Fighting Fit – Home Workout – I’m BACK!!

by Marianne  - March 21, 2011

Hi there everyone,

I am so glad to be back with a new workout! The last week has been a very difficult one, for many reasons as well as my injury, but doing this workout has helped me feel a little happier 🙂

Unfortunately I need to be quick typing this up too, as I have so much on my plate, I hope you all understand.

The focus of today’s workout is both strength and conditioning. There are couplets (comprised of one strength and one cardio exercise), then we have the “Bridging Combo” in between each couplet and at the end of the workout. Try to complete 3 sets of each couplet before moving on to the “Bridge”. Some exercises are set reps, while some are set times.

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There you have a new workout everyone, hope you enjoy it 🙂 Let me know what you think and how you get on.



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  1. I haven’t worked out for 5 days, then did a BW workout yesterday, so this was a perfect challenge of strength and conditioning. It was just enough to make me wish it would end, but not enough to end me. I still have not invested in a second set of bells, so I had to work around that reluctantly as I am trying not to spend more money or get more ‘stuff.’

    I am glad your set-back was minor — you are young, in fantastic shape, and you push yourself hard, so I would expect nothing less! Every now and then, I read your story again, for inspiration! You have come such a long way and you are wonderful for sharing it all with us!

    ~ Gillian

    1. Welcome back Gillian 🙂 Sometimes a break is just what is needed. Even though i was reluctant to rest at the start, it was actually quite nice. But I was glad to get back to training with more motivation. You can look forward to getting new KBs maybe when you move – they can be a house-warming gift to yourself.

      I have come a long way, but we have each taken a journey with ups and downs. Set-backs keep trying to knock us down. Thank you for your kind words though 🙂

      Right, off to work now.

      Talk soon

      1. I relented after this workout and ordered some more KBs: a 10, 12 and 20 Kg plus a screw on weight that I can add to any of my bells. That gives me two pairs of 10 and 12, then one each 14, 16 & 20 with the ability to increase any of them by 2 Kg.

        Now I will be able to do some of the symmetrical exercises. No doubt I will still need a few more bells, but this will get me going.

        My poor UPS man! I am sure he doesn’t appreciate my quest for strength!

        ~ Gillian

        1. LOL, great stuff Gillian! I am dreading the postmans face when I next order a KB :/ It’s so funny though, when they see a girl answer the door they assume you need help with it inside, and usually think it’s for your man 😀 😀 😀

  2. Good one and it is nice to see that you are back. haven’t posted here in a while, but I have been keeping up with my workout journal in the forum.
    Lately I have been focusing on diet and it is taking up a lot of my time.
    I will try this workout soon hopefully tomorrow if work doesn’t get in the way. I change things up a bit and add what I have been learning from my trainer.
    cheers and thanks for keeping me inspired.

    1. Howdy Mickela, good to hear from you. Funny you should say about your diet, I have been trying to be a bit better lately with the chocolate situation. Glad to hear you are getting good ideas from your trainer too, I’ll stop by your journal and check out the changes 🙂


      1. Hi Marianne-
        In regards to diet, cravings is what I am working on, I have been reading that cravings for sweets or alcohol is your body signalling a need of some sort. I think, at least for me it is hard to let go of the wine, and after doing the raw and juice cleanse I noticed less cravings, positive thoughts and my skin looks healthy again.
        It is so much work though, and I really don’t like the idea that it consumes my days, so I am trying to find a healthy medium, that is the tough part.

  3. Hi Marianne,

    you look very pretty in this video. And I am very happy that your arm didn’t take one year to recover!

    Great workout.


    1. Thanks Bianca 🙂 I am glad it didn’t take that long either, although I know nerves can take ages sometime to recover!

      Glad you like the workout 😀

  4. Welcome Back!

    I couldn’t have asked for a better Birthday present, I’m glad to see you back. And don’t beat yourself up life happens and we all know that and when fitness is such an important part of our lives we sometimes do injure ourselves, not to worry.

    Take care,


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