Bodyweight vs Kettlebells – Mix ‘n’ Match

by Marianne  - February 20, 2010

Hi everyone,

This workout contains a good mix of bodyweight exercises and kettlebell exercises. Although I love both types of training separately, I also like to mix things up a bit. The resistance mixed with cardio, plyometrics and floor work creates a highly dynamic workout and provides the perfect opportunity to burn more calories!
In addition I challenged myself to perform the pistol with an 8kg kettlebell. I’m not perfect at it by any standard, but I think I did ok! The pistol was not the only exercise in this workout I found challenging, I found it difficult performing the Kettlebell High Pull correctly too, so this is one I’m still working on. Think it’s a rhythm thing 🙂

I don’t like my ability or progress to plateau, so I think by challenging myself to new and more difficult exercises or advance existing exercises enables me to constantly improve. It also helps with focus and, when I succeed, it boosts my motivation and proves that all my hard work is paying off.

The Workout

So this workout consists of 7 exercises per round. I completed 3 rounds in 20 min 13 secs. I felt great afterward simply because of the pistol success. I hope you will challenge yourselves to new goals, it’s never good to stay still for too long, you don’t want to end up in a rut.

The exercises are as follows:

  1. Two-handed Kettlebell Swing (or mix n match with Alternating KB Swing) x 30 reps
  2. Dynamic Squats x 20 reps
  3. Kettlebell High Pulls x 15 reps each side
  4. Close Press-up x 15 reps
  5. Pistols with Kettlebell x 2-3 reps each leg
  6. Kettlebell Vertical Swing x 15 reps
  7. Lizard Press-up x 20 reps

I hope you enjoy this workout as much as I did.  See you soon


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  1. okee dokee.L) Steve and Keith very difficult. I never bought their DVD. .Nice to have an inside like Tracy Reifkind:) Love husband wife teams:) Nice to have a video to see how you you/we change in doing an exercise.

  2. High pull. I learned that from AOS.. He has a great tutorial on his minutes of strength. Pistols. Oh such a challenge. Why are you out in the cold doing exercise? Imshivering for you.

    More ??? Why do yo like to put those heavy bells over your head. ? THAT move is scary. I’ve never seen anyone do those either. Do you take lessons from an RKC instructor? Please don’t think me rude for asking. You are way stronger then I. I just see some form that could use more help. (you are teaching me the push-up)

    1. Poor me didn’t have a studio inside back then – it wasn’t that cold once I got going 🙂

      I took lessons back them from Andrew (my other half) as he is an Advanced KB instructor and a very experienced PT. But I still had a lot of learning to do a year ago, my technique has improved sooo much. Plus I am now a qualified Extreme Kettlebell Instructor (EKI) and Fitness Instructor – so that has helped too.

      The overhead exercise is one from Steve Cotter, he calls it the Vertical Swing (although it isn’t a swing). It’s great for legs, glutes, upper and rear deltoids, traps and upper back. Plus it gets the heart rate going. Just mind your head LOL and make sure your thumbs face upwards at the top, to stop the KB falling on your head :/

      Thanks again

  3. Hey Marianne,

    Great to see you using Kettlebells in this intense, time saving workout. Your form looks great too. Keep up the good work 🙂


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