Rep it Out! Kettlebell and Body Weight Workout

Hey everyone,

A very quick post today of a very straight-forward Kettlebell and Body Weight Conditioning Workout.  I felt like I wanted to do something just to make me feel good. Sometimes just pounding out a good interval workout is all that is required to lighten the mood. That, and my little comedy sketch at the start 😉 Just to clarify, it’s only a bit of fun, so don’t be too offended Tracy Anderson fans! In fact, you can all get me back by laughing at my KB Snatch if you like – I won’t mind 😛

That’s right everyone, I have included my Nemesis again and, guess what, I’m no better at it than before 🙁 But then I haven’t been keeping up my promise to actually practice it *bad me*, so I guess that’ll teach me…

The Workout

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 21 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort and complete 3 rounds of the following 7 exercises. As always my weight and reps are recorded in brackets:

  1. Either KB Double Front Squat / Goblet Squat (2x14kg then 2x16kg) (17, 14, 10)
  2. Two-Handed KB Swing (24kg) (27, 27, 26)
  3. Renegade Row (2x14kg then 2x16kg) (19, 17, 15)
  4. Dynamic Squats (36, 35, 31)
  5. KB Snatch (left) (12kg then 14kg) (16, 14, 11)
  6. KB Snatch (right) (same) (16, 14, 10)
  7. Burpees (17, 14, 15)

So that’s it for today. I WILL be back soon with a new post and in the meantime I hope you all have fun with your training/workouts 😀

Chat soon


  • September 15, 2011

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