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by Marianne  - November 2, 2011

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I went to the gym to lift some heavy stuff and I got the rage again because THAT PICTURE (see my last post) is still there. However I have received a reply from the Gym Manager about my complaint. At the minute he is looking into my reasons and has stated that the gym is trying to encourage more women to strength train.

Dog with a bone people!

I will keep you updated on “Poster Watch” πŸ˜‰

Next, Bret Contreras emailed me along with 13 other women and asked us to name our 3 favorite Glute exercises. While ignoring my bikini shot, check out “Favorite Glute Exercises from the Fittest Females” forΒ our responses and feel free to leave your own thoughts on the matter. I enjoyed reading Bret’s observations and conclusions on the choices. I also know that for those of you who are looking to get the best out of your glute training these answers will help you decide on the best exercises to rotate in and out of your training.

Lately I have been getting very inspired by the other Girls Gone Strong; especially with regard to Pull Ups (the weighted variety), TGUs, Squats, Deadlifts etc. The point is that I am inspired to improve on everything. But how can I focus on each goal when I love variety and I want to be good at everything! I am sure many of you can understand this too, which is why I am bringing it up.

Neghar Fonooni wrote about this exact same topic on her blog lately (Keep the Goal), which is what has got me thinking about it. I have to say that I can identify with her in many points, especially about having too many strength goals! I seem to go in circles around them and I never make good enough progress at any one of them and I inevitably neglect some of them, making it really hard to track. It doesn’t help when you are a natural Jack of All Trades like me (except maths and Chemistry), so it’s frustrating to never truly be outstanding at anything. That’s my “glass half empty” inner voice; my “glass half full” inner voice says “you are a Master at integrating your many skills”. The point is that being fairly good at a lot of things makes setting specific goals difficult and you tend to just plod along; you may even appear to suffer from what Martin BerkhanΒ calls “Fuckarounditis” when in actual fact you just like doing a lot of different things.

This approach works very well for my workouts here, but not so well for meeting specific strength goals and I will be tackling this very problem in the near future. How to cure what I am now going to call TADD (Training Attention Deficit Disorder). What is a masterful skill when it comes to designing home conditioning workouts has become a pesky inhibitor of real strength progress. Or so I have decided. I’m not saying that we all need to have “one thing” to work on, but it does help from time to time having a more focused approach.

What I need is a program and the discipline to stick to it! I will keep you all posted πŸ™‚ I would be interested to know how you all fair in achieving specific goals?

Despite all of this I have I have made a little progress on my pull ups. After reading Neghar’s post and seeing her, Nia, and Rachel Guy and many other strong women performing weighted pull ups, I decided to give it a go myself. It is way harder than these girls make it look! Here is me performing 2 reps with a 6kg Kettlebell on my foot. These were my 3rd and 4th “sets” of single reps because I was trying to film it at an angle where you could actually see the KB. Every day I have been doing one or two of these and I have improved drastically in just under a week. Next week I will try and do 2 consecutive reps with 6kg. Could this be the start of Marianne’s organised approach to training? LOL! We’ll see πŸ˜€

Now on with today’s VARIETY πŸ˜‰ workout!

The Workout

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 24 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort and complete 3 rounds of the following 8 exercises. My reps per exercise and weights used are in brackets:

  1. Kettlebell Goblet Squat (20kg) (18, 16, 13)
  2. Two Squat Jump Burpee (10, 9.5, 8.5)
  3. Kettlebell Alternating High Deficit Reverse Lunge (20kg, then 16kg for last round) (13, 11, 16)
  4. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing (20kg) (32, 31, 31)
  5. DiveBomber (13, 10.5, 9.5)
  6. Lunge Jumps (21, 18, 17)
  7. Renegade Rows (2x16kg) (18, 16, 15)
  8. KB Vertical Swing/Pull Burpee (20kg) (12, 11, 10)

My energy seemed a little low today, but I will put that down to my nightmare shift pattern over the last week and a half. All in all I enjoyed this workout.

I look forward to reading your feedback on the topics today πŸ™‚




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  1. how long has this debate been going on here, seriously…. I think Marianne has better things to do with her time, then to battle about a damn poster. I am much more interested in hearing about positive things, and just things she posts in general.


  2. Marianne I’m sorry but I completely disagree with you on this issue.

    You got respect from the managers because it was in there best interest to do so. If they brushed you off, you might have have left the gym and brought others with you. So it was mostly likely a business decision and not the right thing to do.Have you asked yourself why they put that poster up in the first place?

    As far as me complaining about the women’s area of my gym. Why should men have to cater to the women’s insecurities at the gym? Are you saying that women are special need to have preferential treatment? Your point about women not wanting to be looked at the gym. Frankly women are staring at men too, but I suppose that is ok. Men grunting? Have you seen a women’s tennis match lately?

    As far you you stating that I thought preparing my food is a practice only gay men would do. No, Marianne,I was labeled as gay by women because I prepared my own lunches. My colleagues admitted that to me at the party.

    The fact that you complained about the poster, automatically labelled you and women as special, meek ,dare I say inferior. Now remember i did not call women inferior.You should have laughed it off and brought more women in the gym. Actions are always stronger than words.

    Ok Marianne take a deep breath. I know this reply has pissed you off. Sorry about that.

    All the best. Raff πŸ˜‰

    1. Raff, not that I really want to continue this silly debate with you (as you seem to enjoy contradicting yourself), but I have to correct you in a few points.

      The result I wanted from my complaint was that the poster was removed; this happened for the reasons you state – they wanted to keep the complaining member happy. BUT, they didn’t have to take it any further or agree to work with me, that came from something beyond the managers “damage control”. Call it what you will but either way it’s a win win for me πŸ˜€

      You also ask an irrelevant and obvious question … it clearly states on the poster why it was put up! ?? But they didn’t consider the sub message. So that is the issue I had. Don’t know what your point is with that anyway.

      And I do not see how my complaint about the poster would label me or other women as weak, inferior, meek or anything of the sort. That’s like saying that the person who complains about something is exactly that which they complain of. By me saying the poster reinforces a stereotype of women, I somehow look weak??If someone shouts racism, then they are a racist?? Stupid, weak, inferior argument there Raff! Do you think that people should not stand up for what they believe in or try to change something that shouts negativity … Hell, if we apply your logic here for example – then, not only would nothing ever change, but what does all your complaining say about you? That’s like saying that everyone’s arguments or complaints mean nothing or cancels it out … even your own! If you have got some logic then I’ll listen, otherwise well… An example of this is how you compare men grunting in the gym to women’s tennis?? LOL Does this put men off? Is it intimidating? I think not!

      The fact is that it is women need to be encouraged to train in all areas of the gym. In order to do that we need to show them that these stereotypes are not true! I think it is fair to give women a little special treatment if it will help achieve a greater good. Men will not suffer as a result (except you apparently; but I think you bring that on yourself) so why care. What about when there is a drive to get more overweight people, older people or diabetics into the gym … will you inwardly resent them for getting more attention than you too? This inner anger will not help anyone and it certainly won’t help you.

      What I find intriguing is how you are now changing your story about the meal prep. You said before that you played up to their beliefs and even encouraged it, so some part of you WAS acting to a stereotype that you yourself held. I actually think that was a cruel and twisted trick to play on your colleagues!!

      Actions may speak louder, but words are needed to define them; just because an action is stronger doesn’t make it better. In fact most great actions began as great words! Besides what you suggested was an inaction to me, so I would have been thinking about complaining and instead sitting back and sitting quiet. In some cases that is a wise thing to do, but not this time.

      What I am saying and doing here is trying to help women (and men) see that training need not be gender specific. For the most part I think I am achieving this.

      You have not pissed me off Raff; you have motivated me all the more πŸ™‚

      In your attitude I can see there is much ground yet to be covered!

    2. The gym is for everybody in all areas Marianne. If you can’t understand this , then I am sorry for you. Your arguement promotes gender segregation, which is just wrong period. I think your anger may be clouding your judgement.

      Anyways I always appreciate your passion ,eventhough I disagree with your logic.

      No need to respond because I will undoubtedly hear your screams clear across the ocean.Haha πŸ˜‰

      God bless , Raff

      1. You must be reading a different response Raff because at no point did I say that I promote gender segregation; if I was my entire argument would fall apart. I stated that I could see why gyms have female-only areas, but I also said that my solution would be to encourage women to train everywhere and to help them overcome their fears. That’s what the whole point of my poster rant was about. You seem to have misunderstood this.

        I certainly feel passionate about this and it doesn’t help when people misunderstand what my intentions are here. But, as you are the only one, perhaps the issue is with your emotions clouding your interpretation. If you let go of that perhaps you could read what I have actually written instead of twisting this to suit your own frail argument.

        Finally, telling me “there is no need to respond as you will undoubtedly hear my screams across the ocean” just makes you look even more petty and emphasises a huge irony that you started this thread telling me what does and does not earn respect … Guess that is fitting with your other point – that when you complain about something you are pointing the finger right back at yourself πŸ˜‰

        1. Marianne , you never imply that you want to get the overweight or inexperienced into the gym. You specifically say WOMEN. Which makes you gender specific and wrong period. I frankly don’t think a poster is more insulting than me telling you, that you are not welcome in a certain area in the gym! Your argument is like Swiss cheese.

          Now please take a deep breath and think about what I am trying to express to you! Double standards wether it is directed to men or woman is wrong.

          Again I wish you the best.


          1. Raff, you are taking some of the things I have said out of context. If you ask me what is better overall, of course I would encourage everyone (regardless of gender, race, weight, marital status etc) to get strong and train. But, in the context of the poster (which is the reason this thread originated) then I feel that the message to encourage women specifically to visit the strength room was appropriate for me to highlight.

            It would be pretty stupid of me to say that women are the only group of people that need to be encouraged. But given that the poster was offensive to women, then I felt I should stand up and advocate for that group in this instance.

            You do not need to convince me that double-standards are wrong, I agree!

            Unfortunately now I’m beginning to wonder if being male is the only reason you are not allowed in certain areas of the gym. What is the point in arguing with someone who has their own agenda and has already made up their mind, regardless of reason. Best to agree to disagree.

    3. It’s that my agenda seems a little more important than a frivilous poster that was made in bad taste. Sleep on it and let us never talk on this subject again. I feel it is getting too personal.

      Sweet dreams. Raff

    4. Raffaele,

      You seem to think that you and Marianne are on different sides of this, when in actuality, you aren’t. Posters like this are the REASON that there are “women only” areas of the gym. Continuing to propagate the stereotypes and spread the misinformation that women can only do cardio and are weak will only keep you out of those areas. I’m not sure what your gym is like, but at mine, there is no “female only” area, but the weight room may as well be men only. There are virtually no females in there and of the few there are, almost none lift heavy or use free weights. This idea encourages gender segregation, NOT trying to enlighten people. Personally, I did find this poster offensive and annoying, just as I would some poster in a library portraying a minority and sending the signal that they can’t read well. (I couldn’t come up with a specific slogan for that, nor would I really want to, but I think the idea is pretty clear.) And if people never voiced their opinions, nothing would ever get done. Obviously, there is an appropriate manner and place to do this. And in the end, its MUCH healthier to express yourself. I don’t believe Marianne is whining, and I don’t believe that you are either (although I obviously do not agree with your argument), only having a healthy debate. In the end, what we all want is for EVERYONE to be equal in the gym, and even *GASP* the rest of the world, though that may be beyond even Marianne, lol! =)


  3. Hiya Marianne

    I used to train with Andrew for a bit and used to do some of the Kettlebell classes so I’ve been following (and loving) your blog for quite a while now.

    Have to agree with you on the PEC, I noticed this too, on one of the very rare occassions I managed to find a space and lift weights in the strength and conditioning! I do find the S and C room intimidating at the best of times, especially since venturing off and doing my own trainin- and found this a little offensive.

    But I was dead excited recently to find a Crossfit here in Northern Ireland- very much my style of training and coaching- was excited by the prospect of doing prowlers, rope climbs, tyre rolling etc etc – which are class for conditioning the body which I’ve seen some of the BB’s do on youtube and because I want to gain strength and push myself further, this is definitely up my street!

    I dont know about you but I find N.I totally lacking in its
    selection of gyms and variety of strength training available! Women here too for the most part really don’t know how they should train properly and its no wonder with the poor facilities we have and posters like that in weights rooms.

    I thought the PEC was good purely because of the racks, but its chaos in the evenings, weights thrown everywhere, equipment hogged for hours- it was that offputting I put my training on the back burner as most times I was walking in only to walk away fuming lol!

    But I’m so glad I found Crossfit and its style of training- what do you make of it??

    I wish N.I had its very own BB gym for us ladies! Pure focus on strength gain and none of this cardio crap and starvation diets!!

    Well just thought I’d drop a comment and add a wee vent too lol πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Chrisy!

      I’m sure I know you πŸ™‚ and I am glad to hear that you are still training away, doing what you love and what works for you πŸ™‚ Crossfit does seem like something I would enjoy too, so you might see me down there some day πŸ˜‰

      I totally agree that there really aren’t that many places in NI that cater for strength training, so I hope this will change in the near future. I guess when there is more demand for it the sooner that will happen !

      Let’s hope there is more change on the way for NI πŸ˜€

      Thanks for commenting, it’s good to hear from a local, who can appreciate what little we have here for our training needs!

  4. Marianne, if they won’t take the poster down, I suggest putting up another one showing a hugely muscled guy clumsily attempting a Turkish Get-up with a 5kg kettlebell. The caption “Not For The Faint Of Heart.” The truth is female paying gym members outnumber males 2 to 1. But males generally dominate 85% of the gym space. Definitely not fair. I’m a guy and I know the truth. Have no problem with a “female only” section. Also I respect you more BECAUSE you have an opinion. Winey little girl? Please! Raffa has issues. Glad you didn’t fall into the trap. Male nurse? I didn’t know the profession was gender specific.

  5. Marianne you have to stop complaining about that poster. You are in danger of losing the respect of the male gym members. I know it’s not right to stereotype women as the weaker sex, but how many times have you seen men portrayed as ignorant,beer drinking, slacked jawed apes who only watch sports. Do you consider Homer Simpson the typical male role model? Of course not, you laugh because you see in him a few character flaws that you see in your male friends.

    10 years ago I started my career as a male nurse. Had a great work relationship with the female nurses, still do, but I always suspected they thought I was gay.(not that there is anything wrong with it, some damn good nurses) Anyways I never let on either way. Loved to keep them guessing. In fact, I would even bring in food, that I made, the night before. Just to add more fuel to the fire. I used to cook for a living before I started nursing. Everytime I brought some food in, the question would always be. “Raffaele, you made this??” Followed by a little smile. Finally the suspense was ended when I arrived at the Christmas party with my girlfriend at the time. Later that night, and after a few drinks, they laughed and said they were so sure I was gay. What would you have thought marianne?? the truth now.

    At my gym, about a quarter of the work out area is woman only. How would you feel if some one told you that. I pay the same amount of membership fees as the woman do. Do you consider that fair???

    Anyways I have ranted on long enough. I think you have made your point. However, if they don’t take the poster down, and you persist, you will be labelled a winey little girl who has an inferiority complex. You want respect? Work out right in front of that poster as hard as you possible can. Every so often take a look at the guys faces. You’ll see respect.

    all the best. Raff πŸ™‚

    1. Raff,

      Firstly I appreciate your concern that I will somehow lose respect from males for complaining. Even though I totally disagree that they will, as this suggestion is clearly a more accurate reflection of your own experiences and feelings regarding the matter. The only time in my life that I ever complain outwardly and officially like this is when it is truly something that has offended me; not over silly things or things everyday, so I am at NO risk of being labelled “a winey little girl who has an inferiority complex”. Quite the opposite in fact as the gym manager has taken my request and my passion very seriously and we will now be discussing how myself and the other Girls Gone Strong can help promote strength training for women in his gym. Now I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. My stand has always been that I would rather be disliked for speaking my opinions that liked for trying to please the crowd, as you suggest I should.

      Your example of the beer drinking Hommer Simpson is for entertainment in exactly that context. Just like there are plenty of female characters who act like dumb-blondes etc. In these contexts it is simply for laughs and everyone knows it’s a bit of fun; just like when comedians come to a city and play off the characteristics of the people there. There are always people who get offended, but mostly people know it was for fun. The gym poster was there to get people to tidy up, the picture was for visual impact and it implied that the untidy weights would be a problem for “some” to lift. It reinforced the maleness of the weights room which I thought would damage their drive to get more women in there! Plus it strongly implied that 50kg is a weight that most women could not lift! So I complained. Complaining is not a bad thing; having a problem and holding it inside too afraid that people won’t like/respect you if you speak out on the other hand IS! It’s all in how you do it that makes the difference Raff!

      Now onto the “whether I would have applied the gay male nurse stereotype to you” like your colleagues did. I find your story very interesting actually, because it seems that you were feeding the situations and manipulating it so they would fall for a stereotype. In doing this you were acting the gay stereotype, making your behaviour worse: “Loved to keep them guessing. In fact, I would even bring in food, that I made, the night before. Just to add more fuel to the fire.”. Is making food somehow gay? Raff, you think by asking me this question you will trap me into admitting I would fall for it too, but you have revealed more about your own beliefs in the process πŸ™ And actually, I work with 5 male nursing staff on my ward and not one of them are gay, so I probably wouldn’t have – and it is perfectly acceptable for a straight man to make his own food to bring in to work, without being labelled gay! You kind of ruined your own argument there …

      Finally, do I consider it “fair” that there is a female-only area in your gym? Yes and no. Yes from a business point of view; it makes sense that the gym owners are playing to the demands of their female clientele to retain them as members. But no because I would rather tackle the reason they feel they cannot workout in a mixed area and encourage women and men to be more considerate in the gym environment. Often it is simply a lack of confidence that has women feel they want an area to train without the men watching them or men grunting in the corner. It is exactly these reasons that female-only gyms are so popular! I do not consider it fair that you pay the same for a gym membership and can only used 3/4 of the area.

      In this instance I believe you should complain!! Oh wait, you ARE complaining – to me?? You see, we all complain about stuff we dislike, but often what loses us respect is not acting on it, and sitting moaning about something that will never change! This is what I mean by “it’s how you go about it”.

      I am actively trying to make a difference in the gym I go to and I now have the support of the managers because through my communication with them, I have now gained their respect. I could have just passed the picture about on FB and not done anything about it just ranting with no avail, but I took it further and got a result.

      To be honest Raff, I do not see your point here. It’s not about what the men in the gym think of me, it how the women in the gym think of themselves – the poster was not helping!

      Rant over πŸ˜‰

      Cheers Raff

  6. oh my, ok this was a hard workout, for me anyway. Half way through the second round, i said to myself, “no way am i doing a third round”.. Put i pushed through it, and was dripping sweat by the time i got done. I felt like i was going to puke again. But this time it was not because i ate before i worked out, i think i just hadn’t done a tabata in so long my body just isn’t used to it. I admit i have been whimping out and not pushing myself. Yes i have been doing your workouts, but only in rep form, not tabata, i just decide what a good amount of reps is, and thats what i do. But since i finally decided i think i might notice a difference in my body overall, i am going to get with it. I did one of Julia’s card workouts yesterday, and i’m here to tell you, WHAT A WORKOUT,,,, score, and die, and puke. But i will tell you i made it through that whole damn workout, plus the long ass warmup before , so fyi, i did her dang long warmup before your workout here, which really gets your heart pumping, the only thing i do different is not 30 jumps each time, but 10, her warm up for legs is a mini workout all in itself…..

    i wish i would have seen her 30 day challenge when she started it. uggg

  7. Hi Marianne – I think we are all guilty of exactly that. I actually felt like that 3 weeks ago and wanted to focus on my strength and body building goals for a while and in 3 weeks my squat has gone from 60kg to 80kg and it’s rewarding to see that record-able progress. I think it’s about planning and perhaps periodising our training. I am so guilty of wanting to try out every new exercise because of the fun aspect and while it is good to try everything in life I’ve realized planning and focusing on one goal at a time seems to be finally working for me not to mention REST and RECOVERY lol. Of which I’ll have to do today cause I’m so sooooorrre πŸ™‚

      1. The variety of KB exercises and compound moves has kept me from getting bored, especially with changing the workouts so frequently. However, I like to see measurable results. With KB, I know I look and feel better, but it is difficult to keep track of my ‘best’ lifts with so many variables in the exercises. I am now alternating KB with 3-mile runs and powerlifting keeping track of every run and every rep. Hopefully, I can track my strength and endurance progress. I do KB or running afternoons before my night shift and powerlift in the mornings after work. Not sure how to put it all together to take advantage of muscle breakdown and ‘supercompensation’ when muscle growth is optimum. 3 KB’s, 3 Runs, 4 PL’s per week. Am I overtraining?

        1. That is a lot of training Kim and for me it would be overtraining; for you I cannot say. If you do not see progress or you start to regress for more than 2 weeks running, then I would reassess the situation. What I found with my own training was I progressed when I added more recovery and thought about what I was doing more. This may be what has happened for you and it may result in you cutting down on something, but you have to try it this way for a while to find out πŸ™‚

  8. Hey Marianne,

    Ha ha ‘Fuckarounditis’ is a brilliant word, pretty much sums up how my training has gone over the years.

    I can’t even count the number of different training methods I have tried, or different pieces of equipment I have used over nearly 20 years. I mean of course any kind of training done properly has benefits, but I have found it so difficult to stick to anything. Apart from kettlebells really, but even then I am not sure that I have made as much progress that I could have done. I guess if you just want conditioning and general fitness then variety is a good thing. But if you have certain specific goals then you need more of a structure. Of course you need some variety to so you don’t get bored.

    I think one of my problems is that I have too many goals. At the moment I have several. I’d like to be able to 100 or maybe even 200 standard press-ups without stopping, I want to be able to do 25 or more pull-ups, I want to be able to do unassisted handstand push-ups, I also want to be able to do the ‘Secret Service Snatch Test’, and also have a well balanced strong and fit body, and then I have my martial arts training to. Can my body or mind cope with all those targets at once? or is there enough time in the day to enough training to reach those goals? I am thinking maybe it’s a no on both of those lol.

    So I had been thinking of asking if you would think about putting together some programs to provide some structure for people with certain general goals to follow. But I had not messaged with this request up until now because I know how busy you are, and I didn’t want to put more pressure on you.

    I was trying to think of a way to begin with you could do this without you needing to design programs and film a whole raft or new workouts from the top down. You have quite a few workouts already which you could categorise as upper or lower body emphasis, workouts for conditioning and full-body strength workouts so maybe you could start to build them around those. You could just suggest which workouts on which days of the week. You have so many workouts to chose from, there is more than enough to stop people getting bored.

    Well I am sorry for the long message lol.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Steve, this is actually something I have talked about doing for AGES! But it is one of those tasks that I dread to start because my categories would get all messed up and it may affect my permalinks from Google searches. I need to go through every workout to rearrange it and then put together programs to coincide with the new categories and consider beginners and different goals! This is not to say that I am not working on something that will solve this, because I know it will help a lot of people organise their training. But it may take me some time, as I know you understand πŸ™‚

      You sure have many goals too πŸ™‚ But if you are making enough progress at them to keep you happy then maybe you can just continue with your current training. This is how I rationalise my disorganised training πŸ˜‰

      1. Yeah it’s a pretty daunting task!

        Will take a lot of planning beforehand, but I know you will make it work πŸ™‚

        Well I just need to be a bit more organised when it comes to my goals. I tend to concentrate on a few but then realise I am neglecting others, so switch back to those. So it’s all a bit hit and miss lol.

  9. Love the article, Marianne! I’ve been working out at home for the past year and realized a few months ago that I had WAY too many goals also. I want to be able to do pistols, handstand push ups, one arm push ups, and at that time, a single real pull up. I decided to focus on the pull ups and I’m up to 4 neutral grip. At what point do you recommend training weighted pull ups?

    1. Wow, not only do you have a lot of goals, but they are super-goals! LOL – good for you for having the belief in your own ability to achieve these one day!

      For weighted pull ups, I would say that it would depend on your ultimate goal. Like if you only want to ever do 1 rep, then you can progress the weight slowly anytime, as long as you can perform a normal pull up well. But I would recommend being able to do multiple good reps before adding weight. If you can do 4, then you could start by adding a light plate of 1.25kg, then 2.5kg etc and progress like that. I was a little too confident in my first attempt and tried it with 12kg!!! haha – silly me! 6kg is my lightest weight at home but honestly the first time I struggled with 1 rep!

      It seems like a light weight, until you try to do a pull up with it! But I’d say you could give it a go, but don’t neglect volume either. It give you more max strength, but also your strength endurance πŸ™‚

  10. I definitely tend to jump around and I love the TADD creation. I definitely have that, too. Guess I’ll have to pick a goal and settle on it! Thanks for another good post, Marianne.

    1. Thanks Rachel. I am tempted to pick 3 goals to achieve in the next 3 months, 3 more for 6 months and 1 or 2 long term goals. I can’t be trying to achieve them all at once, but it doesn’t mean I can’t try to achieve more than one. Would you be able to do something like that or would that still cause TADD??

      Can you even choose “that goal”? I think it’s too difficult to decide LOL

  11. I understand having many goals! Argh, it can be frustrating at times when it is meant to be inspiring, eh?

    But – it can also mean that we are very hopeful for the future and we have a lot of confidence and faith in ourselves, right?

    And I love that you are improving, it is awesome to see that. A lot of people will look at you and think ‘perfection’ but it is refreshing to see that ‘perfect’ can always be improved.

    1. Heidi, I am flattered, but alas I am not perfect πŸ˜‰ I actually wouldn’t want to be. Besides even if I was, I probably wouldn’t believe it – so I guess it’s a mind-set; always wanting to improve even when you reach a goal because there is always room for growth.

      I agree with you about goals mirroring hope in oneself. Without hope there would be no goals πŸ™‚

  12. So excited for you!!! That is great!!! THanks for the new workout! I had asked you the other day about my knee joints aching, and was wondering if it had to do with the deeper squats I’m starting to perform – well, I think the answer is no! I have had the flu the last 2 days – literally sitting, sleeping and doing very little (short bouts of laundry and such)! Have been sore for like 2 weeks but the other symptoms just popped out Mon eve! Wanting so bad to do some light ex, but it seems that is not good! Hopefully I can do your Halloween workout tomorrow – but an easy pace! Thanks for your pushing us to be better and stronger!
    Michele <

    1. Oh dear Michele, I hope you are feeling better πŸ™ Poor you! But, at least you know it was something other than the squats now πŸ˜€

      Take things easy for a while and start back lightly to let your body recover from evil flu !

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