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Today, I was going to post my video interview with Jonathan Fass, but I really wanted to bring you all a workout first since it’s been a while.  However, I will post my conversation with Jonathan Fass tomorrow. The topic is something I think everyone (myself included) needs to do more – Critically Think. Without the ability to critically think, we are vulnerable to believing anything and everything we read or hear – especially in the fitness industry … with all those sneaky gurus lurking 😉 So I hope our conversation is helpful in understanding a little more about this.  Plus you all get to “meet” my partner in crime 😀


This workout was filmed a few weeks ago. I meant to post it at the time, but I think I ended up writing about something else or I had to go work a night shift (oh, how I DON’T miss those times).  Anyway, here it is 😉


The Workout


You will notice that “exercise of the year” goes to the Single Leg RDL  – When you are without heavier weights, single-leg will add a greater challenge and the best hip hinge strength exercise is the SL RDL.  So, it’s a keeper.  Please start with Bodyweight … balance is tough and it will really get you good at hinging.


Couplet 1

1) Single-Leg Box Squat: 3×10 reps (each side)

2) Single-Leg RDL: 3×10 reps (each side)


Couplet 2

Set your Gymboss Classic Interval Timer for 4-6 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 effort. Complete 2-3 rounds of the following two exercises:

1) Plank Climber

2) Two-Handed KB Swing


Couplet 3

1) Single Arm Row: 3×10 reps (each side)

2) Single-Leg Foot-Elevated Hip Thrust: 3×10 reps (each side)


Finish with:

1) Death Sits (L-Sit): 2xmax hold

2) Farmers Walk: 2×30-45 seconds


Hope you enjoy!


Remember to check back tomorrow to meet Dr Fass for our wee chat 🙂  


  • July 23, 2013

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