My Beating Heart! Cardio / Conditioning Workout

Hello everyone,

Sometimes after a tough shift at work it’s good to de-stress with a workout. However depending on how tired you are, you need to be careful with how you use your energy.  There are times I come home from a shift full of beans and ready to shift some serious weights. Others like today, I need to think of something more appropriate so as I do not over-stress my body. These are the times I enjoy cardio the most. Cardio doesn’t have to be boring, it can include many different types of exercises, times and even a little craziness!

Today’s workout is about blowing off some steam and lifting the mood. Before I started this workout I was tired, cold and contemplating just going to lie in bed. I designed the workout to involve very few technical exercises but ones I know are cardiovascularly challenging. After the workout I felt great; revived, warm and happy! SUCCESS!!

The Workout

Interval Training today, lasting 21 minutes. Mixing mostly Body Weight exercises with a couple of Kettlebell exercises – set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 21 cycles of 15 seconds recovery and 45 seconds effort. Complete 3 continuous rounds of the following classic 7 exercises:

My reps per exercise are in brackets as always!

  1. Side to Side Step Ups (45, 47, 43)
  2. Kettlebell Vertical Swing Burpee (20kg) (10.5, 10.5, 10) – Sub this with Burpee (no push up)
  3. Jump Rope (variable) (115, 111, 120)
  4. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing (20kg) ( 31, 31, 31)
  5. Burpee with push-up (11.5, 12, 11)
  6. Diagonal Touch Dynamic Squats (33, 31, 29)
  7. Bench Jump-Overs (98, 90, 97)

Sweat Bath! Loved it!

Have fun everyone and I’ll be back soon with a new one 😀



  • October 18, 2011

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