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Super Variety Kettlebell Workout | Home Fitness Videos

Hi everyone,

As promised, I am back today with a new workout.  There have been crazy floods here in Northern Ireland the last few days, which has meant me being stuck in the house and only venturing out for work. I had full intentions of going to do some Deadlifts and Hip Thrusts in the gym this morning, but alas, I could not bring myself to experience more rain and more traffic because of the floods. So I did this workout again!  I loved it!

Sometimes we must adapt our plans. Sometimes we have no choice but make the best of a bad/disappointing situation. When you have your heart or mind set on something, then we need to accept every lesson that comes from having that goal, or want; even the possiblilty that it’s not meant to be at this time.  You cannot truly have Faith without patience, if your faith in something is strong enough, you should no longer worry that all will work out for the best.

Sorry for the random code talk!!

The Workout

The workout is epic in length and variety … and it is a challenge!

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 10 cycles of 20/40 (you can set it for 15/45 or 30/30 if you like) and complete 3 separate rounds of the following 10 exercises. After each round, complete the “Bridging Combo”. As usual, my reps per exercise and weights used are in brackets:

  1. Thruster into Reverse Lunge (right) (16kg) (8, 7.5, 7)
  2. Thruster into Reverse Lunge (left) (16kg) (7, 7.5, 7)
  3. Double KB Suitcase Deadlift Burpee (2 x 20kg) (10, 10, 10)
  4. Jump Rope (any style)
  5. Super Plank Climber (11, 11, 10)
  6. Two-Handed Swing (24kg) (30, 29, 29)
  7. Renegade Row (2 x 16kg) (17, 18, 17) – want to upgrade soon!
  8. Stand-Kneel-Stand (right) (16kg) (14, 14, 13)
  9. S-K-S (left) (16kg) (13, 13, 12) – this side was sore 🙁
  10. Roundabout Swing (20kg) (29, 28, 28 )

Bridging Combo

  1. Sub-Max Pull Ups (6, 5, 5) – feeling tired from previous day’s pull ups
  2. Alternating Single-Leg Hip Thrusts x 20 – 30 total

I loved this workout! It took just under 45 mins to complete, and the bridging combo breaks it up and changes the pace making it more interesting 🙂

Hope you all enjoy a challenge!



Double Kettlebell Complex | Home Fitness Workout

Hi all,

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  I spent most of it outside in the hot sunshine and with my friend for her Hen Party Weekend. On Saturday we went horse-riding and then had a picnic. That night we went out for a meal and some cocktails.  On Sunday morning we went to a 5 Star Spa and had some relaxing treatments (but I had to leave early coz I got sick 🙁 ). Feeling a bit better today though!

Giddy-Up Horsey 😉

Mourne Mountains (this is the view from the horse trek)

Picnic anyone?

The Hen Party theme was “Red”, so I had to think of something … not sure about this look :/

A great night had by all! 😀

The workout for today was one I did on Friday. It was so tough! So much so, I questioned why I put myself though it and I think I even asked God to come and take me –  haha, the drama! Anyway, here’s the simple (deceivingly so) breakdown.

The Workout

Firstly, I apologize about the word I say at 1:20! I meant to edit that out, and really REALLY hope my mum doesn’t watch this one – oops! 🙁

Do as many rounds of the following 4 exercises as you like. I did 5 … don’t ask me why! And I had DOMS the next day, which rarely happens.

A couple of suggestions would be to set your Gymboss Interval Timer to “Stop-watch” mode and then keep it to a time you are happy with. Or, just go by how you feel. I used 2 x 16kg for this workout. DEATH!

  1. Double KB Front Squat x 10 reps
  2. Double KB Swing x 10 reps (you can keep these single KB swings if you prefer)
  3. Single Arm KB Snatch (right and left) x 5 reps (feel free to do more, but 5 was enough for me)
  4. Burpees x 10 reps (this was actually the nice part of the workout LOL)

All in all, this took me about 20 mins (a little over) to complete. My recovery rate decreases dramatically when in the heat, so I was definitely struggling with this one.

I bet you will all do 5 rounds in a breeze and then be like “what was so hard about that Marianne?!” “you call yourself a fitness person” “Dammit Marianne, why did you get me excited about a challenge – shame on you”  … all with disappointed facial expressions.

*hangs head in shame* 😉

Just kidding, this is as intense as the effort you put in.

Have a great day!


Kettlebell Kick-Start | 18 Min Interval Training Home Workout

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend? I’d like to hear if anyone did anything extra fun?  I went out with a bunch of girl friends for a big feed and few drinks. Was a great wee night, but I was ready for a chill-out session on Sunday. I sat and got caught up on all my TV programs (Grey’s, CSI, Mentalist, Bones etc etc … ).  It was nice to see my friends, but equally nice to relax on my own.

Anyway, the weather here seems to be picking up, so I decided to head outdoors for a blast of KBs and VitD with this short but sweet Interval Workout.  Please please don’t judge my gardening skills, or lack there of 🙁 First of all, I don’t have a lawn mower (so I need to ask my landlord to cut the grass), second of all – I hate bugs and creepy crawlies, so I stay well away from the flower beds, hedges and edges … because that’s where they lurk! But the buzzing ones still manage to seek me out no matter where I go … eeek!


The Workout

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 18 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort (or what ever interval breakdown works best for you), and complete 3 rounds of the following 6 exercises. My reps per exercise are in brackets btw:

  1. Reverse Lunge (right) (20kg) (15, 14, 14)
  2. Reverse Lunge (left) (20kg) (16, 15, 15) – I hate when the sides don’t match, but my right hip has been “annoyed”
  3. Suitcase Deadlift Burpee (2 x 20kg) (12, 11, 11)
  4. Dynamic Push Ups (16, 15, 13) – DEATH!
  5. Bent Over Alternating Row (20kg) (15, 14, 12) – feel free to do doubles btw 😉
  6. Alternating Swing (20kg) (30, 29, 30) – think I need to upgrade – not as taxing anymore.

Great workout! Loved being outside, and really loved that it was only 18 mins!!  After the workout, the sun came out and I got to read Kindle and sunbathe a while 8)

Hope you enjoy it too.



Just to make you all smile, I saw this picture and it cracked me up! When I was younger, people used to always ask me “what’s wrong Marianne?” or “are you ok?”, saying I always looked so serious/grumpy. And I could never understand, because I felt just fine inside. And I used to respond with “This is just my relaxed face, I can’t help it!”. I feel this bird’s pain! What’s even funnier, is the other bird in the background! LOL Anyway,  I thought it was funny … it takes very little to amuse me … 😛

Two Tier Kettlebell Workout | Strength and Conditioning

Hi everyone,

Finally I have a new workout for you! This week has been a little hectic with me getting ready for my USA trip etc … not long now 😀

Anyway. This workout was so tough for me today because all week I have been suffering various levels of DOMS from my new hypertrophy-style training.  For whatever reason (a combination between mindset and change of training), I seem to have gotten a bit leaner over the past few weeks. While it wasn’t a major goal, I am very happy that it’s happened without me needing to focus on it. That said, I am sure it will all be undone as soon as I see the food in Nia’s mum’s house LOL … real Kentucky food 😛

The Workout

There are two evil sections to this workout. The first consists mostly of Kettlebell skill and strength exercises, with set reps and strict focus on form. The second section is Kettlebell and Body Weight Interval Training for conditioning.

Section 1

Complete 3 rounds of the following 6 exercises with the set repetitions.

  1. Double Kettlebell Clean to Squat to Press x 5 reps (started with 2 x 16kg, then dropped down to 2 x 14kg)
  2. Double Kettlebell Single-Leg Deadlifts (right) x 5 reps (started with 2 x 24kg, then dropped down to 2 x 20kg)
  3. Same on Left
  4. Kettlebell Snatch (right) x 5 reps (16kg)
  5. Same on Left
  6. Pull Ups x 5 reps

Section 2

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 18 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 effort. Then complete 3 rounds of the following 6 exercises. My weights and reps per exercises are recorded below.

  1. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing (24kg) (30, 29, 30)
  2. Burpees (13, 12, 11)
  3. Renegade Row (2 x 16kg) (18, 17, 17)
  4. Stand-Kneel-Stand (sorry Mickela) (right) (20kg) (13, 14, 13)
  5. Same on Left (13, 13, 13)
  6. Vertical Pull Burpee (20kg) (11, 12, 11)

Although I really enjoyed this workout, I was a little annoyed that my SI Joint was bothering me in the single-leg Deadlifts. It has flared up a bit in the last week, so I need to go a little easier until the pain subsides.

It was still fun though because the first section was a bit different from the “norm”… even with the snatches 😉

Hope you all enjoy it too.



PS- Next video will be from USA 😀

Kettlebell Couplet Home Workout with Secret Pyramid! Strength and Conditioning

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a good weekend and are ready for today’s killer workout! Hehee 😉

I went out with a few girls on Saturday night and had an absolute blast! It has been ages since I went out properly and got all dressed up, so it was great to be out of my jeans and Ugg Boots/training gear and Vibrams and just get all dolled up and head out dancing!

I love dancing (usually on my own in the house), and in fact you will see a little dancing from me in my video today LOL! I was just messing, and clearly CANNOT dance, but I love to try 😀

**Drum roll** In 2 weeks time, I am going to visit my good friend and fellow GGS, Nia Shanks! I will be there for 2 weeks and I plan on continuing my workouts from her basement studio. I might even rope her into a workout with me 😀  During my time in the US, I hope to meet up with a few other friends and get to relax … because I deserve it!  I can’t wait to do more “on location” workouts – it will be so much fun. Nia’s mum has even offered to cook me traditional Southern foods … I will be in heaven!

When I look back at things, I am actually very lucky to have everything that I do, and I never want to forget how much the relationships I have made (through fitness and my blog especially) have forged the path and lead me here.  I am so excited to see the future unfold and bring you all with me on this journey.  I also hope to get the chance to meet many of you along the way.  You never know, there could be a myomytv training session pop up near you 😀

In the next while I will be launching my new services page and I am starting to train people again from my home studio.  In addition, I am launching an Online Service for anyone wanting to have their form critiqued and corrected via video and email communication with me.  Although I will be charging for these services (a very competitive rate), I will ensure you get the best feedback and help I can offer, because I want everyone to be performing to their best and getting the most of my home workouts. If you are struggling with a particular exercise, and you want personalised coaching online, I can help you improve.

The Workout

This week, I have started with the more advanced workout. Later in the week I will put together an intermediate workout that has regression suggestions for beginner’s.

You all know about my love of Couplets. Pairing two exercises together to create a little torture for you! Today I decided to “weave” a Pyramid in between the couplets and you perform 2 “bridging” exercises between the couplets using a Pyramid format.

There are 4 couplets in total. Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 6 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort and complete 3 rounds of each couplet before moving on to the Pyramid Bridging Combo. After that, move on to the next couplet etc etc.

My reps per exercise and weights used are in brackets below. Also please don’t judge my crazy dancing… view it as my baseline and remember that once I start learning proper dance moves, you will see progression … and that’s all that matters haha!

Couplet 1

  1. Alternating Reverse Lunge (20kg) (18, 16, 15)
  2. Kettlebell Swing of Choice (20kg) (32, 32, 31) – I started with roundabout swing, but my left hand calluses were very sore, so I switched to two-handed swings.

Pyramid Level 1 – You can choose different reps if you want to do more (or less) – tailor it to your ability, but always add a little challenge!

  • Pull-Ups x 3 reps
  • Double KB Military Press x 6 reps (2x 14kg) (you can do single presses if you wish)

Couplet 2

  1. Suitcase Deadlift Burpee (2 x 20kg) (12, 10, 10.5)
  2. Weighted Dynamic Squat (6kg) (28, 26, 26)

Pyramid Level 2 – note how Pull-Ups increase my 1 rep, but Presses by 2. That’s because Pull Ups are harder.

  • Pull-Ups x 4 reps
  • Military Press x 8 reps (2 x 14kg)

Couplet 3

  1. Alternating Single Leg Hip Thrust (18, 17, 18 )
  2. Weighted Side to Side Step Ups (6kg) (45, 42, 43) – quad burn!

Pyramid Level 1

  • Pull-Ups x 3 reps
  • Military Press x 6 reps (2x14kg)

Couplet 4

  1. Renegade Row (2 x 16kg) (18, 16, 16)
  2. Burpees (13, 11, 11)


Great workout today with a perfect balance between strength and conditioning.  I love the way you can cover so much in under 30 minutes of your life and feel amazing afterwards!

Feedback always welcome 🙂



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