Keep Your Chin-Up | A Day I’ll Never Forget!

The day started like any other; I had finished my breakfast and was getting changed into my black Nike top, black Nike bottoms and my random pink and white Nike trainers  – aka ” my signature gym outfit”!  Feeling good about myself, I got into the car and off I drove to the gym!

Approaching the gym, as I coasted slowly through the car park, there was a certain stillness in the air and I noticed a few other members walking up the long concrete path like little ants on a mission …. a mission to lift some heavy stuff! Then I walked up the path, smelling the freshly brewing coffee from the nearby cafe, and I began feeling butterflies in my stomach.  The red, circular, “target-shaped” symbol on the wall of the gym stood out to me this day,  and at that moment, I knew something great was going to happen – I was on target for something big!

Gazing around the strength room, while standing at my station, I remember seeing a purple-faced meat-head type in the corner giving me the “what’s that girl doing in here” look.  I felt a little self-conscious about what I was going to do, in case I would publicaly fail in the attempt and confirm the weakness Mr Meat-head saw in me. Then, with a nudge of confidence from Andrew (who had been helping me with my strength training), I re-focused my attention to the target …

My sweaty hands grabbed hold of the bar far above my head and, after dangling there helplessly for a split-second, I went for it; squeezing with all my might, knees curling, shoulders shrugging a little as I made it to the bar and achieved my very first Chin-Up!

But I wasn’t finished there …

Adrenaline now pumping through my body, heart in mouth, legs quivering like crazy, I said out loud:


My energy waning; determination soaring, I pulled once more … feeling the fatigue in my grip and my upper back burning, I felt Andrew’s hand at my feet as he took some of my weight and gave me that boost to try a little more.  With every ounce of effort, my chin made it over the bar once again!

Stepping down, shaking and giggling (yes giggling), I smiled from ear to ear with beaming pride and, after a congratulary look from Andrew (this was a huge reaction for him LOL), I glanced over to Mr Meat-head who simply nodded with approval and respect.

I looked back at Andrew and said:


And now, 3 years later I can do this:

From the age of about 13, after seeing Terminator 2, I dreamed of being able to do proper badass Chin-Ups, like Sarah Connor! Never give up on your dreams, because if the mind can think it, it can materialise.

Here is an article I put together a while back (with some additional information now added) to help you achieve YOUR first Chin-up/Pull-Up!

  • June 7, 2012

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