Kettlebell Booty-Camp!

by Marianne  - March 25, 2010

Hi everyone,

I am finally back with a new workout.  It took me a good few days there to recover from my heavy lifting on Sunday. I took Monday off completely, I did a short Tabata training session on Tuesday, Wednesday I had our Kettlebell Class to attend, so this is my first chance to film since.  I’ll hopefully be able to post a few workouts the rest of the week as I’m off work until next Monday.

As you know I like to do a bit of research for new exercises to do.  While browsing I came across an article about Tabata training.  Basically Tabata Interval Training a 4 minute long high intensity interval workout. There are 8 exercises and you have 20 seconds max effort and 10 seconds rest.  It is a proven method to extreme fat loss. However, because it only lasts 4 minutes, you MUST put in maximum effort.  You can use it when your short of time, or for your post weights cardio.  I have used Tmuscle’s sample workout plan for a Kettlebell Tabata workout at the end of my resistance workout – and it was a killer!!!

In addition to the Kettlebell resistance exercises, I added in some pistol practice at the end as I have been lazy with these lately.  When you stop doing an exercise for a while, you really lose your strength quickly, so I  hope I will continue to improve at these. They are definitely NOT my strong point :/

The Workout

So the workout was made up of the following resistance exercises first:

  1. Kettlebell Squat into Shoulder Raise x 15 reps
  2. Kettlebell Close Push-ups x 15 reps
  3. Double Kettlebell Single-leg Deadlifts x 10 reps (each side)
  4. Kettlebell Renegade Rows x 16 reps (total)
  5. Kettlebell Windmill x 8 reps (each side)
  6. Kettlebell Tricep Dips x 15
  7. Bodyweight Squat Down, Pistol Up x 6 reps (each side)
  8. Pistols x 5 reps (each side)

Then after a short rest (60 seconds) I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 8 cycles of 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds max effort.  I then performed the following Tabata Interval Workout to complete today’s session:

  1. Single-arm Kettlebell Swing (right)
  2. Single-arm Kettlebell Swing (left)
  3. Kettlebell Front Squat (right)
  4. Kettlebell Front Squat (left)
  5. Kettlebell Push-press (right)
  6. Kettlebell Push-press (left)
  7. Two-handed Kettlebell Swing
  8. Two-handed Kettlebell Swing

This last section definitely finished me off, what a challenge to keep going. The 4 minutes seemed like FOREVER lol. After I got my breath back though, I felt really energised and in a great mood, so it’s definitely worth the pain.

I hope you will join me soon for more new workouts.



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Kettlebell Complex Workout

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  1. Marianne,
    OMG! I got off track for like 2 weeks and I was feeling so depressed about it. I finally decided to just take my boys outside and do my workout out there (rather than waiting for my husband to get home so I could go to the gym) and I was instantly in a much better mood! No wonder you usually workout outside.
    Thank you so much for your videos! I don’t think I would get any sort of work out done if I didn’t have some one “telling” me what to do! LOL
    Keep ’em comin cuz I love them all!

  2. Holy Moly! How do you train for those pistols? I’ve just discovered your webstite. Thank you for sharing all the workouts!

    1. Hi Angela, the pistols are still a challenge for me. I found it helpful to practice lots of single leg exercises to build up strength and stability. Then I found that squating down and then doing a pistol up, was a great way to improve balance and some flexibility. It’s hard, but you can do it if you put in the practice.

      Glad you like the site 🙂

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