Exercise Tutorial | How to Master the Burpee

by Marianne  - November 26, 2014

The Burpee is one of my favourite body weight exercises. It gets the heart rate going, it can help burn more calories, and it brings together many compound movements which improve strength, co-ordination, core stability, and hip mobility.

The problem is that, for most people, you don’t just start off being good at the Burpee, so you need a way to progress your way to a full version, or in times of reduced ability (when you’re fatigued, or during an injury, or pregnancy) you need a way to regress the exercise safely.

Enter my modification/regression exercise video:


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  1. Hi Marianne!!
    About two years ago my husband and I , both sixty-five, found your amazing site. We loved the cardio beginning home work out. It included lunges squats, chair dips, crunches, jumping jacks squats push-ups.
    I can’t locate that tutorial. Can you help.
    Much much love to you and thank you for everything Marianne!!!!
    Shirley and jimmy in las vegas

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