“Down & Dirty” Lifting Session | Home Workout Routine

Hi all,

Before you get worried about my choice of workout title, let me explain …. (I didn’t name it!)

It describes a new passion of mine… you know, when you fancy a quick session at home (this isn’t sounding much better)… you look around and realise you have no heavy weights to lift. You despair that you’ll have to make do with nothing… until, that is, you remember about the big bags of coal your mum asked you to haul in from her car last night.

*light bulb moment*

Come on, Run with this … I have to make things interesting from time to time!

So yeah, long story short, I trained with a bag of coal 😀

Here we go…

The Workout

Complete either 3 sets of each exercise or 3 rounds of all 8 in a circuit:

  1. Zercher (or Front) Squat into Alternating Reverse Lunge: x 8 total reps
  2. Single-Leg RDL (right): x 8-12 reps
  3. Same on Left
  4. Burpees: x 10 reps
  5. Single-Leg Foot-Elevated Hip Thrust (right): x 15 reps
  6. Same on Left
  7. Bent Over Row: x 15-20 reps (you should try to go heavier and work in the lower rep ranges eg 8-12)
  8. Dynamic Squats: x 20 reps

As you can see the challenge of an exercise can be increased in more ways than just adding more weight. Using a tool that is irregularly shaped can make things a lot more difficult … but also kinda fun 🙂

Now all I have to do is explain to my mum why the coal pieces are all bashed up :-/

Have a great workout!

~ Marianne

  • March 13, 2013

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