seconds each side **

Triplet 2

  1. Alternating High Deficit Reverse Lunges with KB (16kg) (14, 15) – regress by doing standard reverse lunges, or do the high deficit lunges without a KB
  2. Roundabout Swing (20kg) (didn’t count) – regress to alternating swing, or two-handed swing
  3. Feet-Elevated Plank Climber (19, 16) – regress to feet on the floor, or standard plank hold

**Suggested Bridging exercises: Side Bends x 12 reps each side / Diagonal Knee Tucks x 45 seconds / Side Bridge Raises x 30 – 45 seconds each side**

Triplet 3

  1. Curtsy Squat (right) (12kg) (16, 16) – regress by doing these without a weight
  2. Same on left (17, 16)
  3. Vertical Pull Burpee (20kg) (10.5, 9.5) – regress by doing a partial overhead pull (aka upright row), or just do normal burpees without the push up.

And that’s it!

Hope you enjoy the workout as much as I did 🙂 And I look forward to hearing your feedback on the forum dilemma.


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  1. Hi Marianne

    many thanks for yet another great workout, i will be doing this one on Sunday, can’t wait. I’m still fairly new to these types of exercises and still learning all the different names for all the types of moves/lifts.

    Could you clarify what the diagonal knee tucks and side bridges in the bridging section are? Are they the same as “mountain climbers” and “side plank”?

    1. Hi Caroline,

      The diagonal Knee tuck is were you are in the push up starting position (hands and feet) and you bring say your right knee to your left elbow, crossing diagonally under you.

      Side bridges and side planks are the same, yes 🙂

  2. Hi Marianne,

    As ever, a great work out which I can’t wait to get started on tonight at the gym….
    But – cant do the suitcase deadlift as no 2 kb’s the sane weight… Can u suggest an alternative for that triplet please?

    Thanks so much

    1. Hey there Nicola, sorry for the delay – I must’ve overlooked this.

      Hope it’s not too late to suggest an alternative. It actually doesn’t matter if the KBs are different weights, you can just swap them over the next round. If they are too unstable to balance on then simply do the burpee part from the floor 🙂 Hope that helps!

      Have fun!!

      1. Oh no worries! I just left that part out last night but just arrived at gym to do it again so will give it a go… Thank u!!!

        Can’t wait to try the pick & mix now!!


  3. Hi Marianne,
    My workout buddy Yesica and I did this workout today. We added a 2 min plank, hanging leg raises and 80 (no weight) glute bridges for our bridging exercises. I really liked this one, I am a little sore all over–it feels good. Thanks!

  4. How great that I could inspire your mother! Please give her my regards! I think that the older you are, the more important it is to exercise and to be strong and fit. That is the best thing we can do to keep ourselves healthy and live an active and joyful life. Besides, of course, being kind and friendly to others. But that you have obviously found out a long time ago. Have a nice day, regards from Kirsten

  5. Wow… A seriously tough workout… And just what I needed! You seem always to pick great routines… I say as I lay here in a little pool of sweat & typing w/ one finger! (iPad keyboard is a pin)

    I was very good and did three rounds of each plus the bridging. It’s been a while since I’ve done presses and upright row burpees, so I felt week in those. I am always happy to get through without having to lower weights.

    Mickela had a great point… We can connect on FB very readily.

    As for feeling overwhelmed and having a tough time getting stuff done… I think we all feel that. With all the multitasking we do, it’s had to just focus. Hey, have you heard of pomodoro? It’s a time management idea- you do a set task for say 15 min, no interruptions, then take a 2 min break, then do another or same task. There’s an ap and awe site with printable to do list pages. I use it when I MUSTget something done, and it seems to help.

    Be well

    ~ Gillian

    1. Sounds like something I need for sure! I get so easily distracted and jump from one task to the next – will look for this app 🙂

      With regards to keeping connected with any discussions here. I have asked my web girl (Sarajane) to install a new facebook and discussion option for the comments. It might help.

      Gillian, I’m glad this was a sweaty one for you – good on ya doing 3 rounds AND the bridging 😀

  6. Marianne,
    I like the idea of the forum, but if it stretches you too thin, and you feel unable to keep up with it, shut it down. Simple. Easy peasy. The GGS website along side your own and Facebook too seems like enough if you ask me. I dislike the feeling of being unable to keep up too. You are doing quite enough and are offering your gifts to the world, so why not make this as easy as possible for yourself.

    1. Good point Melly! I guess I think if it’s easy for me, then I am not providing a good enough service – I know that’s not true, but I am so used to feeling busy and under a little pressure that I feel bad not doing it. Hmm, probably the wrong way to feel.


  7. OMG, I can totally relate. Ive had days like that big time. I think its just a part of life’s ups and downs. Maybe its out body’s way of telling us to slow down so it can rest for just a little. Which isnt a bad thing. Im studying for my nutrition exam and I keep reading a bit and then getting distracted…and reading a bit more and then Im off doing something around the apt. Ha! Oh well, it happens to the best of us=) Are u on your break now? Could be a reason too..I find that when I slow down a bit my body goes into full out rest mode. But then I get back into the swing of things.

    Again AMAZING workout. Gives me lots of ideas for my full body days which I am going to start doing. I think after experimenting alot, heavy conditioning workouts are among my favs. Im just hoping I can get my numbers up. =)

    oh btw, how do you like the GPS for your IPhone? I was wondering how accurate it is. Anyways have a wonderful day!

    1. Hey Chrysta,

      I stop and start like that too! In fact I start multiple tasks and usually just continue to jump from one to the next in a frenzy to get them all done at once, instead of just finishing the most important, then move on to the next. *sigh*, I will learn some day! You’re right, I do seem to be more like this when I am off “work work”, due to holiday-mode – damn holiday-mode 😉

      You sound like you are a busy person yourself. Between work, nutrition course, KB workshops, designing your own workouts 😀 Awesome!

      My iphone GPS is very accurate, why?

  8. Hi Marianne, I’m a 30 year old female who has taken up running in the past 4 months. I’ve decided to integrate strength, swimming (i’m learning) and cross trainer machine sessions into my weekly routine. I’ve only just started using your site in the last month or so and I am really impressed with both the quality of the workouts and also your thoughtful and insightful posts. I’m a list lover aswell… have you tried the ‘carrot and the donkey’ approach, I’ll do this nasty task and then I’ll have a wee glass of wine as a reward? Or rating the tasks in order of difficulty and then breaking them down into sections/ days. I have a few questions, no need to answer if you feel they are too intrusive! – have you thought of tagging your workouts in terms of the muscle groups that they benefit? I really admire Jessica Ennis both for her athletic prowess and also her physique. Would you be happy with a six pack that looks like that or do you think that it is a step too far? Last nosey question, what fake tan do you use? It looks good 🙂

    1. Hey Edel, Firstly, I am very glad you have included some of my workouts in your routine 🙂 I really think it will make a difference to your overall performance. Might need to amend my list to include at the end “glass of wine” 😉

      To answer your questions: Re Tagging: Most of my workouts are actually full body. And the focus will change more from strength to conditioning, or upper/lower (occasionally).

      Re Jessie Ennis: I also like her physique, but I know it is a side-effect of her training and that look was not her primary goal. I don’t think it’s a step too far. However I do worry when people only want the six-pack. Not sure if I am right or wrong in my thinking.

      Re my fake tan: Thank you! I don’t wear any tanning products or sunbeds – I think it’s the lighting to be honest! In normal daylight, I look very pale 🙂 It’s maybe the glow from the orange wall haha!! 😉

  9. I’m in the same rut Marianne. I started September with great intentions to eat better and train more but have done the complete opposite. Not so good when I am going to be on a beach very soon 🙁

    Hope you get your groove back soon.

      1. I did this workout yesterday and the aches are setting in tonight! I could only manage two rounds, which annoyed me no end :-). Really enjoyed the challenge though.

  10. Hi Marianne!
    I have to tell you that I am really glad every time I get a message in my in-box saying you have uploaded a new video. I started with kettlebells this summer so I am quite new in the game. I am living in Oslo (Norway), so you see that your videos and your blog reach a long distance! I am probably one of the oldest kettlebell-enthusiasts. I think the kettlebell-workouts keep me fit and healthy, and I have gained a lot of strength since I started in July. I had one lesson with a personal trainer, and ever since I have done the workout at home, inspired by your videos. I have advanced from 8 kg to 14, and last week I bought a 16 kg which I will start working with soon. That’s not too bad for a lady of 60, is it? It makes me feel a lot younger as well. I read that you are thinking of closing down the forum. You should do whatever is best for you! I am glad you will still make the videos and keep the main site. I just wanted to say how grateful I am. You really are a sweet person. Kind regards, Kirsten

    1. Hey Kristen!! Thank you for posting this. I was at my mums, and I read your comment to her. She is very inspired by you and it gave her a little boost to return to her KB workouts again 🙂 You really should be very proud of your progressions.

      Thank you for your feedback about the forum too!

      I’m looking forward to hearing all about your work with 16kg 😀

  11. The laziness thing happens to all of us. also distractions in the environment and bad habits that sometimes creep up without notice.
    In terms of the forum, I think a lot of websites and blogs have switched over to social media like FB, so getting rid of the forum isn’t a bad thing if we can still post here, I learn a lot not just from your blog, but the people who post here, and you are lucky to have a lot of followers who are smart and knowledgeable.

    I don’t have FB so I miss out on some stuff, but it is fine by me to just stop by the site and see what you are up to.
    did a rough workout last night, saving yours for Monday
    100 skips
    10 walking lunges with 2 12kg
    100 skips
    5 turkish get ups each side 8kg
    100 skips
    5 pull ups
    100 skips
    10 hanging leg raises legs stretched all the way out
    100 skips
    I was supposed to do this 3 times so the last 2 rounds I did 50 skips instead of 100 per round.
    the turkish get ups got really tough even though it is a light weight.
    My challenge is going well. as long as I stay out of the pub am good. ha ha

  12. Marianne, I’ve been sitting here for about 10mins trying to form my thoughts into something cohesive so here’s what I came up with:) Ok, to start before I found your blog I was one of those girls who thought that weight lifting was for boys and if I did it I would get big and muscular. I religiously did bodyrock workouts only to see little to no progress. I couldn’t do a pushup and anything over 20lbs defiantly wasn’t going over my head, but then I found you. This petite girl pressing 16kg with no problems, I was blown away. So I invested in some kettlebells. You taught me that I can lift heavy weights and be strong not bulky. Fast forward, now I can do pushups and squat 165lb and deadlift and I just reached a pr for bench pressing as well, 105lbs! You motivate me because I can relate to you. Now I try to be like you. ‘If Marianne can press 24kg so can I!’ Well that’s my goal at least. I for one hope you keep it open, even if you don’t post as often or even at all, there is still plenty of wonderful info and great workouts to go back to. I know that you have quite a bit on your plate so I get why you would want to drop the forum and support whatever decision you make. Even if you just post the occasional workout on your fb page. Either way I just want you to know that you truly changed my life and outlook and I will always be grateful to you for that:) Hope I didn’t ramble too much, enjoy your day:)

    1. Trisha, I hope you don’t think I mean close the main site? I WILL NEVER DO THAT! And I have great plans for the site and will continue with the workouts and more tutorials and all sorts as long as I can imagine!! I just mean the forum “next door”, on the Navigation bar at the top 🙂 Please let me know if you meant that, coz I’m panicking that the other readers will think I mean the whole site … I doooooonnnnn’t!

      Your comment actually has had a huge impact on me, because I realise a) wow, you are awesome!! And you need to be SUPER DUPER proud of what you have accomplished 😀 and b) I felt a little sick there when I thought people might think I meant the whole site was closing – this means I have such a sense of commitment to myomytv and I always said (right from the start) that I would always continue with it 🙂 And c) this site, and this community changes lives!! How amazing is that!!


      1. Hi Marianne,

        maybe write a quick post in your Home Page just to explain and clarify that you were talking about closing the forum and not the actual site. I understood correctly, but I can also see why some people could have misunderstood.


      2. Well, I am really silly! As long as I’ve been tuning in and I never noticed the forum tab!! I also felt a little sick when I thought you meant the main site but what a relief! Thanks for the compliment, it means so much to me coming from you:) I am very proud of my accomplishments and like I said I have you to thank for it:) So really you are the awesome one!!!

        1. *sigh of relief* thank goodness for that! Oh, the Forum tab has only been there for the last year and a half btw 😉 J/K

          Please keep us all informed of your journey as it unfolds … here, not at the forum 😛 x

          1. It’s not my fault that your workouts are so blindingly awesome that I am completely distracted from noticing anything else:) That would be your fault my friend! lol Ofcourse I am a bit of a space cadet;)

  13. Hi Marianne. I don’t think you’re alone in feeling sluggish. I blame it to the changing seasons (ok..maybe some laziness).
    As far as the forum, you have to do what is right for you. You have so much on your plate and you just can’t keep up with everything. I’m sure your readers will understand. You have to make room for the new opportunities.

    Love the workout. Funny though because on Wed. I made up a routine (I look at your older ones and pick exercises from those that i like and put’em together) and guess what, It included Suitcase DL Burpees; High Def Rev Lunges; S-K-S, round-a-bout swings; then finished with 7 rounds of 30sec RKC plank + 3 pullups combo.

    I’ll save this one for next week!

    Good luck in your endeavors~ Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Penny, I really want to focus on the main site, GGS and my new project (which I haven’t been able to start yet). I appreciate the support 🙂

      Damn the changing seasons 😉

      And, it looks like I can call on you anytime to design a workout for me! Great design btw!

  14. I can TOTALLY relate to your feelings of being disappointed in yourself for not accomplishing all that you set out to do and not even really knowing why.

    I have many mini-strategies that work well for a short while, but I seem to struggle with a sense of falling short more often than not.

    So, no solutions to offer, but pleased to know that someone as apparently productive as you (just look at all the videos you have made!) suffers from my pedestrian affliction, as well.

    Misery loves company.

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