Full Body Kettlebell and BodyWeight Exercise Routine (HIIT Style)

by Marianne  - October 8, 2012

Hi everyone!

Next, here is a Podcast interview I did for “Half Size Me” – I really am honoured to speak to people about my journey and fitness – especially if it even helps one person feel better about themselves!

Speaking of talking about stuff, are there any questions you would like me to answer on a video Q&A session? I could take 3 – 5 questions (about training, diet or what ever really) and answer them on a video every once in a while. I know I answer most questions here, but I could file these in the FAQ section. Just a thought 🙂 Let me know, I’m all ears!

The Workout

Today’s workout consisted of 4 Triplets (Supersets). I performed 3 rounds of all but Triplet 3 (though I admit I could have just lowered the weight, but I was too tired).

I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 9 cycles (6 for Triplet 3) of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort. I took 1 min between each Triplet to have extra recovery.

This was a fun workout because I enjoyed the variety and a few exercises that I haven’t done much of lately. It’s also good to be gradually increasing the single leg exercises again 🙂

Here are the exercises along with the weights I used and reps I performed:

Triplet 1

  1. Tactical Reverse Lunge (16kg) (20, 18, 19)
  2. Two-Handed KB Swing (20kg) (30, 31, 31)
  3. Diagonal Knee Tuck (no need to count)

Triplet 2

  1. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (left) (16kg then 2okg) (15, 13, 14)
  2. Same on right leg (16, 14, 14)
  3. Renegade Row (2x16kg) (17, 16, 16) – these were tough today!

Triplet 3

  1. Push Press (right) (16kg) (12, 10)
  2. PP (left) (16kg) (13, 10)
  3. Alternating Swing (20kg) (28, 29)

Triplet 4

  1. Skater Hops (14, 16, 16)
  2. Hip Thrusts (20, 18, 19) – tried not to touch the floor until I was finish (constant tension HT)
  3. Burpees (12, 11, 8 )

That’s it for today. I hope you all enjoy the workout.

Later in the week I will be doing another workout, but it’s for a friend’s site. But I will post the link here for you to get to it 🙂



PS – Hip Mobility Video is also close to getting done!! 🙂


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  1. Hi Marianna, It has been a while since I posted on your site. It is still looking great and I see all the new things that you are up to (your training services and your classes). I took a bit of a hiatus from my site, as I was unsure how my audience would respond to my pregnancy workouts (yes, I am pregnant!) but In this last trimester I decided to just do it! Anyhow, I would like to create a link (again) to your site from my site if that is okay with you. I like to share the sites of strong, well educated, female fitness professionals that have great form and positive energy.

  2. I watched many of your videos, and I have to say you are an inspiration.

    You are in great shape, and you are beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your workouts, as I learned a lot more things to do with KBs. I just finished this one, and it was a good exercise.

    On the Push Presses, my forearm gets sore from the KB, so I switched to dumbbells for that. Is it incorrect technique, or do you get used to the pain?

  3. Did this workout this morning.I love the variety you give. I love the free workouts as well, when you can’t afford a trainer. I took some advice on the pledge and started doing a short walk around my property after work. It’s hard to keep going after a day of work but I just make myself get out before sitting down at the computer! Trying to dial in my eating also. I’m not a terrible eater but just getting the portions a little bit smaller.
    And voila I am down 2.5lbs. Been struggling with any weight loss for months.
    Thanks again I look forward to your workouts every weekend.

  4. I am doing this in the a.m…I wanted to do a PowHow class, but I’m currently using an older crappy laptop..so when I get my new computer I’m joining in!! we’ll be able to see you and you us right? I will need to clean my garage…haha.
    thanks again for the workouts…always make my day start off great!

  5. i like this workout a lot. I have been writing down my workouts for the weekin my journal so when I get home I just do them without thinking. I still have your pyramid workout in my cue and this one is next. I have been going to yoga in between all the tough workouts. can’t wait till this one. It is really well balanced and also looks like a fun and brutal time.

  6. I love these full body workouts since they are so challanging. Ive been using them in between my upper/lower body days and it works great. Im really looking forward to the hip mobility video. Im been really trying to get my hips to open up alot more. They are better than before but still need work, so Im totally looking forward to it. “See” ya tomorrow! 😉

    1. I have to set myself the time to film it. It will be kept simple – but that never means it’s easy 😉 Think we could all do with working on Hip Mob. See you tomorrow on PowHow!! 😀

  7. Hi Marianne,

    great workout and spectacular form as usual! It’s nice to get new workouts and new updated in your blog also for people who either don’t have a camera or who can’t afford to join you in your online classes. 🙂


  8. What a fun workout! Just did this this morning – loved it! And I’m a IKFF CKT and HKC trainer. Love your site – I have to admit I come and steal ideas from you every so often when I get in a rut. Keep up the awesome work!!

  9. Hm I have a question about motivation. Of course we all like to look better, leaner, get stronger and so on… but what is the one final thought that gets you going right in the moment before a workout, when you are tired from a hard working day/night, or if you have thousands of other things to do? What if you are highly motivated all day long, and right in the moment when you want to start working out, your inner self starts yelling: “No, you are tired, and your whatever hurts and you need rest and why don’t you read this or do some paperwork…”?

    1. When I feel like that I normally just say “I just do some swings” or “I’ll do some cardio” and it ends up I then do more then expected, and feel great! Sometimes I even just plan a 15 min HIIT workout and then “get it over with”, but again feel great. After nightshift is the hardest time to convince myself not to go straight to bed – some days I will, some I will train.

      No easy answer – except to try 🙂

  10. OK….when I do tatical lunges, I do them opposite from you…as in I thread the KB from the inside to the outside. Is this wrong, or just differentt?!?!?

      1. I tried “your” way today, and find it harder to balance that way…so that is the way I did them today, to challenge myself more 🙂 Loved the workout, as always :))

        1. I guess going “my” way requires more stabilization from the abductors (glutes), and these are often weaker in females than our adductors. Just a random thought – I have no idea if that is right … just a theory 🙂

          1. Yep – I could feel it more in my bum! I had to go a little lighter to keep my balance….mind you, when I did “my” way I had balance problems at first. I’m going to alternate using both our ways!!!

          2. I had a similar question about the 1 leg deadlifts. I do the opposite arm and leg, but I saw that you do the same arm and leg. What’s better? I feel more glute activation when I o opposites.
            Thanks and as always I love your workouts!

          3. Neither is better overall, but they are perhaps better for different things (and also preference). The opposite arm and leg variation will call for more cross-body stability (and likely causes more glute activity as the glutes are also hip stabilisers). I find I can balance better using the same side (or doubling up), making it more beneficial for strength and reps as balance is then not as challenging (for me, because my balance sucks and I didn’t want to work on it).

            Hope that makes sense 🙂

          4. Thanks! That’s helpful. Funny though, I find my balance is better the way I do it. Lol! Every – body’s different I guess!

          5. Hi Marianne,
            I just finished this great workout and I love your website by the way. I had a really hard time with one legged deadlifts. I can hardly keep my balance even without weight. Any suggestions?

          6. Cara, I would hold on to the wall, or a chair, until you master the movement. The benefits to balance are simply a bonus – the main aim is to practice loading the hip hinge 🙂

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