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by Marianne  - April 18, 2011

Hi all,

Do any of you have people in your lives who are great at talking the talk about fitness and all their diet ideas and weight loss plans? I do – and they all have something “smart” to say about what I do – Usually it is something negative or a joke with a jag about my fitness “obsession” LOL – What is funny though is that it is these people who think, worry and talk more about getting fit and diet than I ever do.

How do we get these people to stop their words of insecurity, fear of failure or intimidation and come with us to WALK THE WALK?Β  For some strange reason, some people seem to believe only fit people attend the gym and fitness classes!! We need to bring more people with us and let them see that, for everyone alike, fitness is a journey. With every journey, there is ALWAYS a beginning πŸ™‚ Never forget that, and never forget where you started.

Let your friends and family understand your journey and bring them along for the ride. Quite often, when people joke at me, it is because they are lost and simply cannot figure out the way from A to B – so I guide them. Even if they don’t appear to care – they do!

Workout Breakdown

Today’s workout was based on the workout/drill I did with a client at the end of our session. Basically it is a great “all-rounder” workout, encompassing strength, cardio, endurance, speed, and stability elements. It is also great for burning fat, if that is what you are after (although you will only burn fat if your diet is in check).

It is very straight-forward in layout and requires you to set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 8 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 effort, then complete 3 separate rounds of 8 exercises. In between each round and at the end, complete as many pull ups (or substitute exercise) as possible.

If you are a beginner, you may want to set your timer to 30/30, or 20/40, depending on your recovery level.

My weights and reps per exercise are recorded below in brackets:

  1. Kettlebell Thruster (right) (16kg – 15, 15, 13)
  2. Kettlebell Thruster (left) (16kg – 15, 16, 13)
  3. Elevated Plank Climber (18, 17, 15)
  4. Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift (2 x 24kg – 15, 15, 14)
  5. Diagonal Knee Tucks (31, 30, 30)
  6. Two-Handed KB Swing (24kg – 27, 26, 26 )
  7. Kettlebell Renegade Row (2 x 16kg – 15, 14, 12)
  8. Kettlebell Vertical Swing Burpee (16kg – 12, 12, 10)

Pull Ups (after each round) – 5, 5, 4

Really enjoyed this workout today, it was a nice fast pace with the pull up challenge.Β  I decided to start using the 16kg again and 24kg for the swings – this added a extra challenge, but it made me more determined to do better and push harder.

I hope you all enjoy this workout as much as I did. Take care and I’ll see you soon.




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  1. Marianne

    Thank you very much for all your help.
    I really appreciate it.

    Iv tried logging into the forum but it wont let me any reasons?


    1. Hi Cate, sorry to hear you’re having bother. HERE is a thread on logging in problems. Sarajane’s reply might help you.

      Were you able to register ok? Like, is it just when you try to log on after that?

  2. Hi Marianne

    Read that article it totally hits the nail in the head..slow and steady have set myself half a stone goals.. I hope it doesn’t take me a year to get there (have a graduation at December and my birthday amongst other things).

    But will take your advice since you know what your taking about. Can I also ask is it possible to become addicted to sugar? For instance cutting out all junk I get withdrawal symptoms(that’s sounds crazy I know). But Im irritable (i tend to stay clear of caffeine, especially during coursework). Will this go away? Trying to find a good balance of working out and eating clean whilst doing uni work. Its when im doing work for uni (very intense at this moment)all I want to do is eat. Its crazy…over this last year I have picked up some very bad habits its more food that’s tripping me up(i dont drink). Although I am aware of the importance of exercise to toning.

    I have acquired cellulite (I presume thats through excessive weight gain). Is it possible that I may caused my body damage putting n so much throughout the year? I know thats very specific question but I thought I would ask since you have a background in medicine.
    Also I will take you up on the offer of blogging on forum.



    1. Hi Cate, Yes sugar is very addictive, but the less you have the less you want it. Once you get the taste again, then it’s usually a battle again to quit :/ You can get withdrawal symptoms, so it’s a very good question! You may get very tired, headaches and mood swings – but it doesn’t last long, so stick with it. Try not to binge out on too much sweet stuff if you are treating yourself, as you can feel worse after.

      All you can do Cate is try your best. I am not going to give you a telling off for snacking, as you already know that is what you need to work on. Make small changes that you know are reasonable and that you can live with – the more extreme and torturous the changes, the less likely we will stick to it. Be firm, but realistic with yourself. Increase your activities, but don’t reward yourself with extra food. This should let you see some weight loss, then when you start to see a positive change, you can cut down on more bad habits. This is why I give you a year to lose all the weight – it has ups and downs, so don’t get hung up on the “final result”, even half a stone will make you feel amazing, then the next half stone – you will lose dress sizes and feel even more motivated. Think day to day, not “A YEAR!!”.

      Cellulite can be made worse by gaining weight, but also the hormonal changes and the actual food we eat – plus I believe genetics predispose some of us. I still have cellulite, I hate it, but I would have to be VERY lean to rid myself of it.

      As for the rapid weight gain… it puts extra pressure on your body’s structures and systems, but for a short time the body can cope, but if you leave it and don’t lose the weight then you are at greater risk of many obesity-related illnesses like diabetes, heart attack, stroke and arthritis to name a few. Basically, you are doing the right thing by choosing to lose the weight NOW and brava for having the courage to take this journey – I really wish you all the best!

      A side not on the rapid weight GAIN, is to also remember that rapid weight LOSS can be as dangerous, if not more sometimes to full recovery. You want slow but consistant FAT loss. If it’s too fast, you lose muscle, which will leave you with a slower metabolism once you lose the weight, leaving you in a vulnerable position to gaining back the weight + even more fat. Also, your skin needs time to tighten back to fit your slimmer self. If you gain and lose weight too fast you are likely to have loose skin, which only surgery can get rid of. You may still have loose skin, but it will be a lot less severe if the weight loss is slower.

      At the start you will lose weight fast, but it should slow down to 1 – 4lbs per week.

      I hope this helps.

      Looking forward to your diary πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Marianne

    I really should re-read what I write on her…lol Cattle*blushes*

    Also I read you article and it definitely put things into perspective slow and steady wins the race although its very hard in reality since I want all the weight gone but patience is a virtue(as my mother reminds me on a daily basis)lol.

    Thank you for replying…again will be keeping close eye on your website to refresh my workouts. Its going to be a battle.

    Many many thanks

    Cate x x

    1. What ever you do, even if you are using Kettle “balls”, “cattle bells” or plain old Kettlebells πŸ˜‰ to get fit, you need to keep giving yourself short term goals (I recommend fitness related ones) to allow you to safely and realistically reach your long term fat loss goal. Give yourself a year to lose all the weight in a healthy way. You may find you become preoccupied with strength goals along the way, as many of us here have. Each month along the way you will become more flexible, more co-ordinated, more agile, stronger, faster and HEALTHIER, without even bringing into account your bodyfat %. Even if a year seems like FOREVER, in the grand scheme of “the rest of your life”, it aint – so don’t rush the “job”, make it a good one, ie – built to last!

      My pep talk over πŸ˜€ You might find it helpful to start recording your progress over at the forum “My Diary” section, and chart the highs and lows of your own health and fitness journey.

      Best of luck Cate, and I hope you will check in and keep us posted here – we have your back πŸ˜€

  4. Hi Miramam

    Fantastic website I’ve only within the last few days came across it(if only I had seen it sooner).
    At my gym they dont have kettle balls I don’t really know why not. But any ways having never used them what weight should I start at and where would be a good place to get them.
    Im from the north but Im studying over at Liverpool Uni at the minute…just thought I throw that in in case it would be a task to get them over here.

    Diet wise can I ask (its more lifestyle change to weight loss which is my current goal, I have quite a lot to lose)
    My diet plan:
    porridge breakfast with water OR omelette OR protein shake
    Snacks: one piece of fruit OR few almond nuts.
    Lunch: ryvita x 2 with salad OR some protein- chicken OR baked Or sweet potato.
    Dinner: Protein such as tuna/chicken with vegetables or salad.

    No dairy, pasta, bread, tea of coffee only green tea.
    Water: 4 litres.
    Does that sound about right? I haven’t tried the IF yet but planning to as of today actually.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Cate, did you mean Marianne by any chance? πŸ˜‰

      Welcome to my site, thanks for commenting. Do you mean you’re from Northern Ireland? I would advise females to start with 8kg for most exercises, sometimes 12kg for swings, depending on your current fitness level. You can get them from Wolverson Fitness in England. Postage shouldn’t be too bad if you are already on the mainland. They are the best price and best design that I have seen, I have got all my KBs from them.

      Diet-wise Cate, your sample plan looks ok, but try to ensure that you get your essential fats too, and are not in too big a calories deficit. I think adjusting calories between “normal” and slight deficit around your training is a good approach. So on days of rest or light activity, eat less and on heavy training days, eat more. Think you’re wise to stay away from pasta and bread etc, if you want to avoid the bloat. Also make sure you get a good variety of veges meats, fruits and nuts etc, to ensure you get all your vitamins and minerals. Just by removing the junk from our diets ,most people would lose weight, and if the training is right, then we gain muscle and burn fat!

      Are you currently overweight? Is fat loss your maiin goal?


      1. Marianne (Apologises for getting your name wrong *blushes* lol)

        Thank you for getting back to me, I will check out that site regarding kettle balls so your recommend 8kg. Also Im from lovely N.I as well! so no problem with the accent its quite nice to hear actually! lol

        I have just started back at the gym and yes my main goal is weight loss (fat loss) since I have quite a lot to lose. Although would it be better to judge this via measurements rather than weight. I intend to get my measurements done tomorrow.

        Im going to incorporate your exercises into my gym based workout. However at the minute I have been mainly completing the classes such as body combat and pump.

        Any tips would be great, like if you think I have missed out anything.

        First three years at Uni I managed to actually lose weight kept it quite low 8-9 stone however with in space of over a year Ive put quite a lot on. This year Im completing my masters Ive actually but on weight quite a lot in fact. Not sure if its just more demanding thus snacking on things plus no exercise (I stopped completely). Lost my determination (for personal reasons) to keep diet clean and exercise(would have exercised at least 6 days.

        Stupidly Iv gone the other way and finding it hard to change diet and get back into exercise.Sorry for the long explanation but I thought it would give you an idea of what stage Im at. Its very embarrassing to admit but my current weight is 12 and half stone and Im only 5ft 3(extremely embarrassed to admit that). So I have quite a task ahead me which I talk more about doing it than actually getting on with it.

        BTW fantastic site!

        1. Hey Cate, Not sure what Kettle “balls” are, but I am intrigued πŸ˜‰ Don’t worry though, I had someone in work think I workout with Cattle Bells LOL – they couldn’t get their head around why that would make me fit πŸ˜›

          I think the main thing for you is to find something you enjoy doing and something that won’t cause you injury. Kettlebells are great as you are not over-straining your joints and will get some resistance-based training too. Resistance/strength training with some conditioning and a better diet, will get you great results.

          The best advice I can give you is don’t expect results to happen too quickly as this will only make you disappointed. Read my article on The Best Diet Advice and you will understand what I mean. I can tell you now that by focusing on the exercise and gaining strength, having fun and being better with what you eat, you will be so much happier and you will lose weight as a bonus.

          I find if you focus only on losing weight, that you start taking more extreme measures and feel more guilt and pressure for not reaching targets. Wereas if you focus on your fitness, everything else falls into to place.

          Glad you enjoy my site, and it’s great to have another “local” on board πŸ˜€

  5. Nicely Done Marianne

    I am inspired by your honesty and the fact that you don’t always perform the exercise perfectly each time.

    Thanks and continued good luck


  6. I was going to do something mild, but then I thought, why not just go for it!

    1. Thruster R 12 KG 12, 11, 12 (relatively hard)
    2. Thruster L 11, 10, 11
    3. Elevated Plank Climber 13, 11.5, 12 (super tough)
    4. Sumo Deadlift (all my heaviest weights: 20 +16 Kg) 14, 16, 18
    5. Diagonal knee tucks 32, 36, 38
    6. Swing 16 Kg 27, 27, 27 (I used 14 Kg yesterday)
    7. Renegade Row 12 Kg 14, 18, 18
    8 Vertical swing burpee 14 Kg (I used 12 Kg yesterday) 9, 9.5, 9.5

    Pullups 4, Chins (easier) 5, chins 5

    I feel a bit better about this than yesterday, but most of my numbers are still somewhat low. When I see that disparity, I have to wonder if we are all using the same times! I guess its just me! I still had some DOMs in my legs and lats from the past two days, so I guess I am going at this a little harder than normal. Once I got going, I forgot about all that though!

    This was good — three rounds of 8 is almost as good as 2 rounds of 10, mentally… but somehow I think I worked out a little harder today.

    This was great as always. I really am happy that I did this, even if I doubted it at the time. Its funny how we drive ourselves: sometimes we have no problem getting incentive, and other times its virtually impossible. I have a lot of choices of what to do, but having this blog with new ideas coming every few days, keeps me going, as I hate to let one of Marianne’s workouts go untried!

    So, somehow, by you posting Marianne, you keep me going. I don’t understand why it should matter, but you make a lot of difference! I am sure its the same for others here too — its not a competition thing (as I don’t expect to do what you do in the way of weights or numbers), its more of an inclusion thing. I suspect that other exercise websites are somewhat that way too — once we find someone to click with, then we all become part of the online sweating community. You are just so much more approachable — you are sort of more like us, with ups and downs, challenges and successes. But you also push yourself really hard — which shows us what we could possiblyΒ accomplish if we tried just as hard, and it also shows us that we probably don’t work as hard most of the time!

    I am not sure all that makes sense, but suffice it to say, that this blog is very useful and supportive and I am sure it serves more people in more ways than you are aware!


    ~ Gillian

    1. Gillian, thank you – you’re way too kind to me. But I am glad that you can relate to me – I feel that I complain a lot about my “stresses” here. I guess I feel a part of a community that supports each other, and it serves as an outlet too both the workouts and the blogging. If we share some of our struggles and triumphs then I think others can feel better that noone has it easy, but it’s about making the best of what you’ve got at any one time.

      Even if my updates are fewer these days, I am still here and always will be – there may be changes in venue, but the workouts and posts will continue πŸ˜€

      I am glad that this workout went better for you, I think the last one I did use the 1 minute effort interval, so maybe that was the difference. Besides I have noticed a drop in my strength with certain exercises too. The highs and lows of training, we all have them πŸ˜€

      Thanks again Gillian, you have made my day a happier one!

  7. Hey Marianne…
    Great workout,as usual. Was feeling a bit beat, did the Rep Sheet workout last night, and my shoulders were torched..slept longer than usual, and woke up a bit tight. It was a chore getting through, my reps were lower than usual, but I still think I got alot out of it, maybe more being I was not 100%. Did the knee tucks off a medicine ball, because I’ve always done them that way…is that cheating? Anyway, this one’s a keeper.
    As for the walking the walk point you made, I agree completely. If you have knowledge of something great, why wouldn’t you want to share it with others? It would be selfish not to. (Im currently trying to convert 2 Bodyrockers that I work with to the my-o-my
    To pp’s comment..Big gyms are good for some, but here in LA, I could do without. I had a membership to one of the bigger chain gyms here that I got through work, paying almost nothing for it, and I hated it. Waiting for a piece of equipment while someone does interminable reps with no weight while talking on a cell phone, or “the screamer” with his buddy shouting “it’s all you, dog!” had me ready for the gas pipe. Fortunately, we have an unbelievable gym where i work and don’t have to deal with that mess..and the boxing gym..tha’ts It smells like arse and liniment, and it’s kind of a dump, but its OUR dump. The thing i like so much about doing your workouts and my sandbag workouts, is I’m alone with my thoughts and I can really concentrate on the task at hand…rant
    Thanks for another great one..

    1. Hi John,

      If anything I reckon your knee tucks would be harder, as you’re stabilising more on a smaller surface! I’m intrigued about these BodyRockers. Zuzana seems to be using a lot of “dance” type moves in her workouts these days, not sure how they work for beginners, but some might consider it fun- I have no co-ordination for that sort of stuff LOL. Who knows, a combination of BR and myomytv style workouts might help your friends see the value in a more traditional type of training πŸ˜€ – really trying to be diplomatic here πŸ˜›

      I hear what you’re saying about the big commercial gyms, over here they seem to attract the posers and the vainest people around – not for me! That’s why I like the university gym, nobody seems to care about that sort of stuff as much!

      Hope you’re not too stiff after this one !

      Cheers and Happy Easter

  8. You are right Marianne, you keep those who have the desire to stay fit and healthy focused, and I appreciate that.
    I’d say most of the people who visit your site have a desire to continue staying fit, or are looking for a way to break bad habits and to become healthy. I am glad you have the patience to be so amazing and supportive.

  9. I am one of those people who won’t tell or ask anyone who isn’t into working out or being healthy to join me, I find that it is a waste of time, you’ll spend most of the time talking with these people instead of getting work done.
    It is like going in a bar and asking people drinking if they want to go sober up with you, it isn’t going to work.
    Best to keep doing what one is doing and let the talkers and procrastinators do their thing which is what they do best.

    Cheers the flowers are blooming

    1. What I was talking about was leading by example and supporting those who seem to show an interest, even if indirect or evasive. Actually feel it is my duty to promote health, especially given my profession. You are right that you can lead a horse to water but, you can’t make it drink. But, if you didn’t lead them to the water, they would know it was there, so why not try, in a tactful and non-judgemental way of course.

      Each to their own I guess πŸ™‚

      Yay to the flowers blooming πŸ˜€

  10. I think the hardest part about starting exercise is making it a habit. When my second daughter was 5 months and I hadn’t worked out for over a year, I did 10-15 minutes 3 times a week at the same time just so I could get into a groove. Then I slowly increased it and now I workout 5 mornings a week before the girls get up. It’s as much mental as physical, but once you can start getting into it then it starts getting fun! For me, working out at home made it way easier. I could never get to the gym as often. πŸ™‚ Although I am thinkng about taking exercise classes once a week just so I can talk to adults occasionally. lol

      1. I have had people ask what I’ve been doing and it seems to get them thinking about going to the gym more. I tell them that you have to make yourself go at first then it gets easier. I gave my neighbor your website plus some others for ideas that could be done at home. But in the end they have to really want it. When I visit my sister I always end up taking about fitness. I wish she would do weight lifting. She has a bad back and has had surgery, but I think if she strengthened her core she’d have alot less problems. You can only push people so much though.

  11. Hi Marianne,

    This workout was harder than it looked on paper. I was in a puddle of sweat! The thrusters into elevated plank climbers was an especially tough combination. Nice work with the 24kg btw.

    It’s interesting to hear opinions on those that talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. Unfortunately many areas of the diet and fitness industry feed off those people who feel the guilt, but don’t have the time, inclination or knowledge to start a proper fitness programme. Ridiculous claims like β€˜six pack abs in six seconds’ or whatever strike a chord with people who are looking for a silver bullet to transform them into a lean mean fighting machine.

    I’m lucky in that I truly enjoy sport and fitness, but I think anyone can if they find an activity that they like and a varied workout programme. So many people view exercise as a punishment to be endured, so force themselves through hour-long runs when intervals would be quicker and more fun, or slog through the same age-old workout every time they visit the gym. Is it any wonder people get fed up? As you say, I think all we can do is guide others without being preachy when their fitness (or lack of it) seems to be playing on their minds. Hopefully some of our enthusiasm will be catching πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Emma, I agree 100% – these big companies pray on false hope and insecurities. It’s very frustrating, as we have to undo the damage by being the bearer of bad news when you get real with people about these complanies’ magic claims! Any wonder they lose hope.


  12. In everything fitness. We all fall off the wagon at times but you have to get back on and continue . Fitness isn’t a fad it’s a lifestyle. IMO not working out is the norm. I don’t want to be normal, I’m different . Healthy, fit, strong in many ways. Also when starting … Baby steps AND always look to challenge yourself. Can’t stay stagnant. Going back to what you initially said about people making comments , I was told I wasn’t living because I was so strict about what I ate . My thoughts were I wouldn’t be living if I ate what my friends ate who were LIVING! Lol!!! All in all I feel
    That I march to the beat of a different drummer and he’s fit like me!!!! 

    1. I agree with you Minnie, but I remember I actually used to be one of those people that poked fun at healthy friends. But deep down I was jealous that they had the body and will power that I didn’t. I did want to be fit, but I just didn’t understand the who concept of calories, weights and letting go of old habits, which were a false comfort.

      I know a person has to want to change, and there can be a lot of complaints, but you’re right – baby steps is the best philosophy πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Marianne,
    I can understand why some people think gyms are for fit people only. If you are unfit and out of shape and carrying a bit of weight it can be intimidating to see others stride out on a treadmill or effortlessly push big weights when after 2 minutes you are already feeling ready to collapse, out of breath and feeling more than a bit self conscious. The truth is that gyms are the best place to be if you are out of condition. That’s what they’re for. Specifically to help people meet their fitness, exercise, toning or weight goals, whatever level they start at. And as for feeling self conscious the reality is that most people are only interested in themselves (I don’t mean to be pessimistic or talk down people in general, but its true) and anyway, anyone who makes a negative comment or thinks it, is someone with a problem, and someone that you would not want to know anyway. The gym is for everyone and it’s shows a lot of commitment to being a better person and looking after yourself by going to one. It might be tough but the health benefits are priceless.

    Glad I got that out:-)

    Good on you for encouraging people to exercise.

    Another great routine by the way:-)

  14. Hi Marianne,
    Boy I boy have I had people like you describe around me. A few have been losing weight for 15-17 years , discovered a pill that would change their body or some other mumbo jumbo. I would invite people to join me running, lifting anything to help out.
    If one would join me the complaints were endless. Sometimes I felt Like I was missing out on my own stuff, so I just gave up. I really believe a person must want to change, and totally immerse themselves

    1. Hi Minnie, I know that type of person too!! I don’t think they ever really change – the excuse machines πŸ˜€ It’s very frustrating because if only they would just accept that it is hard work to get fit, but it can also be FUN!


  15. Silly question:
    is the vertical swing a push or pull exercise?
    It does target the back too, doesn’t it?

    1. Good question actually Sara. I would call it a Pulling exercise, mixing a wide stance deadlift and upright row. It does target the upper back, but also the rear and middle delts and, the traps. Plus the lower back, hammies, quads, glutes etc πŸ™‚


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