Double Dare You – Home Conditioning Workout

by Marianne  - March 10, 2011

Hello All,

This weekend I am heading to Dublin to do my Olympic Weightlifting course 😀 which is why today’s workout is on the “lighter” side. That being said, it is NOT an easy workout, but rather lighter weights and higher reps and faster paced.

I love doing couplet-style workouts and I reckon it’s because this method makes it so much easier to pair exercises up to balance each other out.  Now for a random and, hopefully funny, story now – when I was about 11 – 13 years old, I clearly had OCD.  Every night before I could go to sleep, everything in my bedroom had to be paired up and touching something else … so it didn’t get lonely :-/ How disturbed was I!! Thankfully I no longer do this, but I do still like to see exercises paired up.  I have no idea why I shared that – I swear I am not a nut case 😛

ANYWAY, although I would have like to put some other exercises in this workout, I thought I would include them in the next one, as I tend to get carried away making the write up an very long process.

The overall layout is 4 couplets with one bridging exercise in between each.  Complete 3 rounds of each couplet (interval training), then do the “evil” bridging exercise, move on to the next couplet, and repeat.

I am also scrapping the Tables today – they were fun for like the first 3, then it just got tedious!

Advanced Workout Breakdown Starts @ 01:25

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 6 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort. Complete 3 rounds of each couplet below. My reps and weight used are in brackets:

  1. KB Goblet Squat to Press (16kg) (14, 13.5, 12.5)
  2. Two-Handed KB Swing (20kg) (30, 28, 28 )
  • KB Russian Twists (feet up) x 20 reps (12kg)
  1. Dynamic Push Up (19, 15, 13)
  2. Side to Side Step Ups (44, 43, 41)
  • KB Russian Twists (feet mostly up) x 20 reps (12kg)
  1. KB Renegade Row (2 x 14kg) (17, 16, 14)
  2. KB High Deficit Reverse Lunge (16kg) (8, 9, 11)
  • KB Russian Twists (feet up) x 20 reps (8kg)
  1. Two-Handed KB Swing (20kg) (30, 28, 27)
  2. Squat Jump to Sumo Jump (28, 25, 23)

Really fun workout today. I loved the high deficit reverse lunges especially as they really stretched my hip flexors which bug be. The next time I could probably increase the weight to 20kg.

Intermediate Workout Breakdown – Starts @ 04:35

Play about with the intervals and maybe do either 6 cycles of 20/40 or break things down further by doing 3 separate rounds of 15/45, there are many options to play around with.

  1. KB Goblet Squat
  2. Two-Handed KB Swing
  • KB Russian Twist (feet down)
  1. Two-Part Dynamic Push Up
  2. Side to Side Step Ups / Forward Step Ups
  • KB Russian Twist (feet down)
  1. Double or Alternating KB Bent Over Row
  2. Either Alternating KB Reverse Lunge or, Body weight High Deficit Reverse Lunge
  • KB Russian Twist (feet down)
  1. Two-Handed KB Swing
  2. Light Sumo Squat Jumps

Beginner Workout Breakdown – Starts @ 06:08

You can set your timer for 2, 4 or 6 cycles of 30/30 or 20/40, depending on your fitness level.  Remember the aim of each interval is to be able to perform the exercise for the entire effort time.  If you are stopping and starting a lot, then you may need to decrease the effort time or increase the rest time.

  1. Body Weight Squat
  2. Two-Handed KB Swing
  • Bicycle Crunch
  1. Push Ups
  2. Body Weight Alternating Reverse Lunge
  • Bicycle Crunch
  1. Single Arm KB Row (right)
  2. Single Arm KB Row (left)
  • Bicycle Crunch
  1. Two-Handed KB Swing
  2. Dynamic Squat

I hope you all enjoy this workout 😀




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  1. I tried this workout today and it was hard, even though I am just using 8 kg kettlebells!

    I had to improvise a bit because I don’t have a bench, or pro grade kbs. I did Bench Jump Overs instead of the side to side step-ups, where I used the arm of the settee as the “bench” and jumped over the invisible bit of the bench! Then I had fun with the high deficit reverse lunges, as I used the settee again, this time standing on the main cushions and wobbling about a bit.

    Anyway, I got through it and duly sweated loads, so I must thank you Marianne for yet another great workout.

    Cheers, Peter

  2. I was just wondering what kind of kettlebells you use? Do you use the Perform Better Competition Kettlebells?

    I love the site and you always provide great workouts. Thanks for keeping it up!

    1. Hi Megan, The “Kiss My Butt” workout from a couple of weeks ago is a great one for shaping the glutes. I think I will be doing more glute training videos, so keep your eyes peeled 🙂 I am lucky though, because my butt has always been a shelf LOL Although it’s a better one and stronger butt now 😛 Don’t fret, we’ll get your glutes firing in no time!

  3. Hi Marianne,
    Did this one this morning,great workout,as always. I did substitute regular rear lunges for the one you did-no bench. I use an incline situp bench to improvise the side-to side step ups, and it works okay, but not so much for the Hi D lunges. just as well, my rear lunge needs work. But I’m happy to say, my rear lunges today were my best yet. Pretty good from the right side, and not terrible from the left…I’ll take it! My squat jumps compared to my sumo jumps are pretty much the same thing. I still don’t quite have the flexibility to go full sumo. I used 45lbs for everything except the twists, which I used 35’s (my KB’s are from Neptune..not in KGs). My numbers were:
    Goblet to press-13,13,11
    Dynamic Pushups (handles) 12,11,12
    side to side steps 32,lost
    Renegade rows-17,17,15
    Reverse Lunge-8,6,6…tough one for me.
    squat jumps-21,22,22
    I was encoraged by my reverse lunges, which still suck, but suck less than a few weeks ago. Love the goblet to press, and the renegades..
    anyway, good luck in Dublin!

    1. sorry..had trouble with the home computer. didnt think it uploaded. the numbers in the first are what I wrote down, the second i tried to remember what I had done..hope dublin went well!

      1. Hey John, I got both 🙂 But I only posted one. Have been behind on the comments as internet here sucks. But things will be back to normal tomorrow 😛


    2. Hey John, thanks. I just have a few mins before I go for day 2 🙂 I love renegades, and I hadn’t put them in a workout for ages. Nice change. Glad the lunges are improving for you.

      Talk soon.

  4. Omg !!!! My arse is killing me!!! So enjoyed this workout!
    Doing the Russian twists was so painful. My cheeks are still on fire. What with the swings, lunges, and squats. Whew!!!
    Evil Marianne pure unadulterated evil. I loved it!!!
    I had to improvise on the stepups, used a box containing old books, stable for that and the rows. ( I still have the small based bottom kb’s) I find the rows easy .
    Thank you.

  5. Hi Marianne,

    On the good side: I wish you all the best on your Olympic Weightlifting course this weekend. I feel very excited for you 🙂

    Would like to do this workout sooner, but will have to postpond until next week: already have a few planned in my journal 😉 so this one will go on my To DO list 🙂

    On the bad side: my laptop died and now they are trying to repaire it. I can’t get on our forum from my work’s PC (security bridge) :((( life is not faire, cause I miss everyone already…

  6. Hi Marianne

    Although I am excited for you doing your weight training course, you getting even stronger CAN’T be good for us, ( meaning me ), mere mortal LOL

    Can’t wait to try this workout, and excited for myself, because I’m finally graduating to the Intermediate level…go me ! 🙂

    take care

  7. Good luck at the course!!! I’ll try this tomorrow, today was cardio.
    Looks intense. Tables / no tables makes no difference to me.
    Thanks again ,

    Ps- sure hope your allowed to film.

  8. Hi Marianne,

    I love your work. I have been following your blog for a while but have never commented until now. I too have arthritis in my lower back and am a massive fan of kettlebells. Keep up the good work; you are an inspiration!


    1. Thank you Colm, it’s great that you have commented 🙂 I hope one day you will share your story over at the forum. Overcoming the daily challenges with exercise is hard enough as it is, without chronic pain and fluctuating activity levels being added to the picture. I’m sure your story is just as inspirational as mine 😀


  9. Actually, I liked the tables, as they were easier to follow… but you have enough work as it is, so I would do what is the most convenient for you!

    This was a great workout –just enough of a challenge, but not too much!

    !. Goblet Squat to press 14 Kg x 11.5, 10.5, 10
    Swings 14 Kg. 27, 27, 27

    russ twists 12 Kg x 20

    2. Dyno pushups 10 (close grip –what was I thinking?), 16, 16
    Side to side step ups 40, 43, 42

    russ twists 12 Kg x 20

    3. Renegade rows 30# Dbs x 19, 19, 18
    Deficit rear lungs 12 Kg x 10, 12, 12

    russ twists 12 Kg x 20

    4. Swing 14 Kg x28, 27, 27
    Squat jump to sumo jump 28, 31, 33

    Got some water, taped my left hand and then did my first ever 5 min snatch test — 10 Kg 100 reps in 4:44. I was really breathing hard when that was over!

    The KB goblet squat to press was really hard work, but I got bottomed out, so I got the most out of it. The deficit lunges were much more stable than the last time. Boy, those squat jumps to sumo jumps were tough!

    ~ Gillian

    1. Gillian, the tables require a little extra work, but I think it might be worth it if they are easier to follow. I will post instructions on how to get them to print for the next workout, as per Fran 🙂

      You are pretty unstopable (is that a word?) – to do nearly 5 mins of snatches with a taped up hand! Brava!!! 😀

      Think the squat jump combo, could be the “evil jumps'” twin?? Same family anyway lol Think the deficit lunges were better this time too, maybe down to the goblet hold over the rack? Liked the height too, nice stretch. However, your “LUNGS” must be pretty tired LOL 😉

      Thinking of having a rest today and tomorrow in preparation for the course. Am going to TRY and get some footage of my lifts at the course too, hopefully do a bit of an update on it. Will see if they let me film.


      1. Good luck tomorrow and have a fantastic time. I hope you can film some of it, so we can see what you did! Somehow I have a feeling some of your new material will work its way into your workouts for us! Not that we could keep up with you though!

        ~ Gillian

        1. Thanks Gillian. I hope it will add a new dimention to my workouts. I am sure there will be ways to adapt it for home workouts too 😀 Or at least I will get busy adapting the skills 🙂


  10. SO glad you scrapped the tables!!! They do not print as nicely as your previous format. Thank you for going back to the list. LOVE WHAT YOU DO, please keep up the excellent work.

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