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Hi everyone,

Firstly, I am excited to have finally set a date to launch my NEW Online Individual Exercise Form Coaching Service. It will launch on Sunday 13th May 2012.   This is the first of 3 services I will be providing here.  I think many of you will benefit from this service, and I am excited to be branching out, by being available to help you in a more direct way. As you know I am a stickler for great form, and I only want the best for you at home 🙂

Over the past week, I have been talking about my new Stretch Routine in my attempt to try and help my SI Joint pain. I mentioned that I would upload a post on what I am doing etc. The delay is down to me trying to make time to do a little more research into the topic (to ensure I give you all the best information). I don’t want to post something about what I am doing, without allowing you to make a more informed decision about what to try yourself. Of course we can all experiment with what other people are doing, but I want you to have great advice from other sources too.   That’s why it’s taking me a while to compile.

Today, I headed to the gym to do a Full Body Strength Workout. I was going with the intention to take it easy, as my left SIJ/Glute muscles were a little sore.   At first I was being very cautious, because I have been warned to take it easy. However, in the past, I just went with how I felt and let the pain guide me.  Flare-ups rarely happen these days, so I am almost tempted just to do as I have always done (aka – be a stubborn ass).  But there’s another part of me that wants to give my new routine a chance … but I hate that I have already lost strength!!! Not just in lower body exercises, but upper body exercises too! I don’t think it is true loss of strength, but rather a mental block from the instruction to “take it easy”. It’s like I have given myself permission to be weaker.  This irks me!  So half way into the workout, I told myself to suck it up and quit guarding.  By being too aware of the problem, I was being over-protective of my left side and this was affecting my form badly, making each movement feel more awkward.  For the past 8 years of my life I have lived with this chronic pain and managed most flare-ups by continuing to move in spite of the pain. I need to apply all the same type of thinking to my pain as I do to all other areas of my life …

… In other words, I have to stop focusing on the pain and focus on what I want. Healthy movement!

Ever since this training session, I have been free of the “P” word! 😀 And moving well.  Tension and stiffness come from awareness of a problem. I need to be solution-focused and feel good about moving.  I even visualised myself dancing around my kitchen as I did just last month each morning as my coffee brewed, and this made me smile and relax. This is what I plan to do tomorrow morning … Crazy-ass dancing will return!

Anyway, enough about all that. Now let’s get down to my training.

The Workout

Keeping the weights and rep range moderate today, I completed a great workout and felt amazing after it. The set-up was 3 Sets of each exercise, with the reps mostly between 7 and 12 (except for the Bench Press).

  • Front-Loaded Reverse Lunges – SET 1: 30kg x 10 reps, SET 2: 40kg x 8 reps, SET 3: 45kg x 6 reps (took it easy with these and felt as though I was guarding too much … form felt “off”).
  • Changed to Front Squat (to a box because very low squats hurt my SIJ) – SET 1: 35kg x 12 reps, SET 2: 40kg x 10 reps, SET 3: 45kg x 7 reps (thought I did 8 🙁 ).
  • Glute Bridges (these make my back and SIJ feel great) – 2 SET at 90kg x 12 reps, the SET 3: 100kg x 12 reps
  • Super-set Chin-Ups and Bench Press: 7 Chin Ups for 3 SETS  of Bench Press – SET 1: 30kg x 12 reps, SET 2: 40kg x 6 reps (had 2 more in the tank), SET 3: 45kg x 4 reps (probably had more in the tank here too).
  • Feeling bad that I didn’t have another Hip Dominant exercise in, I added some RDLs at the end.  3 SETs at 50kg x 8 – 10 reps (these felt good).

And that was it.

Hope you enjoyed the update and the workout (for all you gym goers). Remember that you can adapt most of my gym workout to your home environment and equipment too 🙂



  • May 11, 2012

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