Tabata Burn – Happy Easter!

by Marianne  - April 4, 2010

Hi everyone,

A short, but sweet workout today to make up for the Easter laziness 🙂 Sometimes I find it difficult to motivate myself, using excuses like, “it’s Easter” to justify not exercising or sticking to my diet.

I have previously touched on the benefits of Tabata training in my Kettlebell Booty-Camp video where I used this type of interval training for my post-resistance cardio. Another time to use Tabata is when you’re short of time, or even just to vary the type of cardio you do. It will provide your body with a metabolic boost which will improve fat burning at the time and for several hours after the workout.

The Workout

So I set my Gymboss Interval Timer to run for 8 cycles. Each cycle was made up of 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds MAX EFFORT. The whole workout lasted 4 minutes. You should nearly feel physically sick by the end of the 4 minutes, it’s meant to be that intense!  I chose 4 exercises and performed each exercise twice before moving on.

The exercises I performed today were:

  1. Skipping (high-knees) x 2 sets
  2. Lunges Jumps (fast paced) x 2 sets
  3. Burpees x 2 sets
  4. Dynamic Squats x 2 sets

As soon as I finished this workout and started to stretch out, the sweat started pouring, it was like a delayed reaction!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Easter – I’m unfortunately working again tonight 🙁



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