No Time Body Blast – Home Workout

by Marianne  - December 2, 2010

Hi everyone,

As I was short for time today, I thought I would do a workout posted by Mickela in one of her comments. She designed this workout  herself and I thought it would be a great one to do today as there is a good balance of exercises.  I am not 100% sure if I got the “side to side sit ups” right, but I did a version of them anyway.

The Workout

Using your Gymboss Interval Timer set it for 1 manual interval (count down) of 15 minutes and try and complete as many rounds of these exercises (and reps) as you can:

  1. Two-Handed KB Swing x 20 reps (I used my 20kg)
  2. Russian Twists (or side to side sit ups) x 20 reps (total) (I used my 12kg)
  3. Single Leg Push Up (right) x 10 reps
  4. Single Leg Push Up (left) x 10 reps

I managed to complete 5 full rounds plus 20 swings and nearly a Russian twist 😉

A great combination of cardio, core, strength and resistance exercises which work the front and back, upper and lower and the sides of the body. The only thing I may have added is some sort of squatting exercise with maybe a Press, like thrusters or those Vertical Swing Burpees I like to include a lot LOL.  All in all I really enjoyed this workout!

Thank you Mickela, you saved my brain from having to come up with a new workout today 🙂

Hope you will all give it a try. Even if you’re not short for time you can always add something to it, or even increase the time.

Tomorrow I will be posting the second tutorial video where I cover the Kettlebell Clean.  For anyone wanting to be able to rack a kettlebell properly, this is an essential move to master and I would argue that it is a compulsory lift in KB training, so please tune in for that.

Let me, and Mickela know your thoughts and scores for this workout today and I’ll be back tomorrow with more.




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  1. I might try this one again and check my score to see what improvements I have made. Glad you liked the workout John.

  2. Hey Marianne,
    I was browsing through the old workouts and tried this one…great workout, I was torched (nice job Mickela). I managed 6 full rounds and had about 8 seconds left and called it a I used a 45lb KB. My twists are not the best, but I struggled through them. This is a great workout, I think, to start your day. I’d like to try doing this one every morning, as it takes only 15 minutes. Can this one be done on sucessive days?

    1. Hey, thanks. Now to be honest I have never done C. Staley’s training. Never even heard of it, sorry. I’m pretty closed off to other things – just tend to do my own thing 🙂 I take it you have tried it?


      1. Hi Marianne,

        I was curious about EDT (Escalating Density Training) too. From what I have read, it’s supposed to be a great way to build muscle and loose fat even more effectfully.

        But of course EDT is just one of the many “theories” out there, although I know of some quite good trainers who seem to appreciate it, use it and understand its potentials.
        Maybe you and Andrew (whenever and if you have time, and especially if you want to) might check this EDT thing out as well: it might be interesting and I personally would be very curious to hear your opinion about it.



  3. A Kettlebell is on my wish list for Christmas, but I’m curious what weight you started with. From what I’ve read, 26 lbs should be a good place to start. I think that’s about 13 kg. I’m not new to working out but have never tried a kettlebell. Then I can start doing your workouts using those! Thanks!

    1. Hi Vickie, If you are new to using weights, the 26lbs is fine for the swings and lower body exercises, but you may need a lighter weight for presses. However, if you are only getting one KB, I would get the heavier one, you will be able to adapt the presses until you are strong enough. If you are able to get a lighter one, I’d get an 8kg or 10kg, no lighter. I started with 8kg and 12kg, my very first video last January shows me snatching (badly) an 8kg. Oh how far I have come 😀

      I hope you get your Christmas wish, and good luck with starting your KB journey 🙂


  4. Thanks Marianne and Mickela for this brilliant workout!

    As you probably know, I can’t do it properly yet (pushhhhhhhhuppppps!), but I’ll try it anyway.



    1. eeeerrrrrm kids aside my body is not tooooo sure what just happened 😉 I managed 5 full sets + kb swings & Russian twists ….. bear in mind I can’t do a full press up yet so I was on my knees and only did 10 push ups for each set (for me it was 12kg for swings and 8kg for Russian twists)

      I have a LONG way to go but it felt great to get a 15 minute workout in to my day that challenged the body.

      lara 🙂

  5. No burpees, that was not an easy task I had to stop a lot and put the kettlebells down, after the last flight of stairs I was totally done.
    looking forward to the next challenge.

  6. Hi Marianne, I’ll try this workout on Saturday. Tmrw is cardio . Can’t wait though it’s right up my alley. I’ll post my reps . Thank you Mickela for the workout and Marianne for posting and demonstrating it. I might just add to it. We’ll see how it goes, can’t wait.

  7. Thank you for trying my workout, I am flattered. you really beat my time as well. so now I am going to have to challenge myself even more.
    Russian twist is what those are called, OK I learned something new.
    I decided I am going to walk home from work with the 2 8 kilo kettlebells that will be today’s workout for me. I think it is a total of 2.5 miles plus 4 flights of stairs and maybe 5 burpees when I get inside my flat.:)

    Cheers and thank you so much for sharing this amazing website

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