In No Time! Full Body Workout | Kettlebells and Body Weight

by Marianne  - July 9, 2011

Hi everyone,

This has to be quick today because I am working tonight 🙁 And tomorrow night 🙁 🙁 But I hope to be back on Monday/Tuesday with a more detailed workout.

This workout is designed to hit most things, even though there are only 6 exercises! If you are wanting to work on strength, fat loss, general fitness, this workout will do the trick. Although I am leaving out my beloved hip thrusts and the new favorite “Stand-Kneel-Stand” exercise, you may feel free to add a set of each into the workout 🙂

The Workout

Complete 3 rounds of the following 6 exercises. Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 1 interval of 1 min. This will make things more interesting 😉

I used my yellow 16kg Kettlebells and my grey 20kg Kettlebell throughout this workout.

  1. Double Front Squat into Military Press x 5 – 8 reps (5, 5, 4)
  2. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing x 1 min (35, 36, 35)
  3. Double Kettlebell Bent Over Row x 8 – 12 reps (10, 10, 1o)
  4. Side to Side Step Ups x 1 min (65, 56, 59)
  5. Pull Ups x 3 – 5 reps (5, 5, 4)
  6. Burpees x 1 min (19, 17, 16.5)


  • Modify the workout by splitting the Double Kettlebell exercises into single side and perform equal reps each side.
  • Assisted or horizontal Pull Ups.
  • Cut interval time to 30 / 45 seconds, depending on your fitness level.

That’s it for today everyone, I am sorry for being so brief, but I wanted to provide you with a 3rd new workout this week and today was the only day I have. 😀




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  1. Hi Marianne: I found your website via She gave credit to you. I’ve just bought my first 8# kettleball and am going to start using them. I was wondering about your timer. Could you say something about what brand and what kind? Also what did and didn’t work, with timers, in the past.

    I’m 56yo empty nester and want to improve my figure and health. Lost 40# since 2009, power walk almost daily, now moving into more exercise. Thanks for your video.

    1. Hey Carol, thanks for visiting 😀 That is great that you have started using Kettlebells and you have lost so much weight!! It’s good to have more variety in your training. If nothing else, it stops you getting bored.

      The timer is a Gymboss Interval Timer. I use the gymboss max which is easier to use in my opinion, but the original is good too. I haven’t used any other timers, but I know there are apparently apps for iphones for the same type of thing. However I don’t know how good they are.

      Hope this helps.


  2. Marianne.
    I found your website last week after I bought some kettlebells and was looking for technique vids. Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the kettlebells thanks to your straightforward workouts. I love the blogs too. No nonsense but you show personality too. Thanks so much. Now off to try this workout.

  3. oh my i have not done or seen your workout for close to a year i bet. you look so wonderfully awesome. I said before that KB’s definately transform your body, but i truly believe it after seeing you , after this long period of time. I love the five finger shoes. I got some here in iowa for 90 bucks, and i love love love them.

    1. Hi Tempest! Great to hear from you 🙂 Yes, the KBs sure have made a big difference, but my knowledge and understanding have greatly improved and I now know what I need to do to achieve my goals! It also helps that my goal is no longer getting leaner, because I just wasn’t feeding my body properly for any other results 😀

      Vibram FiveFingers ROCK! 😀

      1. i don’t feed my body properly either, and its mostly because i have no will power, and when my fiance is home i eat worse. i just have the pooch i need to get rid of.

        1. It’s hard to be good when men can usually get away with eating what they like. I know I ate more when Andrew was about – which is probably why people are saying I look leaner now, because I don’t have him here to tempt me with more food haha! Maybe the fiance needs to go! LOL 😉 Just kidding!

          Get stuck in again and you’ll get rid of that pooch. Are you doing any training right now?

  4. This workout was perfect for me today as I was short on time. It ‘read’ easier than it was!!! You are incredibly strong…very inspiring.

  5. Thanks for posting this on Saturday! I was feeling very unmotivated to workout but when I saw your workout it gave me the push I needed. This is what I love so much about fitness blogs (especially yours!), they just give you that extra motivation that is needed at times. I started this workout with TGU’s and then I decided to do six intervals of one minute (replacing the pull ups). After the first BRUTAL six minutes I added a bridge of three core exercises before repeating the six one min. intervals again and then decided I was done 🙁 I wanted to do the three rounds but I was too exhausted. Maybe next time!! Thanks again!

    1. I am glad that my Saturday post gave you some motivation 🙂 And, I don’t normally post on a Saturday so it worked out well!

      TGU are a great way to start a workout, I love them!

      All intervals must have been a killer !! Well done for what you did 😀

  6. Nice workout. I’ve been doing a lot of sailing and running. it will be nice to try this one, although I’ll have to bump up the cardio part.

  7. Marianne,
    Thanks again, this is great, perfect for when I need to get something quick in. Still working on my assisted pull ups. Can you explain what a horizontal pull up is?
    Thanks, hope you enjoyed your trip.

  8. Hi Marianne
    I have been actively and religiously following the site ,doing the workouts but haven’t written in a while and just want to say thank you. You never cease to impress with the workouts! I luv the new “stand kneel stands” and the booty shaping hip thrust ;-). It is also very motivating to see the constant progress that you are making in your physique and fitness. You always look great and strong but you can really see a marked improvement lately. I am also luv’n the improvements I see in my own training as well. Keep up the awesomeness!!

    1. Hi Cynthia 🙂 Yes I often see you on FB and I am glad to have you following my workouts and noticing the improvements, not just in me but more importantly, you 😀 This is great to hear and a testiment that these methods work.

      You are right that only of late, have a see the best improvements and I am loving the results and, the compliments of course 😉 Who wouldn’t.

      Thank you for you encouragement and your continued support, keep up the Booty training 😛

  9. Hi Marianne,
    This is a routine “jolly” held outdoors feeling is very pleasant to work thanks again.
    I wish your night work in nursing will be pleased. 🙂

  10. Dear Marianne,
    Another great looking workout which i can’t wait to try. I’m still a relative beginner and so am trying to modify where i need to ie lighter weights and regression. Can you tell me how to do assisted pull-ups or/and horizontal pull-ups…i have recently bought myself a pull-up bar but am no where near strong enough yet (i’m a bit like your aunty..tried and then fell about laughing at my own patheticness!!!) My goal is to be able to do at least 1 pull-up (I have managed to do the odd chin up if i jump up to aid the lift and can just about control the descent)
    Keep up the good work, you run an amazing site…don’t know where i’d be without you!!!

    1. Thanks Dayl 🙂

      With the assisted pull up, you are aiming to take some resistance off by using a Band, or supporting the body weight on a chair or bench. So your feet take off some of your weight. Or you can start by jumping up to the pull up and lowering slowly (these are called negatives). Gradually then you will assist the upward phase with your feet on a chair or knees in a band, and then lower slowly. Every so often (once or twice a week) test your strength and see if you can do a full pull up. You an also practice “iso holds” – which is when you hold the top position for a count of 5 – 10 seconds and then slowly lower. All of these methods will help build up your upper body strength, including your grip (which can often be a limiting factor in this exercise).

      HERE is some ideas for increasing your pull up Max from a forum thread a while back – I thought there was lots of good ideas there.

      For the Horizontal Pull Ups, these will also work on your grip and some of the same pulling muscles as the vertical pull up. It is a good way of starting off. Steve Cotter shows how to do this exercise at 1:30 in this video.

      Most importantly, never give up – because your strength WILL be increasing, without you realising. Then on day you will do your first and then second pull ups 😀

  11. Great workout as always Marianne. Love watching your videos, they are so inspirational. My love of kettlebells would never have been so great if it wasn’t for you 🙂

    Please can you tell me where you buy your five fingers shoes?

    Thanks so much!!!
    Keep going!!

    1. Thanks Aneke 🙂 KBs Rock!!!

      I got my Vibram FiveFingers online from , I think, Primal Lifestyle London?? I can’t remember – eek! But you can get them on the Vibram site too. If you live in a big city, they should have them in stores?


    2. Gotta agree with Aneke, very inspirational! Great workout & great form on all the exercises. I know a lot of guys at my gym that you would put to shame with your strength & fitness.


    1. I have got mine from

      Absolutely love them.

      Since I bought them, I can’t train in normal trainers. They are a bit pricey but worth every penny.

      Alternatively you can exercise barefoot or in socks which is much cheaper.

  12. Hi Marianne….

    When you say 1 interval of 1 minute, does that pertain only to the KB swing, the side to side step-ups and the burpees? I’m assuming that the other exercises are rep based or can you use the 1 minute interval on those, too.


    1. You are right Garry. But I set this out in the Breakdown 🙂 The other exercises might work ok in intervals so long as you can get enough QUALITY reps out of the time. I wanted to set the reps because I was going heavy 🙂


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