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Can You Relate?

​​If you're anything like me, and many of the people I work with, you have ​experienced real passion for fitness. ​You lived and breathed it "back in the day". 

You were strong, lean, and you felt like a badass. Friends and family saw you as "the fit one" and you always got complimented on how toned you looked, or how impressively strong you were. You may have also been made fun of for seeming too obsessed with training and eating well. ​

You couldn't ​imagine that ​finding the time and energy to be consistent with ​exercise would be something you'd ever struggle with. 

Then something derailed you:

  • You got injured​
  • ​You had a baby
  • ​You suffered depression
  • ​You or a family member when back to school
  • Your life got really busy

​Suddenly you found yourself putting your workouts off. ​

You'd stay at home, watch TV, scroll social media, or throw yourself into more family and work commitments. 

​But the longer you left it, the harder it became to find motivation to get started. Somehow, those old time slots were filled with other things. And when you did manage to work out, you no longer enjoyed it. You felt weak, and you couldn't seem to maintain any consistency, so it all seemed pointless. 

​Maybe by this point you'd started to gain weight and lose your fit shape, and with it, part of your identity.

No longer the fit friend.

No longer toned.

Your body is softer, and you might feel the shame of "letting yourself go". You'd see fitness people online, people you used to be on a par with - or close to it - and they were as fit as ever, looking amazing, and badass-strong.

Why couldn't this still be you? Why had you let life derail you?

​There's a Better Way

​This​ was the exact story of many of my clients. ​Now​ they are not only consistent again, they're the most content they've ever been on their fitness journey.

Not because they're lean again (even though many are on the way).

​Not because they're as physically strong as before (even though their strength is building rapidly).

It's because they've freed ​themselves of expectations and pressure to "do it like ​before". 

​They've embraced that doing less than you "should" or "have to" ​is a valid, effective, and EFFICIENT way to exercise. They're fit by their own design.

​After all, their life has changed, and so must their fitness.

​Resting in Enough

​Imagine knowing ​what you're doing is enough, even if it's less.

Imagine fitness that supports and nourishes your life, like it ought to. And you no longer feel the need to impress people or prove yourself by how fit you are.

The chasing is over.

You see, I firmly believe that our ability to know when "it's enough" has nothing to do with results, and everything about how​ we show up on the journey.​ ​Do we set ourselves up to fail, or do we engineer our success.

You have to ​begin small. Like, to the point it's so doable, that it's almost impossible to fail. The small wins build faith in the process, and we start enjoying it again. It fits our life, and it's easy to accomplish consistently.

​If you like the sound of that, sign up for a FREE workout and in the process be welcomed into stress-free zone with sane and sensible support to get your renewed fitness journey off to a great start.

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Get ​Started With a FREE Workout 

To help you get started, I created this full-length workout with a complementary training log to track your progress. Enter your name and email below and get instant access to your workout. 

What Clients Have to Say

I just want you to know that you are the best coach EVER. Honestly, I have been keen to work with you since I discovered myomytv and you have not let me down at all. The workouts, as per your usual standard, are fun, challenging and brilliantly guided. Even as slack as I have been, I’ve made amazing progress and I will absolutely get to the pull up before too long.

~ Heidi (Pull-Up Academy Group)

I hired Marianne to help me prepare for the SFG Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Certification. She provided me with a fun training plan and helped me get focused. I saw huge improvements in my form, gained a lot of strength and improved my body composition. Marianne provided instructional videos, and adjusted my program to fit my lifestyle as a flight attendant who doesn't always have access to the equipment I need for my training. It was nice to not have to be alone on my fitness journey and to know that Marianne was always just an e-mail away (and still is) if I have any questions. 

~ Katherine (One-to-One Coaching)

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