Survival Negative Chin-Up Challenge Compilation!

Hi everyone,

Training-wise this week I am taking it easy, especially on my poor grip. I worked it so much last week on weighted chin-ups, heavy deadlifts and KB swings, that I appear to be in a little pain 🙁 (pity party). However, I was not about to pass up a challenge. If you haven’t been following, this is week 2 of a series of challenges. Personally, I just love this idea of weekly/monthly/yearly challenges so much, because there is such a huge online community right now and it’s great fun to see how everyone else does. Plus it can keep you on track with fitness goals.

So, here is my entry for this week’s “Negative” Chin-Up Challenge LOL! As you can see, I flopped on the Eccentric part as my grip went all out on the Isometric portion. But, with a time of 1 min 09 seconds, I’ll stop complaining!!

I beat Bret by 3 seconds!! But then he DID tear his Bicep Tendon last year so this is an impressive time, AND he managed to do a better Eccentric Chin-Up than me! *cough! 3 seconds!* 😉

Next, Ben Bruno shows off by adding 40lbs to the Challenge – Why didn’t I think of that Damnit!! Great job Ben 🙂

Now for some humorous entries.

Laine manages to hold on for 1 minute while reciting poetry and giggling A LOT, which happens to be very infectious! Try and watch this and NOT laugh with/at her 😀

For me, the funniest so far, Jiame enters with a BANG if you scroll forward to 0:30 on the video – hehe, woopsie! “What you can’t hold in your hand …” the saying goes 😉

Hope you will consider giving this challenge a try this week. Even if you miss the deadline for Survival of the Fittest, you can still let me know your time.

This coming Friday, I have got special filming permission for the gym I go to so I can record myself and PT Andrew Firth complete Bret Contreras’s “The Sexy Challenge”. If you get a chance, you should pop over to the comment list and check out some of the videos so far! For the ladies, Jen Sinkler and Kellie Davis have done really well 😀 Great job girls! And check out “ddn” (not sure of his full name) who got an impressive 131 total and he does 61 RDLs – crazy!

Out of all “The Sexy Challenge” videos so far, this next one has to be the funniest!


I’ll post my result on Friday, wish me luck!


  • February 1, 2012

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