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Beginner’s Fitness Journey (Part 1)

Hi everyone, Firstly, I must apologize for not posting this last week.  I got distracted by other things and my priorities shifted for a short time. Anywho, I am back now, and I am excited to launch this new series of posts which will basically follow the fitness journey of a true beginner (aka my Mum, […]

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  • December 4, 2012

Lower Body Mobility Drill | Restoring Movement

Hi all, As promised, here is the mobility routine I am currently doing. I think the video pretty much explains it, but I have 2 other sources of great information for you: Further reading on improving hip mobility (Marks Daily Apple) Tips for Lifting while Sorting through SI Joint Pain (by David Dellanave) Now for […]

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  • October 30, 2012

Perfecting The Kettlebell Swing | Correcting 3 Common Errors

Hi everyone, After seeing countless people perform the Kettlebell Swing poorly, I think it’s about time to tackle this exercise again! The Swing is not only a great exercise for conditioning and strengthening the posterior chain (back, glutes and hamstrings), but it is the basis for advanced exercises such as the Clean and the Snatch, […]

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  • August 9, 2012