Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Workout | Aimee-Style!

Challenge Me” is back to kick off the week with Aimee’s Kettlebell Conditioning Workout!

Aimee had nicely designed a couplet-style kettlebell workout followed by a Killer Tabata at the end. This workout will work on strength as well as conditioning and it also contains some great skill exercises too. If you are wanting a full body blast that will help burn fat as well, then this is a great mix of Aimee’s and my favorite exercises πŸ™‚

So happy to have a new camera btw – let me know if you notice any difference, good or bad πŸ™‚

The Workout

My version of the workout is slightly different to Aimee’s original, only because I felt I wanted to focus on some other things and I was unsure of what some of the exercises described were, so I filled in the gaps. Hope you don’t mind Aimee πŸ™‚

Aimee also said there were 2 couplets, but I must have misunderstood the design because I counted 4 :-/ Now my maths skills are renowned for being rubbish on a good day, so please feel free to correct me if I have got it wrong LOL!

The workout I did, looks like this:

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 6 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort and complete 2 rounds of each couplet below before moving on to the next:

My weights and reps per exercise are in brackets.

  1. Goblet Squat (20kg) (18, 16)
  2. Windmill R+L (used 16kg in R1, but regressed to 14kg in R2, as I knew my form wasn’t the best) (4, 5 – both sides)
  1. Double KB Sumo Deadlifts (2 x 24kg) (17, 15)
  2. Single Arm KB Swing R+L (16kg) (R – 25, 24, L – 26, 24)
  1. TGU R+L (16kg) (both sides – 1.5 reps both rounds)
  2. Tactical Reverse Lunges (16kg) (22, 21)
  1. Single KB Arm Row R+L (20kg) (R – 13, 11, L – 12, 11)
  2. Vertical Swing Burpee (20kg) (7, 7)

Now reset your Timer for 8 cycles of 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds MAX effort and complete 4 rounds of the following 2 exercises. I changed these from those Aimee suggested, because I HATE snatches :-/ sorry – I will start practicing them some day, but not in a Tabata πŸ˜›

  1. Heavy Two-Hande KB Swings (24kg)
  2. Side to Side Step Ups


Now for a little hindsight – I would honestly recommend taking the windmills and TGUs out of the intervals and placing them as a starter/priming exercises. So instead, replace the Windmills with Military Presses and the TGUs with maybe 2 exercises like the Plank Climber, burpees or T-Push Ups etc.

The reason I think this, as explained in the video, is because these are what I view as higher skill exercises they require more control over speed, so the focus is not on max reps but, quality reps. That being said, 45 seconds did not give me time to complete enough quality reps to gain benefit from the exercise, especially the TGUs.Β  I should have changed this before I did the workout, as I suspected it would be an issue, but things always make more sense in hindsight.

Other than this, I really enjoyed Aimee’s workout inspiration πŸ˜€ Thank you for suggesting it!

That’s me for today everyone. I welcome your feedback below. And, check out Aimee’s version too, because some may prefer the snatches over the swings πŸ˜› I don’t, sorry Adam!! LOL

Right, I’m off!

See you soon.


  • June 21, 2011

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