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by Marianne  - June 18, 2012

Hello Everyone! I am Raylene and here is my little blog entry about my weight loss journey and a little video I put together last weekend (finally had some nice weather).

I am not going to tell you a story about how I was an athlete that fell from glory or how I was obese once upon a time; I am just an average Jane trying to get stronger, sexier, and to stop making excuses. I have spent most of my adult life “chunky” and content with it. I figured I would take chunky over obese, right. Well, starting the end of last year I had decided enough was enough. I had began to have some digestive problems and I literally felt like shite all the time. At first I was quick to assume it was because I was getting older. I started taking Probiotics and they helped some, but not completely. As 2011 came to a close I was pretty miserable with the digestive issues and all the weight I had put back on, so I went online to try to help pull me up out of my lazy ass slump. See I have been “working out” on and off for quite

a few years, some years more than others, but I had fallen into a severe funk. I wasn’t finding any enjoyment in running, mainly because I sucked at it, and I had no real direction in the gym. I had picked up some kettlebells awhile back, played around for a bit, but again no direction equaling little to no progress. Meaning they sat in my basement and collected dust.

Anyhow, at the end of 2011 I found Marianne on Youtube. I had been searching for someone to show me some kettlebell workouts that weren’t all Jane Fonda like and MK fit the bill perfectly. I started doing her routines (at my ability level) and motivation slowly started creeping back into my fitness soul. Through MK, I found Nia Shanks and Girls Gone Strong.

Well all of them have assisted in changing my life.

Finding Nia helped me gain direction at the gym (in the weight room) and also helped me get my diet in order. Yes, I was one of those, “I can out exercise a bad diet” types. Nia wrote up a blog post about the different types of Intermittent Fasting programs that were around the fitness world and gave a little insight to each. I started simple (just like Nia suggested) and decided to fast at least 14 hours a day. It was a bitch at first, but slowly I started to grow accustomed to it. Now, I do a combination of 14-16 hours a day with 2 longer fasting each week and when I do eat I try to eat better choices. I digress… Fast forward to now and guess what I am down at least 20 lbs, I can do at least one unassisted chin-up, I can squat my bodyweight, I do MK’s workout 2-3 times a week, and I am loving every damn minute of it. Oh and by the way no digestive issues, my body was just sick and tired of all the shite I was eating.

Anywho, thanks MK for being there and also for the guest blog post thingy. GGS Rocks!!! Cheers!


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  1. Not eating regular meals puts the body under stress! This doesn’t mean eat all the time either but I cannot believe Nia Shanks is promoting intermittent fasting as a lifestyle choice. I’ve just read her bio page and she’s not qualified in nutrition. Please go do some research or talk to a professional nutritionist, naturopath or acupuncturist about nutrition and fasting (if you must). You will be damaging your body in the long term if you fast like she recommends.

    1. Hey Kathleen, I respect that everyone has an opinion on this topic, but I have to disagree that it will damage your body in the long term; in the contrary in fact. Nia may not be a qualified nutritionist, but the methods of IF that she recommends is based on the findings of highly qualified people like Martin Berkham and Brad Pilon. Much of the research is pointing to IF helping reduce inflammation (and stress) within the body – so I would not ever tell anyone that it is definitely damaging! Nothing is black and white, and I think the important message is to, YES, do your research – but also find something that works for you! Nia never recommends IF or any other “diet” for anyone else, she merely outlines what works for her and others and she is a massive advocate for finding what works for you and your life.

      I’ll refer you to an article by Brad Pilon (the leading expert in IF) where he outlines an exciting new benefit of fasting. Check it out HERE. I think it is very important for us all to do our research, but remain open to the fact that some people just prefer different things.

      I would like to see any references you have to support your statement that “not eating regular meals puts the body under stress”? Because I am interested in learning about this 🙂


    2. Morning Kathleen,

      When I read your comment yesterday, I will admit I was ready to go off, but I took a deep breath and said it is not worth it to get into a shouting match. The main thing I want to say is Nia Shanks DID NOT tell me to do IF. As MK pointed out Nia does not promote any particular diet. Sorry if my write up was confusing. I was searching for a way to get my “piss poor” eating habits under control and around that time I found Nia’s blog. She did an informative (anecdotal) write up talking about her experiences with IF and where her readers could go for more information. I CHOSE to seek out further information and then I CHOSE to make IF part of my life. I stress chose because what you do not realize from my small write up is that I did seek out information and bought Brad Pilon’s book, Eat Stop Eat. Again, as MK pointed out his website is very informative and explains what the body goes through while fasting (hormones and all). Now, I am guessing by your write up that no matter what I say your beliefs (for whatever reason) will remain the same and that is fine because that is what makes the world go round. I do want to say though that I am healthier, happier, and stronger now than I have ever been in my entire life. I want to also point out that the style fasting I do is no more extreme than the type fasting done by religious groups such as Muslims during Ramadan. Again, maybe because my write up was so brief there was some confusion, but I can assure you I eat everyday just not every hour of the day. I appreciate your passion to worry about other human beings, but in the future you might ask a few questions before you go off all half-cocked. Since actions speak louder than words, here is my latest gym video (12 Jun 12).

      Clearly, I am doing fine.

      Thank you again for your concern and I will be more than willing to answer any legitimate questions you may have.


    3. As someone with history of disordered eating I find IF methods very freeing and therapy for me. Eating around the clock wasn’t good for me….more chances to binge. I became afraid of my hunger…if I too hungry I may eat my arm. I am easing my way into longer periods of ‘fasting’ and feel great. I feel in control of my body instead of my body controlling me. I have found I feel stronger when I train on an empty stomach (tried both ways). I am finding what works for me.

      There is research to back any opinion you want to believe….but we forget that our bodies are the best research tool out there. I love reading Nia’s work because she always advocates doing what works for you (Marianne as well). Not many experts have that tone in their blogs. I applaud Raylene for finding what works for her. It inspires me to keep trying.

    4. You know – we only eat regular 4-6 meals because we can – food is readily available to most of us 24/7. But there were times in the history of man, and not that long ago, where this wasn’t the case and people only ate when food was available to them. In fact there are people groups today that still live this way because that’s how their world works, and they are still living, many more healthy than we are

  2. Thanks again everyone! The kind words from the community, friends, and family keep me pumped. @Ricky in six months I hope to be posting pics of me doing some OLY moves. Cheers!

  3. Awesome job. You Rock!!! Thanks for sharing.
    btw I tried video taping myself and got alot of sky, my head, my feet, then a curious cat’s whisker’s, eye then Silly me didn’t notice and kept going.
    You looked like you were having fun too!!

  4. MK, thanks again. Update: I did 3 sets of 2-3 consecutive chin ups this weekend at the gym and I have made corrections to my swing.

  5. Well done you should be really proud of yourself I know you gave fair credit to those who have provided information and motivation but you put in the hard work to get where you are
    Please don’t be stranger I would love to see where you get to in 6 months from now

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