Lady Marmalade Meets Kettlebells!

Hi everyone,

As promised I am back with a new workout. Oh and a new cat too LOL Welcome Marmalade 🙂

Over the course of the last few months, I have been conscious of how beginners may feel when they see my workouts. I have also been asked to make a workout specifically for beginners. When I thought about what a Kettlebell Fitness workout would be like for beginners, I could only think of a few things I would adapt – and none of those are necessarily the exercises themselves. Other than not putting in technical KB exercises like cleans, snatches and Turkish Get Ups, the “basic” or foundation exercises are all the same no matter what your level.

Take for example a body weight workout, like the Beginners Body Weight Workout I did a few months back. The exercises are the same as ones I still use now, but I modify them to suit my level. Take a push up – if you’re a beginner you maybe only do a partial movement or perform the exercise from your knees until you have the strength to do a full push up from your toes. Advancing the exercise further involves adding different tempos or force to it, like the explosive or clapping push up is an advanced version – but the principles always remain the same.

Anyway, I chose 5 exercises that are “low injury risk”, which is a good place to start if you are a beginner. BUT for those of you who are regulars or who are advanced KB users, don’t you be shying away from this workout because you think it’ll be too easy! I dare you to decrease rest time, decrease tempo in places, add more rounds or increase the weight. These types of KB exercises make up the bulk of Andrew’s KB classes and they are by no means easy! Because if it’s a fitness class/workout, people need to be able to pick up technique quickly, so as not to slow the pace down. That makes this workout great for fitness, fat loss and muscle tone which, let’s face it, most of us want from a workout anyway. Although I love a good technically challenging workout, I think that you can achieve great results by using these exercises below.

There are two parts to this workout, the first section is timed and the second section is interval training. So as usual I timed the workout using my Gymboss Interval Timer as a stopwatch, and I performed 3 rounds of the following 5 exercises:

  1. KB Halo x15 reps one direction and 15 reps the opposite direction
  2. Two-handed KB Swing – timed for 30 – 60 seconds (depending on your level)
  3. KB Goblet Squats x 15 reps
  4. KB Single Arm Row (right then left) x 15 reps each side
  5. KB Reverse Lunge (right then left) x 15 reps each side

I used my 12kg Kettlebell for the halos and my 16kg for the rest of the exercises. This section took just under 18 minutes. Had a mishap with the timer LOL

I then reset the Interval Timer for 5 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds Max effort and I performed the following medley of Kettlebell Swings:

  1. Kettlebell Single Arm Swings (right)
  2. KB Single Arm Swings (left)
  3. KB 2-Handed Swings
  4. KB Alternating Swings
  5. KB Vertical Swing (although not technically a swing, but it’s hard work)

This workout should leave you in a sweat no matter if you’re beginner, intermediate or advanced 🙂

Hope you all enjoy today’s workout.

For those of you who love a KB Challenge, I am working on very something special, so stay tuned 😀


  • August 11, 2010

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